Ring of Favor

 A ring symbolizing the favor of the Goddess Fina, whose "fateful beauty" is mentioned in legend.

True to the fickle nature of Fina's favor, her ring increases max HP, stamina, and maximum equip load."

Ring of Favor is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Ring of Favor Effect

  • Increases max HP by 3%, max Stamina by 8.5%, and max Equip Load by 5%
    • +1: Increases max HP by 4.5%, max Stamina by 9.5%, and max Equip Load by 6%
    • +2: Increases max HP by 5%, max Stamina by 10.5% and max Equip Load by 7%
    • +3: Increases max HP by 6%, max Stamina by 11.5% and Equip Load by 8%
  • Weight: 1.5



Where to Find Ring of Favor

  • Guaranteed drop from one of the Sulyvahn's Beasts near Archdeacon McDonnell. To reach McDonnell start from the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire. Go through the door and make your way through the courtyard full of Giant Slaves. Enter the building that can be used to reach the Silver Knights. On the ground floor, strike at the wall on the left to reveal a ladder headed down. You will face a difficult battle facing 2 Sulyvahn Beasts. Bait one beast with a bow to make the battle easier.
  • (NG+) +1 version can be found in Pontiff Sulyvahn's boss room on the second floor behind a pillar. Go around to the second floor past the clerics, when inside go straight ahead across the bridge and it will be on the second last pillar ahead of you. 
  • (NG++) +2 can be found in Cathedral of the Deep, on the way to Rosaria, in an alcove where an axe wielding hollow is (take a left on the roof-bridge where you drop down). () (video location)

  • +3 can be found on a corpse in The Dreg Heap, up a large root in the swamp just after the Earthen Peak Ruins bonfire.




  • This ring does not break upon removal and can be swapped out freely, contrary to its Dark Souls 1 counterpart.
  • The ring's effect has noticably diminished with each consecutive installment. In the original Dark Souls it provded a 20% increase to Health, Stamina, and Equipment Load at the expense of being unable to remove the ring without destroying it. Its Dark Souls 2 parallel, the Third Dragon Ring, gave a 7.5% increase to Health, and 12.5% to Stamina and Equipment Load, the main drawback being the ring had lower than average durability value, leaving it prone to break if the player took excessive damage over time, or was exposed to even small amounts of acid damaged, although unlike the original it could be repaired once broken. The trend is observable in the game's spiritual cousin Bloodborne as well, where its parallel, the "Clockwise/Anti-Clockwise Metamorphsis" runes offered identical boosts to Health and Stamina in their most powerful varieties to compared the original ring, but were split into separate items, requiring the player to set aside multiple slots if they wanted to mimic the full effect.



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    • Anonymous

      18 Oct 2021 17:44  

      So, good way of dealing with the dogs as pure sorc is to hit them with 2 great heavy soul arrows (staggers) and then regain the stamina to do 2 more. Should kill by that point in the game, but sometimes they survive on just a bit of health. In that case just use a regular soul arrow

      • Anonymous

        27 Sep 2021 20:46  

        fun strat for the easy obtain: shoot one of the dogs, immediatly climb ladder till your feet are level with the statue behind it, when doggo comes over plunge into him for dmg and long stun to boot. killed each dog in 3 hits with my UGS.

        • Anonymous

          13 Sep 2021 03:16  

          Kinda Funny how in DS1 this ring was never removed but in DS3 this ring is equipped and unequipped the most out of all rings.

          • Anonymous

            15 Apr 2021 18:34  

            At 36 Vigor, this is where Ring of Favor +3 overtakes Prisoner's Chain in terms of health increase.

            Even at the lowest possible Endurance, Ring of Favor +3 will always be better than the Prisoner's Chain for increasing Endurance. This is even more true once you hit 35 END with the Prisoner's Chain. More and more endurance will only bring the two apart, although the Ring of Favor+3 only ever has a very small lead of 1-3 points until 35.

            At both 22 and 23 VIT, the Ring of Favor+3 and Prisoner's Chain are equal, however the Ring of Favor weights 1.5 versus the Prisoner's Chain 0.8, almost twice as much. While the Ring of Favor+3 adds more weight, this does not negate its own weight. Factoring the weight difference between the rings into the equation, the Ring of Favor+3 only truly becomes equivalent with the Prisoner's Chain at 32 VIT, and surpasses it then. However, the difference between the two is so small that even at 40 VIT, Ring of Favor+3 is adding an extremely unimpressive 1.4 more equip load.

            TL;DR: Ring of Favor+3 is better for builds that want more endurance pretty much always. Prisoner's Chain is better for builds that want more health below 36 VIG; as well as builds that want more equip load without having to invest in vitality.

            You could also, of course; use both; although the above will probably be useful to somebody somewhere. Particularly any magic builds, as magic builds tend to be starved for ring slots.

            • Anonymous

              18 Jan 2021 21:30  

              *****es be like "dlc is pay to win I'm going to cry in the comments" git gud you filthy casual dlc may have good rings but it doesn't make people better at the game

              • Anonymous

                15 Sep 2020 14:19  

                Is it a little more than 11.5% more stamina? At 40 endurance with favor+3, I have 179 stamina or does it round up?

                • Anonymous

                  03 Aug 2020 22:30  

                  So many people want to couple rings like this with prisoner's chain... The hp is basically negated on the ring and you can get carry weight from other rings... So you take a hit for slight def and Stam that rly.. all the stats rly... Just lvl **** and use this.. save the slot

                  • Anonymous

                    16 Jun 2020 01:16  

                    heres a good combo of rings if you want to make a tank character: Life Ring+3, Ring of Favor+3, Prisoners Chain and Ring of Steel Protection+3 (to negate the absorption penalty from Prisoners Chain) it really makes you very tanky and gives you a super thicc health bar as a bonus

                    • Anonymous

                      16 Jun 2020 01:14  

                      here's a good combo of rings if you want to make a tank character: Life Ring+3, Ring of Favor+3, Prisoner's Chain and Ring of Steel Protection+3 (to negate the absorption penalty from prisoner's chain) it really makes you very tanky and gives you a super thicc health bar as a bonus

                      • Anonymous

                        31 May 2020 19:15  

                        when i first got it i read it as "ring of flavor" so naturally, i went, THIS DOG TOOK MY TO FLAVOR TOWN ALRIGHT

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