Recommended levels for matchmaking, by location, for Dark Souls 3. Please see our Online and Summon Range Calculator pages to understand matchmaking. Players can summon each other across NG+ cycles.

  •  +10 can be achieved as soon as you hit +9, there are early ways to get a slab.


New Game
Area Level Upgrade
High Wall of Lothric 1-20  +0-1
Undead Settlement 20-25  +1-2
Road of Sacrifices 25-35  +2
Farron Keep 35+  +3
Cathedral of the Deep 40+  +3-4
Catacombs of Carthus 45-50  +3-4
Smouldering lake  50+  +5-6
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley 55+  +5-7
Irithyll Dungeon 55+  +6-7
Profaned Capital 55+  +6-7
Anor Londo 50-60  +6-7
Lothric Castle 55-60  +7-9 (10)
Consumed King's Garden 55-60  +7-9 (10)
Untended Graves 60+  +7-9 (10)
Grand Archives 65+  +7-9 (10)
Archdragon Peak 65-70  +8-9 (10)
Kiln of the First Flame  70+  +9-10


New Game +
Area Level Upgrade
High Wall of Lothric 70-100 +10
Undead Settlement 70-100 +10
Road of Sacrifices 100-120 +10
Farron Keep 100-120 +10
Cathedral of the Deep 100-120 +10
Catacombs of Carthus 100-120 +10
Smouldering lake 100-120 +10
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley 100-120 +10
Irithyll Dungeon 100-120 +10
Profaned Capital 100-120 +10
Anor Londo 100-120 +10
Lothric Castle 120-150 +10
Consumed King's Garden 120-150 +10
Untended Graves 120-150 +10
Grand Archives 120-150 +10
Archdragon Peak 120-150 +10
Kiln of the First Flame 120-150 +10


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    • Anonymous

      Recommended Level by Location [DKS3 Wiki]19 Jun 2021 23:21  

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      • Anonymous

        06 Jun 2021 20:11  

        I came here because this is my second soulsborne game and feel as if most of the bosses have been pretty easy...I was looking forward to a fight with the dancer and beat her first try without much of a fight...I'm level 70 with a +7 sharp infused astora UGS quality build (favoring dex a bit over strength). I really don't think its because I'm good. I stopped summoning for boss fights because it made them all easy and I'm still beating them first shot...I didn't really farm very much, just a little from the maggots and silver Knights, but mostly for items not levels...I dunno!

        • 17 May 2021 02:15  

          It’s so hard to not spend souls in this game. Especially as someone who plays PVE mostly and rarely dies in NG because of being so familiar with the game.

          I hope Elden Ring bumps up the matchmaking gaps a lil more because sometimes I’m in the mood for PVP but then realize I’m too overleveled for a certain area.

          • Anonymous

            01 Mar 2021 23:01  

            I was doing dancer of boreall valley as third boss bcs i killed emma and i thought thats boss i have to do xd with lvl 30 xd

            • Anonymous

              18 Feb 2021 18:56  

              Yeah I definitely over leveled here. I didn't know you could just home bone out of the soul of cinder fight so I beat the entire game first and that made me level 120(I did grind a bit) so that's 50 levels above the average. With this playthrough I killed dancer because I forgot dancer was optional when you first are at lothric, and got an early +10 too so I was decimating most bosses.

              • Anonymous

                13 Jan 2021 02:58  

                I'm interested in rec lvls for dlc areas too. Just finished the painted world first playthrough. Friede defeated solo at sl 104. Anything less would have been difficult tho I do have some inefficiencies in my point distribution. Started as herald to chase some sort of dex/faith style build ya know... I felt like soft caps in end and Vigor were almost necessary. Unless you play darksouls like a god of course.

                • Anonymous

                  01 Nov 2020 01:55  

                  I must have done something wrong then, since i got to Irithyll at SL52 and a +7 weapon, having killed the Dancer early and farmed large shards/chunks by the Greatlance lothric lancer

                  • Anonymous

                    25 Sep 2020 03:49  

                    I don't get why people have to force a low level especially if you aren't playing online. I play pve and i like to get some supplement spells and stuff so who cares if my attunment is 18 just so i can have spook and hidden body and a buff. Then i want some luck to get some items, and some vitality so i dont have to wear crown headpiece all game. who cares if you got 30 vitality and 30 luck, just play your game its pve, everyone is a try hard in dark souls, let them fight online.

                    • Anonymous

                      19 Sep 2020 02:56  

                      yo...lvl 70 in archdragon peak...83 in ng+ lvl 78 and im stuck on the DANCER...guess im not madefor dark souls.

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Sep 2020 02:18  

                        This chart feels like way too low... I have to actively try not to overlevel with souls in my inventory and even then I'm 20 levels ahead of the curve

                        • Anonymous

                          23 Aug 2020 18:40  

                          So here we have the recommended level and upgrade ranges. But what are your recommendations as to which areas are fun to invade in? I'm asking fellow invaders here.
                          For example if you try invading in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley you'll have a huge area where it's often impossible to find the host.
                          For farming covenant items I recommend the first bonfire after demon prince. You'll often invade into an area where the host has just died, because apparently a lot of people die to the orange archers.

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Aug 2020 15:01  

                            I'm pretty new to dark souls 3, and the soulsborne genre as a whole. So far my friend who has over 300 hours on ds3 has carried me through my first playthrough. At the moment I am sl 78 and am ready to start a ng+. I feel like although my sl does seem a little low I do need to work on my skill at understanding my enemies and how to fight them. After looking at the comments here I am realising just how toxic people are and how oblivious they are at realising their own mistakes. Not trying to be toxic, just saying my opinion.

                            • Anonymous

                              21 Aug 2020 04:55  

                              Whoever made this is complete bull****. I'm at level 125 and still getting my ass kick Archdragon Peak and also trying to defeat lothric. It's toxic man.

                              • Anonymous

                                11 Aug 2020 04:18  

                                Doing my first solid play through over this summer, and I regret farming (easy to do esp on Farron watchdogs) bc I was too high lvled to do a lot of stuff and missed my opportunity to do Farron covenant. My suggestion for anyone as noob as me is to do covenant stuff ASAP bc it’s a good time. Later game don’t worry, you can always put on Aldrich faithful for a fight, and if ur +70 SL people on NG+ might be able to spawn for bosses. But most bosses are harder w/ too many guests and the NPC helpers aren’t ****. Oh yeah, take those Pilgrim levels early before he dies and you seal off ur FTH build from half the dark miracles lol

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