Reversal Ring

A divine ring granted to the Darkmoon Gwyndolin in his youth.

Causes males to perform female actions, and vice-versa.

Gwyndolin was raised like a daughter through the aura of the moon, and was said to behave like a sullen brooding goddess.

Reversal Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Reversal Ring Effect

  • Causes males to perform female actions, and vice-versa.
  • Weight: 0.5

Where to Find Reversal Ring

  • Found in the Darkmoon Tomb in Anor Londo, in a hidden chest to the right of the large coffin altar.


  • When wearing this ring, the players stance and walk/run animations changes to that of the opposite gender.
    • Male stance being slightly wider and female stance being thinner
    • Male walk/run animation being more stiff and female walk/run animation having more swagger/swing
  • Does not affect the player's voice when taking damage or performing gestures.
  • Example image of the stance difference between male and female when wearing the ring:

    Demonstrating the difference between male and female stance.


  • This is a reference to the child of Lord Gwyn from the first Dark Souls game, as Dark Sun Gwyndolin was born a boy but raised as a girl and was encountered in the Darkmoon tomb where you find this ring.
  • This may also be a reference to how Anri of Astora's gender changes depending on the players gender, as the ring is found in the same chamber where one of Anri's story lines can end. Or it could symbolize being both male and female after getting "married", essentially absorbing Anri into yourself.
  • It has also been speculated that Anri has a female body regardless of your character's gender, and that this ring and the voice is the only difference between Anri's male and female character. Anri's marriage-prepared corpse looks distinctly female for both genders, but it's harder to tell if this is also true for the normal character since the armor mostly hides gender specific differences.


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    • Anonymous

      29 Apr 2020 03:26  

      in DS2 you could completely change your sex for free at any time. in DS3 you give up a ring slot to walk with your arms slightly differently. utter garbage.

      • Anonymous

        23 Apr 2020 07:03  

        Some armor pieces look different on male characters and female characters (Ex. Conjurator set.) Does anyone know if this has any influence on this?

        • Anonymous

          20 Mar 2020 06:23  

          The ring should work like the gender swapping coffin from DS2, and just change you into the other gender. Simply changing the way you stand and walk of a ring slot. You have a ring to appear human, a ring to appear phantom, why not a Rule 63 ring?

          • Anonymous

            18 Oct 2018 17:43  

            Great for male sorcerers tired of walking like they are in full havel whilst wearing a robe. Although, losing a ring slot for the reversal ring isn't worth it imo.

            • Anonymous

              23 Sep 2017 17:13  

              This ring is nice for making me not look goofy as hell when I wear armor like the Sunless set or the Dancer's armor, but I wish it didn't have to be a ring that sacrifices one of four slots I could use for stats improvements...

              • Anonymous

                26 Jun 2017 06:14  

                I stare at the coffin, the room where I once felt hope.

      , I only feel sorrow.

                But, I know that my--our--duty as Unkindled is to fix this mess that has become our world.
                But...even we cannot stop the flow of time.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Jun 2017 20:48  

                  It would be cool if the ring also changed the player character's voice.

                  I like making cosplay characters and would like to make a lothric/lorian greatsword build that would also function for a Dancer cosplay (my pyromancer chick does ok, but not optimally).

                  With this ring I could do both characters in one except for all the grunting and death shouts being awkwardly missgendered (I havent tried it yet so it may switch voices too, though).

                  • 11 Mar 2017 18:24  

                    Not sure if this is a reference but this ring is similar in desing to the wedding ring of death used by Wamuu in jojo's bizarre adventure in Battle Tendency arc. The effect is nowhere near the same but the design is very similar.
                    Here's link for anyone who wants to find out more about the ring in jojo:

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