Refined Gem is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Refined Gem

"A gem of infused titanite.

Forged in the weapons of Lothric knights.

Used in infusion to create refined weapons.

Refined weapons are difficult to wield properly, and scale effectively with strength and dexterity."


Refined Gem Usage

  • Used in infusion to create Refined Weapons.
  • Refined weapons have a balanced, mid range, Strength and Dexterity scaling.



Refined Gem Locations

  • x1 guaranteed drop per NG from the Red Eyed Blue Knight to the left of the entrance to Emma at her church in High Wall of Lothric. Afterwards drop rate decreased greatly but is still farmable here (Item Location Video Guide).
  • 1x on a Corpse, in the midst of the blaze, beneath the two dragons who spew fire in Lothric Castle, near  the Dragon Barracks bonfire.
  • 1x from a crystal lizard on the room in Grand Archives.
  • Rare drop from Cathedral Grave Warden in Untended Graves.
  • Rare drop from Lothric Knights in Lothric Castle.
  • Can drop from the Red Eyed Knight in Grand Archives. From the bonfire, go in the opposite way of the grand archives, you can find a tougher knight with a sword. 
  • Rare drop from the Red-Eyed Lothric Knights outside of the Twin Princes' bonfire. All three knights are almost guaranteed to drop Large Titanite Shards, have a chance to drop Embers and Titanite Chunks, and also yield a high amount of souls (an especially high amount for NG), making this an ideal grinding spot.





  • Refined weapons are often the best Infusion choice for high level characters who have invested heavily in both strength and dexterity. When comparing AR at Blacksmith Andre for infusions, be aware that the damage increase that will occur by two handing a weapon is not taken into account.
  • They can be farmed from the Red Eyed Lothric Knight outside of the Dancer of the Boreal Bonfire. Just a very rare drop. Stack as much discovery as possible. 



  • Refined weapons are similar to the Quality upgrade in Demon's Souls. 


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    • Anonymous

      02 Jul 2018 12:26  

      The stairs in front of Twin Princes is a good spot to farm. 367 item discovery I have gotten 3 refined gems after around 30 mins. Also getting some lightning gems and titanite chunks.

      • Anonymous

        17 Apr 2018 18:31  

        The Blue Knight next to emma does indeed drop Refined Gems, but it took like 7 kills to net 1 Refined Gem for me.

        • Anonymous

          04 Jan 2018 01:10  

          i went searching high and low through the grand archives before looking at the grand archives map on this website. i can't find a crystal lizard that drops the refined gem. i guess i'm off to go farm.

          • Anonymous

            27 Aug 2017 03:44  

            "They can be farmed from the Red Eyed Lothric Knight outside of the Dancer of the Boreal Bonfire. Just a very rare drop. Stack as much discovery as possible." First try baby xD

            • Anonymous

              10 May 2017 00:04  

              Level 37. Been farming that dumb blue-caped knight in the High Wall of Lothric for 2 hours. Nothing. As I've just arrived at the Cathedral of the Deep, I rolled through AoA all the way to Captain's Ashes on the top of that tower on my first try. Should have done that at the beginning. 3 refined gems on top of the initial guaranteed drop from that knight is more than enough for early-to-mid game.

              • Anonymous

                28 Apr 2017 05:20  

                Probably ideal to mention that for those with Ariandel, the captain's ashes allow you to buy 3 for 5000 a pop. As for why the bigstrong guys with their bigstrong weapons would allow for anything even remotely dex is beyond me. Either way, you can stop farming now.

                • Anonymous

                  09 Apr 2017 23:42  

                  I went to kill the red eyed knight outside dancer and whats ya know, he also drops a refined gem, what are the chances pf that?

                  • Anonymous

                    05 Feb 2017 00:28  

                    with 314 item discovery, I managed to get 8 sets of lothric knight armour before I got a refined gem from the red eyed knight for the second time so unless I was very unlucky, the drop rate is incredibly low.

                    • 08 Jan 2017 01:44  

                      Confirmed guaranteed drop from the Blue Red Eyed Knight in High Wall of Lothric, once every first kill in a New Game.
                      Droprate from the same knight is roughly 5-8% with 310 Item Discovery per kill. Farmable from either Vordt of the Boreal Valley or Dancer of the Boreal Valley bonfire.

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Jan 2017 11:32  

                        Page mentions that it is dropped from Lothric Knights in Lothric Castle, unsure of whether this specifically refers to the Red-Eyed one at the beginning or just to the Blue Armor Red-Eye variants, but otherwise this absolutely can't be true. Killed 100 of them and no drop, also the page for Lothric Knights doesn't list these as a drop.

                        • Anonymous

                          "Balanced"29 Aug 2016 07:01  

                          "Refined weapons have a balanced, mid range, Strength and Dexterity scaling."HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA that's adorable, Fextra.

                          • Anonymous

                            Skilled?27 Aug 2016 04:43  

                            Refining caestus changes it to skilled caestus? Is this true? and if so can it be added to the notes section

                            • Anonymous

                              Greatsword Lothric Knight Gem04 Aug 2016 17:26  

                              I'm pretty sure the greatsword-wielding knight outside twin princes only drops lightning gems. Killed him about 60-70 times with 360 discovery and got 6-7 lightning gems off him and no refined. The other three obviously drop refined gems though.

                              • Anonymous

                                Dragon Barracks Bonfire25 Jul 2016 14:33  

                                The kneeling open visor lothric knight just to the left of the bonfire has a higher chance to drop a refined gem. I got 2 refined gemsfor about 15 tries. I had the gold serpent ring equipped though.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Farming07 Jul 2016 16:39  

                                  Hello, i don't know if someone said this already but, from the 1.09 patch you can get this stone from the blue knight outside the dancer bonfire in the high wall of lothric (sorry if my spelling is bad, not my first language)

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