Ruin Set


Physical Resitance 26.5 Bleed Resistance 143
Strike Defense 25.4 Poison Resistance 138
Slash Defense 31 Frost Resistance 78
Thrust Defense 26.5 Curse Resistance 71
Magic Defense 24.9 Poise 33.6
Fire Defense 22.6  
Lightning Defense 23.7 icon-durabilitiy.png -
Dark Defense 20.5 icon_weight.png 30.5

Ruin Set is an Armor in Dark Souls 3. It was added in The Ringed City DLC.

Armor of the company of knights who were sent to the Ringed City on an old king's orders.

The knights sought the dark soul, but were so soundly crushed, they had little choice but to swear themselves to the Judicator Giant.

The ill-fated company was later immortalized in a dark fable, inspiring the aspect of certain golems in whom their name lived on.

Location/Where to Find

  • The Ringed City: found on a corpse just below the Mausoleum Lookout bonfire.

Notes and Tips

  • This set, by description, appears to be the armor worn by Knights of Ruin: an order of knights dedicated to uncovering the Dark Soul by King Vendrick of Drangleic.
  • The Ruined Sentinels of Dark Souls 2 were animated golems made to honor those Ruined Knights who never returned home after arriving in the Ringed City.
  • Every single piece can be sold to Shrine Handmaid for 600 souls.

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Piece Information


Ruin Helm

Physical Resitance 4.6 Bleed Resistance 25
Strike Defense 4.3 Poison Resistance 24
Slash Defense 5.5 Frost Resistance 13
Thrust Defense 4.6 Curse Resistance 12
Magic Defense 4.2 Poise 6.1
Fire Defense 3.8  
Lightning Defense 4.0 icon-durabilitiy.png 400
Dark Defense 3.4 icon_weight.png 5.4
Armor Type Helm

Ruin Armor

Physical Resitance 13.7 Bleed Resistance 62
Strike Defense 13.1 Poison Resistance 60
Slash Defense 16.3 Frost Resistance 35
Thrust Defense 13.7 Curse Resistance 32
Magic Defense 12.8 Poise 17.4
Fire Defense 11.6  
Lightning Defense 12.2 icon-durabilitiy.png 400
Dark Defense 10.5 icon_weight.png 12.9
Armor Type Chest Armor

Ruin Gauntlets

Physical Resitance 3.6 Bleed Resistance 19
Strike Defense 3.4 Poison Resistance 19
Slash Defense 4.2 Frost Resistance 10
Thrust Defense 3.6 Curse Resistance 9
Magic Defense 3.4 Poise 4.1
Fire Defense 3.0  
Lightning Defense 3.2 icon-durabilitiy.png 400
Dark Defense 2.7 icon_weight.png 4.2
Armor Type Gauntlets

Ruin Leggings

Physical Resitance 7.4 Bleed Resistance 37
Strike Defense 7.1 Poison Resistance 35
Slash Defense 8.9 Frost Resistance 20
Thrust Defense 7.4 Curse Resistance 18
Magic Defense 6.9 Poise 10.7
Fire Defense 6.2  
Lightning Defense 6.5 icon-durabilitiy.png 400
Dark Defense 5.5 icon_weight.png 8.0
Armor Type Leggings




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    • Anonymous

      Ok so this set says Vendrick had known of the Ringed City and brought his company of Ruin Knights to go fetch the Dark Soul, so then how old was the entirety of Drangleic? assuming the ringed city was there since the beginning, puts to perspective just how old everything in Drangleic is, how long was Vendrick a hollow? How many years did the giants really fight for? How long 'till Seek Seek Lest Lady wait 'till the Bearer of the Curse arrived

      • Anonymous

        So Vendrick sent his beloved knights to the end of the world, knowing they might not return, to bring him back the Dark Soul. Instead, they fell and came to serve the Judicator Giants, making their own failed journey even more difficult for anyone to attempt it henceforth. It's almost poetic. They failed so hard, that they became an obstacle on their own way. Meanwhile, Vendrick was getting all of his power used up by Nashandra.

