Red Tearstone Ring

A ring set with a large rare tearstone jewel. Temporarily boosts attack when HP is low.

This stone is said to be a tear of mourning of the goddess Caitha, and of course, tears are always more beautiful near death.

Red Tearstone Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Red Tearstone Ring Effect

  • While on critical HP (below 20%) damage from all sources is increased multiplicatively by 20%



Where to Find Red Tearstone Ring

  • Found in Lothric Castle. Face away from the Dragonslayer Armour bossfight entrance. To the left is a doorway lit by torches. Proceed through the door and up the stairs. Head out the door on the left. It will be on a body to the right. () (video location)




  • The effect boosts all damage, including but not limited to Weapons, Spells, Arrows, and Bolts.
  • This ring is the partner ring to the Blue Tearstone ring.
  • The Red Tearstone range is determined by a percentage of your current maximum health. This means increasing your health pool allows you to have the effect of this ring active with a higher amount of HP remaining.
  • This effect stacks with the effect of the unique weapon: Morion Blade, resulting in 144% Damage.
  • This ring does not need to be worn when dropped to low HP, meaning you can swap to this ring when near death to benefit from its bonus damage.



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    • Anonymous

      I think the reason they nerfed the damage buff on RTSR in Dark Souls 3 is because the morion blade exists in this game already. The morion blade also stacks upon itself which means you can get some pretty ridiculous AR for a straight sword (easily 700+ AR with Flynn ring, double Morion Blade and RTSR)

      • Anonymous

        if they buffed the damage of this by like 5% i think it would be really good in pvp. obviously wont happen though. oh well,,, i guess ill go back to my sun princess / ethereal oak regen cancer. I'm not proud of it, I do what I need to win, one way or another i will throw dung pies on my opponents' dead bodies.......

        • Anonymous

          Only made for no hit runners yet they still had to nerf it, from 50% in DS1 to 20% in DS3 where the bosses are even more tanky as hell

          • Anonymous

            Tears of denial + roses of ariandel buff + mornes ring + other miracle buffing ring that I forgot the name of right + red tearstone ring + morion blade + sunless talisman + less than 20% health = one hellavu nasty electric shock. - salty steve

            • Anonymous

              A ring set with a large, but common, tearstone jewel. Temporarily boosts attack when HP is low.

              This stone is said to be a tear of hate of the hosts of embers who leads a gank, and of course, tears are always more meaningful near disconnection.

              • Anonymous

                So basically, use RTR, 2 Morion blades, PW and cast seething chaos. Watch all bosses fall to their knees in seconds.

                • Anonymous

                  will the effects of this ring, attonement, or chime art prayer of favor remove Tears of Denial? I'm thinking of a high level Moaning Knight build centered around ToD and taking enemy attention with chime healing and this ring for when ToD activates.

                  • Let's do a math check here. If this ring adds 20% to AR and the morion blade adds another 20% to AR, why does it say in the notes section that using both gives 144% to AR? Fextralife can't even do math properly.

                    • Anonymous

                      - While on Critical HP (below 20%), all damage is improved by 20% multiplicitavely (allDamage * 1.2).

                      adding the word multiplicitavely is redundant

                      • If you are a pyromancer withRed tearstone ring +Witch ring +Morrion Blade +Swamp ring +40 faith 40 INT +Tears of denial +20 percent health + Lvl 10 pyromancy flameThis game becomes a complete joke. I never invisoned that I would ever be this powerful in a souls game....

                        • Anonymous

                          First it was 50 percent damage in dks1, then 30 in dks2, and now 20 in dks3. Does From hate this ring or something?

                          • Anonymous

                            It can be found (iirc), just before the dragonslayer armor boss fight. In the building where Eyigon is summoned.Go up the stairs and to the left is a small doorway (not the big one) and the rtsr is on a corpse

                            • Anonymous

                              I can't remember exactly, but it is found in Lothric Castle between the Dragon Barracks and the Dragonslayer Armor bonfires.

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