Red Sign Soapstone is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3.

Red Sign Soapstone

Not all Dark Spirits  are unsporting, or they wouldn't make use of this Soapstone.


Red Soapstone Usage

  • Leave a red summon sign for PvP play, where a host summons you as a red phantom.



Red Soapstone Locations

  • Drops from the white worm that doesn't attack you (at your right when exiting Rosaria's Bed Chamber bonfire). 
  • Watch the Fextra Video at 2hr 43mins 30secs





  • Phantoms summoned via red sign remain in Ember Form, not taking a health penalty.
  • Can still be summoned into worlds where area boss is defeated.
  • It is possible to summon Red Soapstone phantoms without being in Ember form.
  • Mound Makers will appear as mad phantoms and their sign will be purple. It is recommended to use the Red Soapstone over the White, as being summed from the White Soapstone will make PvE enemies agro on you. Red Mound Maker signs have a slight red hue to them, which lets hosts know the mad sprit won't have to fight PvE.
  • Sunlight Warriors will appear as a red phantom with an orange aura. Their signs will also have a bright orange aura. However, the sign itself remains clearly red, and can only be confused for a white Sunlight Warrior at a distance.




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    • Anonymous

      07 Jul 2020 22:39  

      Are Blue Phantoms able to enter your world when you summon using this? I don't want my duels being interrupted by them.

      • Anonymous

        10 May 2020 06:05  

        For *****'s sake, if you're gonna' summon a red phantom, don't use your estus. You're wasting my time. I'm just gonna' kill you, anyway.

        • Anonymous

          17 Apr 2020 06:09  

          Ok hosts please listen we put down our red soapstone to DUEL not get ganked ok I can understand teaming up on an eye orb invader that happens all the time and we expect to get ganked but sometimes we just want to enjoy a nice 1v1 or fight club so next time you touch that red summon sign make sure there aren’t 3 white summons behind you

          • Anonymous

            25 Oct 2019 11:22  

            The one that drops this will never respawn again in NG+ cycles once you obtain the soapstone so remember to have a toast with him as you will never reunite.

            • Anonymous

              30 Jan 2019 04:51  

              How does one get summoned into a players world and still be embered? Because sometimes when im summoned im embered and sometimes im not. Would appreciate if someone could shed some light on this dark soul.

              • Anonymous

                23 Jan 2019 05:14  

                I've played this game for almost 200 hours and I never knew this item existed. I never killed that enemy because he wasn't hostile.

                • Anonymous

                  17 Apr 2018 00:56  

                  When someone invades, i just stand inside the boss door and throw dung pies at them. Most bosses don't get activated if you stay a step or two beyond the door and invaders can't do a thing to you.

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Jan 2018 15:38  

                    Host, two phantoms and then a password summoned Red. Jesus, FromSoftware, get something right for once.
                    Should of just made it to where if you have a password summoned Red = you can't get invaded if a Dried Finger is active. Then the hosts get their undisturbed fight club and us invaders don't have to deal with this cancer.

                    • Anonymous

                      03 May 2017 13:08  

                      I've now seen multiple clearly yellow signs which look identical to the warriors of sunlight phantom summon signs, but when you click them it says summon a dark spirit and summoning them lets an invade into your world. Is this a known bug or what I just don't know how you can have your invasion signs yellow/orange

                      • Anonymous

                        with auto summon covenants10 Jun 2016 13:02  

                        If I put down my red sign with, say, the aldrich faithfull, can I still be auto-summoned to invade?

                        • Anonymous

                          Didn't receive23 May 2016 20:55  

                          Killed the creature after killing all bosses, before heading to NG+ and it dropped yellofinger heysels pick and xanthous crown...? No red Sign Soapstone.

                          • Anonymous

                            "If the player slays a Mad Phantom, however, with the Mound-Makers covenant item equipped, they will gain a Vertebrae Shackle."15 May 2016 07:36  

                            Just summoned and defeated a dark mad phantom in the area outside the Sulyvahn bonfire while Mound-makers was equipped, did not give a shackle.

                            • Anonymous

                              I killed the worm in the article and it didn't drop02 May 2016 11:35  

                              The worm dropped Xanthous Crown (even though I already have one) and something else, but no red soapstone. Is this a bug or intended?

                              • Anonymous

                                kill this guy27 Apr 2016 12:30  

                                i summoned a guy named holy blade jean with one of these and when he wasnt running he was chuggingif you see him take him out before he has a chance to do it, took me forever to get rid of the scum

                                • Anonymous

                                  Summoning range27 Apr 2016 01:41  

                                  Is the range for a red soapstone the same as invading as red? There's no info about this on the wiki.

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