        This also confirms that the ruin sentinels of DS2 were just golems created in remembrance of the real, lost ruin knights. Damn, that's sad.

        • Anonymous

          we still need that ruin sentinel shield with a captain america weapon art, fromsoft please the shield throwing was so cool

          • Anonymous

            so awesome how they put this in DS3. i don't like how they kinda pretended DS2 didn't exist in DS3 but hd so much DS1 fanservice, but this was a cool nod

            • Give it a chance, it's a good set. The helmet sits a bit clunky on the head but it's less as bad as the black knight helmet neck glitch imo. And in exchange for that you'll get really solid stats overall.

              • Anonymous

                If anybody doesn't know, this armor is based off of the Ruin Sentinel's bosses armor in Dark Souls 2, though. Which of Sentinel's I'm unaware.

                • Anonymous

                  "The knights sought the dark soul, but were so soundly crushed, they had little choice but to swear themselves to the Judicator Giant." Guess the bastard was summoning infinite archer ghosts way back then too.

                  • it's weird, the golems in DS2 that represent the Ruin knights that went to the ringed city but never came back, so is Drangleic set in the future or past? How have the Ruin Knights made it to the Ringed City, if DS2 is set in the past, how are there the Ruin Sentinels / golems in Lost Bastille?

                    • Anonymous

                      For everyone wondering what this portrays/ who do you cosplay with it. The Description tells that the Knights wearing this armor were a company dispatched by an old King. The Design of the armor is has the same defining Details as the Ivory Knights, of the Ivory King in Dark Souls 2. Hinting that they were dispatched by him. "Inspiring the aspect of certain golems in whom their name lived on" , through this Description we also get a hint at the Art of "Golem-crafting" which was a trait performed by the Ivory King, much like the Iron King crafted the "Smelter Demon", which is just a golem if you break it down - the name "Smelter DEMON" just is named that way since he is born of flames much like the Demons of Izalith were.

                      • Anonymous

                        It's fun to test how ridiculous you can make your character look by sticking the helmet on bulkier suits of armor. It looks especially strange on the Evangelist set, and also pretty entertaining on the Executioner set.

                        • Anonymous

                          Really good set. The only problem is no shield or weapon can match the set perfectly like other knight sets.

                          • Anonymous

                            Hey guys remember how hard this set was to get back in ds2. Well now we can find it immediately after the first dlc boss... Thanks fromsoft

                            • Anonymous

                              The Japanese Ringed city artbook says that both the Judicator Giants AND the Ghosts are older than The First Age Of Fire. That means they're nothing to do with Vendrick....We REALLY need a 'Dragon Souls' prequel game.

                              More and more I'm getting the impression that what we 'know' about the pre-Age of Fire is just 'The History According To Gwyn'.

                              • Anonymous

                                So am I just dumb? I ask because I keep being reminded of the Syan Set from Dark Souls 2 whenever I look at the Ruin set.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Out of all the set they could have recycled they decided to go for the s hitty compressed one.
                                  What's the appeal of looking like an extremely short and chunky ruin sentinel?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    It all makes sense now... remember in DS2? King Vendrick waged war against the "Giants" "across the sea" did anyone notice that the Kingdom of Lothric/Anor Londo is located in a mountain range near the sea? and remember during the announcements of DS2 it is said that DS2 is somehow the "north" while DS1 is the "south". And remember the Bearer of the Curse if we base the alternate ending where he didn't linked the flame in the Throne of Want... he didn't became a Dark Lord but rather sought for an alternative way to cure the curse and sought the 3 crowns where is collected all 3 and talking to King Vendrick and after giving his blessing it negates the curse of hollowing... I think the Bearer of the Curse is still alive somehow.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Wasn't there on my new NG. Maybe NPC/Boss requirements or NG+. Got it on my NG+ Char with everything completed exept both DLC.

                                      • "Armor of the company of knights who were sent to the Ringed City on an old king's orders."

                                        "were sent to the Ringed City on an old king's orders."

                                        "an old king's orders."

                                        Wait... is it referring to King Vendrick?

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