Shining Warrior 
A Faith and Strength guide for the typical Ashen One.
This build emphazises putting points in Strength and Faith, in order to use Sunlight Straight Sword 's buff in addition to the Lightning Blade buff to your weapon of choice.

Starting Class- Cleric 

While some may argue that Cleric is not a good starting class given the fact that it comes in with 13 points in the Luck stat, I highly reccomend starting with cleric for this build as it gives you a high Strenght and Faith start with some needed attunenment points. The low dex is also a hidden blessing as you will not need more than 13-18 dex depending on your weapon of choice. Also, the 13 Luck allows for easier farming of certain items, like an early Greataxe or the fabled Black Knight's Greataxe.


Point Allocation for level 100 and 110 PVP 
The Cleric starts the game at level 7, therefore you have 93 or 103 points to allocate depending on what level you decide to PvP.

STR 12+ 28= 40
VGR 10+ 17= 27
DEX 8+ 5 = 13
ATT 14+ 0 = 14
INT 7+ 0 = 7
END 9+ 13 = 24
FTH 16+ 14 = 30
VIT 7+ 3 = 10
LUK 13+ 0 = 13
These are the base allocations with 13 points leftover for level 100 PVP and 23 points left over for 110 PVP
You may wish to add more points to DEX in order to use a different weapon, or add 4 points into attunement for the extra attunement slot. Another reccomendation is getting Faith to level 40.

Recommended Weapons for Lightning Blade 
- Zweihander: Heavy infused, long range poke and very good tracking on one handed R2s 
- Great Club: Heavy infusion is preffered, weapon skill has heavy tracking and hits very hard.
- Any other Greatswords or UGS that can be buffed.
- Dark Sword: Lightning infusion grants S scaling on Faith (more PVE oriented since it lacks range)

Recommended off hand:
- Target Shield: or Parrying dagger those familiar with parries.
- Best Talisman you can find.
If you invest in the VIT> Grass Crest Shield or a Greatshield make great options.
- Lothric Knight's Shield: +9 This shield grants 65 stability the most of any middle tier shield i've seen so far (also more PVE oriented).

Armor recommendations:
- Fashion Souls: Doesn't matter, try to be under 70% for effective rolls.

Recommended Rings:
- Chloranthy's Ring: pretty much mandatory for most builds.
- Ring of Favor: Extra stamina and health plus 0 weight ring because of the weight increase buff.
- Havel's Ring: If weight is an issue.
- Thunderclutch Ring: Greatly increases lightning damage at the cost of defense.
- Carthus Bloodring: Increases your iFrames while rolling by 10 at the cost of defense.
- Priestess' or Knight's ring: Increase FTH and STR by 5 respectively.
- Hornet's Ring: If you're a parry genious.

Recommended Spells:
- Lightning Stake: Great for punishing forward rollers, but takes 2 attunement slots.
- Force, Emit Force and Wrath of God: Useful zoning abilities.
- Deep Protection: Replaces Sunlight Straight Sword Buff, but gives stamina regen.

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