Scholar Ring

A ring engraved with a potrait of a scholar. Increases intelligence.

In Lothric, the Scholar has long been considered one of the Three Pillars of the king's rule, and is therefore master of the Grand Archives.

 Scholar Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Scholar Ring Effect



Where to Find Scholar Ring

  • Found at Grand Archives.  Facing the wooden bridge where the Crystal Sage teleports to, there is a lever to the right, tucked between the bridge and the bookcases. The ring is on a corpse in a chair in the revealed area.




  • This ring allows you to talk to Orbeck and convince him to come back to Firelink Shrine even if you don't have 10 Intelligence, assuming has not vanished from your current playthrough.




  • The ring depicts a Grand Archives Scholar, which is one of the Three Pillars of Lothric alongside the Knight and the Priestess.


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    • Anonymous

      While near the corpse this ring is on, you'll hear a sort of pained murmuring, best heard with headphones. The murmuring stops immediately after you collect the ring, which means that the Scholar ring is most likely alive in some way. Vaati?

      • Anonymous

        Pretty sure you can use Rosaria to respec your points to recruit him then just change them back afterwards. No ring neccessary.

        • Anonymous

          Ring helps recruit him... but you cant get the ring until after he's gone because of what you have to go through to get the ring. Pointless.

          • Anonymous

            i read it as "reduces intelligence" for a split second and i was about to say, hey, i think someone put this ring on me somewhere and i can't get it off

            • Anonymous

              This ring, along with the Priestess ring can really help with hitting 50-60 in INT or FTH while staying under the meta SL.

              • Anonymous

                So I assume everyone knows of the mage bridge(the last location for the sage) but the ring is directly right of the railing(touching it,facing parallel to it) and it opens a wall directly hard right to it

                • Anonymous

                  anyone need this cus you need 1 point of intelegens but you have ran out of resets from rosaria ....its a pain

                  • Anonymous

                    It would be good to know if the ring increases weapon buff damage if present at the time of buffing, or if the damage is calculated depending on your real-time intelligence. (this applies to the priestess ring as well)

                    • Anonymous

                      I can't get Orbeck back to Firelink because getting to this ring requires a key that you can only get from killing bosses in areas that you can't get to because it would mean killing the Abyss Watchers, sending Orbeck away forever... GG, From

                      Also, you can't give him the scrolls at your first encounter apparently. No way around this I guess.

                      • Anonymous

                        This doesn't seem to let you use weapons with requirements that you only meet while wearing this. It might be a glitch, the melee rings work this way.

                        • Anonymous

                          Head to the bridge in the middle of the room, coming from the side you drop down onto it there is a lever right beside the start on the wooden bridge that will open a shortcut on the same floor of the bridge that leads to the smaller wax box you can dip your head in and the ring will be there in between on a dead corpse in a chair.

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