The build I've made furthest into the game, currently, is on NG+++ and is pretty PvP heavy. I usually add a Black Knight Greataxe for PvE, if the need arises.

It mostly centers on the ability to roll or parry to get out of the way of everything, but this allows you a few backup plans if you wish, like using some sweet WOG.

The equipment I use is as follows:

Right Hand: Ricard's Rapier (I have it as +10, it's my primary,) and a Washing Pole (also at +10 for me)

Left Hand: Parrying Dagger (Not for hitting, but for parrying,) and a Caitha's Chime (at +5, in my case)

Armor: Black Set, (from Yuria, that being the Billed Mask, Black Dress, Black Gauntlets, and Black Leggings.) You could probably get away with any armor, but I prefer to use this set as it kind of fits with the pseudo-regal theme of this build.

Rings: Untrue Dark Ring, (I mostly invade, fashion souls > all else, trade it out for a Flynn's ring if you aren't about that,) Ring of Favor +2 (No disadvantages,) Chloranthy Ring +2 (Stamina regeneration is very useful for a dodging build,) and a Ring of Steel Protection +2 (Low defense from black set, so this helps a little.)

Covenant: Go with Sunbros if you want to be a friendly summon, if you're invading, Rosaria's fingers. Yuria thematic, after all. (sort of.)

The stats for this build are as follows: (I started as a knight, so some wasted points may be present.)

Vigor: 30

Attunement: 25

Endurance: 44

Vitality: 30 (sweet speed rolls are manditory)

Strength: 40

Dexterity: 30

Intelligence: 20

Faith: 30

Luck: 10

Remember to have some backup offense miracles, since you'll have 4 attunement slots. It's what the chime's for, a backup plan if someone or something runs away from you.

The key to using this build well is to master well timed rolling and parrying, so that you can outperform heavier builds. Be careful, you will be pretty squishy to heavy weapons with this.

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