Rope Black Firebomb is a Projectile in Dark Souls 3.

Rope Black Firebomb


Black bisque urn attached to a string and filled with black powder. Thrown behind and explodes, inflicting fire damage.

No different to a black firebomb, save for the direction in which it is thrown. Enables a different fighting style, and flexibility in adjusting to one’s circumstances.


Rope Black Firebomb Usage

  • Thrown behind, explodes inflicting high fire damage



Rope Black Firebomb Locations

  • Sold by Unbreakable Patches for 300 Souls.




  • Can be traded with the Twin Crows at Firelink Shrine for a Titanite Chunk.
  • Damage Scaling: Strength A, Dexterity C
  • 10 can be carried at a time, with up to 200 in storage.
  • Can be thrown while running, making it a useful tool to ward off or punish pursuers. 


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