Repair is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Sorcery you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.


Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 20
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 15 Intelligence
Type Equipment repair



Lost sorcery from Oolacile, land of ancient golden sorceries.

Repairs equipped weapons and armor. Includes weapons with exhausted durability.

While the effects of this spell are rather subtle, its foundations are a well-guarded secret. Light is time, and the reversal of its effects is a forbidden art.


Acquired From




  • Restores durability of all equipped items by 50 points, even if the items have fully broken.
  • Same effect as Repair Powder, although Repair Powder will not restore an item with 0 durability.
  • Can be useful with the Moonlight Greatsword charged attack.  The durability damage from 12.5 charge attacks can be repaired with one cast of Repair, making this combination far more FP-efficient than any sorcery with comparable damage.
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    • Anonymous

      Best spell in the game by far. You dont even need to fight, merely having this sorcery attuned will cause any gank squad to quiver in fear and desperatly search for the nearest cliff. They cant black crystal out because the sheer fear you will output will trick their brains into thinking the sweet release of death is the only option.

      • Anonymous

        Best tool against annoying cheaters, if these *****s instant kill you and break everything all you need to do is use this spell once and everything is back to normal...

        • Anonymous

          Something interesting that I have never seen anyone mention about this spell is "Light is time". This seems to go along with not only the description from ds2, but also the strange time travel related to Oolacile. You could therefore take this to mean that the dark operates outside of the rules of time, where we have strange effects like Manus being able to rip us from the far future to his time, or the weirdness of Untended Graves.

          • Anonymous

            Is it really a thing ? Or is it just because I'm a pure sorcerer that my stuff never breaks ? (By that I mean since I'm rarely in melee combat)

            • Anonymous

              If the description can be taken at face value, this means we do not need to pay to repair broken equipment, we would just need to put it on and cast this, sadly I am going to assume due to balance reasons that this is not the case.

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