Roster of Knights is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3.

Roster of Knights

Online play item. A roster of knights of the Darkmoon who have served since the age of the old Royals.

Use to discover the names of Darkmoon Knights, an order of elite knights shrouded in shadows.


Roster of Knights Usage

  • The Roster of Knights is used to check the contributions of Darkmoon Knights, showing the top 10 contributors in a list to the top, as well as your rank at the bottom. Your points will go up if you successfully repel an invader, and will go down if you fail.



Roster of Knights Locations

  • Church of Yorshka bonfire - down the stairs first right in the corner hidden.




  • Being a tool, this item has unlimited uses.
  • There are no rewards for ranking in the top 10.



  • Trivia goes here



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