'Saint of the Sun' build

Pure Co-Op build, mostly for PvE and at a stretch, group PvP.

"With the world so set on tearing itself apart doesnt seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together"

Starting Class: Cleric


Soul Level: 102

Vigor: 10 (Base)

Attunement: 60

Endurance: 9 (Base)

Vitality: 7 (Base)

Strength: 12 (Base)

Dexterity: 8 (Base)

Intelligence: 7 (Base)

Faith: 65(+5)

Luck: 13 (Base)

Miracles: Soothing Sunlight, Bountiful Sunlight, Sacred Oath, Tears of Denial, Force

Rings: Dusk Crown Ring, Sage Ring, Ashen Estus Ring, Priestess Ring

Chimes: Yorshka's Chime or Sacred Chime of Filianore

Weapons: Two Simple Daggers

Shield: N/A

Armour/Attire: Maiden Set (Remove hood for <30% equip load)

Description/Item Reasoning:

I've always been a fan of healers, and quite agree that a medic is your best friend. In Dark Souls it was no different, and I recall rushing for the miracles that could heal others constantly. This is no different.

The Saint of the Sun is my current build for my Saint Irenia, who is purely a healer. She is focused on healing and nothing else, and shouldn't ever be expected to fight.

The massive amounts of attunement and faith, means you will be able to heal people quite often and for a lot of it, too.

Going purely for Ashen Estus, and with the Ashen Estus Ring, allows you to put a whole lot more heals down on the table. However, it is the simple daggers that should make your primary FP regeneration. Though slow, the two of them can provide a decent amount, and if you ration it and communicate with your summoner, you would be able to clear through an entire level with more than enough to keep everyone alive during the boss battle.

The Dusk Crown ring also helps with this, reducing FP consumption at the price of reducing your health to half. However, at higher, or most levels in general, the mobs will be able to one shot you, even without this ring, thus, it isn't much of a sacrifice.

The Sage Ring is for the critical moments where you need to get your spell off, and fast. Before I aquired it, I had failed to save a few hosts, due to the cast time.

The Priestess Ring is for that extra faith bonus, giving you a total of 70 Faith to account into healing.

The choice of chimes rely depends on your luck and what's available. Go for whatever gives you the highest spell buff, until you get Yorshka's or the Sacred Chime of Filianore. There, it will depend on what you want more of: Healing, or range.

My +10 Yorshka's Chime (To now be referenced as YC) has a spellbuff of 251, whilst my +10 Sacred Chime of Filianore (To now be referenced as CoF) has 205. For a difference of 46, that can be a few hundred in health. However, if you're having trouble with people staying close, or you're getting the range of your heal spell wrong, the Sacred Chime of Filianore extends that range, and with soothing sunlight, you really cannot go wrong,


It may sound absolutely useless, being a one shot with no damage to throw out, but it really just puts the emphasis on co-op. It is up to your allies to make sure you do not die, and it is up to you to make sure they do not die either. If you remove the hood of the maiden set, you will get below 30% on your equipment load, thus allowing you to fast roll away from trouble. Or, if you're like me, you leave it on for the sesne of style and P U R I T Y which is also pretty neat.

However, when you cast a heal spell, your usefulness is shown. You WILL heal. A LOT.

You will also get 350 FP, and with the Crown Dusk Ring, Soothing Sunlight will cost 60fp, allowing you to cast it Five times before needing to Estus up, if you don't account for regen. If you're running out of heals, your allies are dying too fast.

In PvP, you best hope you've got a group with you, because if you haven't, you're dead. That's it, game over. Curl in a ball and pray for the end to be swift. If you have a group, you are more than likely going to help gank poor invaders, keeping your allies alive whenever they take damage, thus allowing them to push the attack. However, it is more than just following them around, for the second you start healing, you're screaming out your importance, and a smart invader will take you out first. And they'll find it extremely easy, too! So, for that you must be wary of where the mobs are, where the invaders are and where your friends are.

In PvE, you're useless on your own, but unless your team did one massive woopsie, you've pretty much made them an unstoppable force. If you have the communication down to a T, you can save their estus flasks for when they really need it, increasing their survivability. You can regenerate your FP, your friends might not be able to regen their HP as easily. With two simple daggers at +10, you are getting about 0.7 FP per second, which means it'll take around about 90 seconds to get another use of Soothing Sunlight. Remember how much that healed? A minute of waiting to do that? It's beautiful.

Really, both PvE & PvP tactics are the same. You need to be in a group, or you're screwed, you need to watch your environment, your friends and their health, and for any invaders. You need to be ready to roll in, heal and roll out. You need to get a feel for your range, a feel you can only get with practice.


Soothing Sunlight, which you should have if you're at the level above , heals for 700% of the spell buff. With the YC, I am healing 1,757 with one cast. To put that into perspective, an unkindled player with no rings, and 99 vigor, has 1,400 health according to this wiki. 1,820 if they're enkindled. And from what I've read, it looks like the ABSOLUTE maximum is somewhere around 2,100. And this is still 80%~ from one cast.

Compared to the CoF, which would heal 1,435, which is still an outstanding number for one cast, but is a little lesser, to balance the extended range. Unfortunately I do not have any figures as to how far it is extended, but with Soothing Sunlight, you shouldn't be going wrong unless they run away from you.

Bountiful Sunlight, however, does not get affected by spell buff, but it heals 600hp over 60 seconds. Thus, it is a very helpful too if your allies are wounded but you do not want to waste a Soothing Sunlight spell on them. It costs 53 FP, which is a save of only 7 FP, but can help you avoid having to cast two within a minute.

Sacred Oath is a good little miracle that'll boost your allies' attack and defence by about 10% each. It costs 49 FP with the ring, and is a good little booster, if you get invaded or just before the Boss.

Tears of Denial is your defence, your only defence. It allows you take a hit and run away. As soon as this is broken, run away and forget about your team. Cast it again, and move in to heal everyone, including yourself. Don't bother wasting a heal on yourself, however, you've only got 300~ HP.

Force is just what I take. Whilst it does no damage, it is a quick and effective miracle when used correctly, allowing your teammates to give a damned invader what for!

A good alternative to Force is the caressing tears miracle, which gets rid of poison, bleed and frost. However, most have these items on hand.

Now, whilst you could take things like Lightning Spear and all that, why would you? You're the healer, and lightning sucks compared to keeping your friends alive. But, I suppose if you get off a Sunlight Spear point blank, it COULD do a lot of damage with that 70 Faith . . . But really, you're a Saint of the Sun! You WANT to heal.


Hopefully this all made sense, but another thing to consider, is that you're here to help people. With an almost limitless amount of souls to aquire, you can stock up on all your items. Maybe, if you're feeling generous, you can give your allies items that may help them. An extra ember, something to counter frost, bleed or poison buildup. As a Saint of the Sun, you are here to ensure the survival of your summoner for as long as you are able.

As for lower level builds, it all has the same process: A large amount of faith, and a large amount of attunement. Every other stat is usless. Swap out your heals and your chimes as you upgrade, or have a backup saveset of ten different versions, all at different levels! The possibilities are pretty endless. So long as people play online, that is.



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