Sage Ring

A ring given to Farron's Undead Legion by one of the preacher twins, known more commonly as the Crystal Sages."

Shortens spell casting time.

The sorcerers of Farron's Abyss Watchers were known to be lonesome warriors who would only rely upon more pragmatic spells.

Sage Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3



Sage Ring Effect

  • Increases virtual Dexterity, effectively decreasing spell casting time for all schools of magic. Maximum Casting Speed is reached at 50 Dexterity. These rings allow low dexterity builds reach the casting speed cap: 
    • +0 Version:
      • +30 Virtual Dexterity
      • 20 Dexterity to reach Casting Cap
    • +1 Version:
      • +35 Virtual Dexterity
      • 15 Dexterity to reach Casting Cap
    • +2 Version:
      • +40 Virtual Dexterity
      • 10 Dexterity to reach Casting Cap
  • Weight: 0.7


Where to Find Sage Ring

  • From the Crucifixion Woods bonfire in Road of Sacrifices, facing the two Exiles of Farron, turn left towards some ruins that are very slightly flooded with water. The Sage Ring will be in those ruins, be wary of a Lycanthrope to your right when you enter the ruins.
  • (NG+) +1 Version found in the rafters above the Grand Archives. Drop down from the roof where the winged knights are located. () (video location)
  • (NG++) +2 Version: from the Dancer bonfire go up the ladder and head left to the Consumed King's Garden. When riding the elevator down get ready to roll off halfway. Head right for an Estus Shard, then head left to the broken staircase. When on the staircase look behind you and you'll see the ring. () (video location)




  • Virtual Dexterity is Dexterity only affecting spell casting.
  • Witchtree Branch & Saint-tree Bellvine both give +99 Virtual Dexterity, but the cap is 50 virtual dexterity so there isn't an effective difference between them and Sage Ring +2 for most builds.
  • Wrath of God  Testing:  
    • 20 Dexterity, cast time =  2.9 seconds
    • 20 Dexterity & Sage Ring (50 total Virtual Dex), cast time = 2.3 seconds.



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    • 06 May 2021 08:52  

      The ring location on this page is very complicated and perplexing. The ring is located underneath the ruins before the Crystal Sage boss, which can be accessed by the hole in the 1st floor (the room where you summon Eygon) or from the tunnel that is accessed from the swamp below to the right.

      • Anonymous

        04 May 2021 01:21  

        So this ring is completely useless once you’ve reached dex lvl 50? (I‘m doing a dex/int build and thought this ring is helpful but I’ve already reached lvl 50 dex)

        • Anonymous

          07 Oct 2020 15:23  

          The difference between spell casting at lvl 45 dexterity and: 1.- lvl 20 dexterity + sage ring +1; 2.- lvl 15 dexterity + sage ring +2; 3.- lvl 10 dexterity + sage ring +3; 4.- lvl 50 dexterity is, exactly ----> 0,023 second.

          I proved the time of spell casting at 45 dexterity and the highest spell casting cap using super slow motion clips. Hope it helps anyone.

          • Anonymous

            24 Sep 2020 23:14  

            I see so many complaining about dexterity and cast time... It only takes 10 and a ring to hit cap. It's not that bad... To anyone that says "spells are too slow to be viable." GIT GUD SCRUB.

            • Anonymous

              13 Sep 2020 11:40  

              Dark souls 1:we should tie casting speed to a non-magic stat

              Dark souls 2: that is dumb. We should tie casting speed to a magic stat and to the catalyst being used to cast the spell.

              Dark souls 3: nah bro that makes to much sense. Were making casting speed influenced by dexterity again.

              • Anonymous

                28 Jun 2020 14:02  

                I'm sorry to need to ask this but is this really a necessary ring for casters? The casting time difference is so minuscule it feels like a wasted slot. Taking the rings off and putting them on, I can barely tell any difference. The time is milliseconds different at best and I'm not sure if it makes much of a difference from my personal experience. Just kinda hate how casters of any kind are boiled down to using only one actual ring since the other 3 slots are necessary for whatever they're casting i.e. Morne's RIng and Ring of the Sun's First Born for Miracles, plus the Sage Ring.

                • Anonymous

                  04 May 2020 17:00  

                  Since this ring is run by almost every caster in the game, a neat little strat you can do in PvP is throw out a couple soul spears with this on so your opponent gets the timing, and then take it off. Most players will roll predictively and therefore too early, taking your spell to the face. Fun little mind game to play around with.

                  • Anonymous

                    18 Sep 2019 15:02  

                    Does this affect on WA with casts, more specifically does this shorten the cast and recovery time of The Twin Princes GS?

                    • Anonymous

                      01 May 2019 08:10  

                      Would be nice if they also put 'weak' starting spells' casting speed so we have something to compare to WoG

                      • Anonymous

                        02 Mar 2019 13:39  

                        This ring is so badly needed by every caster, but the best version is only available in NG++. Thanks From.

                        • Anonymous

                          16 Jan 2019 10:42  

                          So I accidentally sold my +1 Sage Ring and I need it for the Master of Rings achievement and personally for my build. Anyone willing to trade? I'll upgrade any weapon of your choice to max for that ring. My gamertag on Xbox is Tetsacrey to whoever is interested.

                          • 01 Nov 2017 12:25  

                            Added in references to 50 Dex cast speed cap and combinations required to reach it. Mentioned Saint-tree & Witchtree as alternatives. Reformatted for ease of reading.

                            • Anonymous

                              24 Aug 2017 05:04  

                              Does anyone have this ring? Can someone trade it with me? Let me know if you need anything. My psn is AhmadQ1995

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