Saint's Ring

A ring bestowed upon a Carim Saint.
Allows attunement of additional spells.

In Carim, the saints give voice to the ancient tales. They memorize countless cumbersome sacred books and read them in sonorous tones, a function for which they are widely renowned.

 Saint's Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Saint's Ring Effect

  • Adds 1 attunement slot.



Where to Find Saint's Ring




  • Has the same effect as the Deep Ring, both rings can be worn to get 2 attunement slots.


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    • Anonymous

      imagine needing to waste 2 ring slots for an attunement increase that the last game did well with just 1 slot needed

      • Anonymous

        Once, when i had no other rings....and again with the other + attunment slot ring so i could have both Hidden body and Spook added to my setup. Used the two extra spells to sneak up to a boss' fog wall. Took em off, put on real rings and fought the boss, without giving up my real attunment slots

        • Anonymous

 It looks like they both do the same exact thing. Is there any actual reason to use the Saint's ring over the Deep Ring? Is it possible that one or both of them have a hidden mechanic? Like doing extra dark or lightning damage or something like that? Because otherwise it seems weird that they'd have two of the same item, with different flavour.

          • Anonymous

            if you plan on getting this ring for the achievement, make sure to buy it before you make her a firekeeper (if you go that route) because she wont sell anything after that. really screwed me... :(

            • Anonymous

              Thank goodness for attunement slot rings. Hoping that spells don't take up 3+ slots again. I thought there were previously a ridiculous amount of multi-slot spells. Especially if i'm going to use up all the focus points with 2 casts!

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