Shriving Stone is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Shriving Stone

A gem of infused titanite. Also known as stark stone.

Reverses weapon infusion.

Has the benefit of undoing the effects of infusion without reducing the reinforcement level.


Shriving Stone Usage

  • Reverses weapon infusion



Shriving Stone Locations

  • 1x Found at Road of Sacrifices, down a path to the left, near where you first enter the area (Watch the Item Location Video Guide)
  • 1x Found at Irithyll of the Boreal Valley: On the beams on the ceiling of the dark room with invisible hollow creatures. (Video) This room is reached by heading left from the Church of Yorshka Bonfire, going towards the swamp/dungeons. (Video)
  • Drops from the Corvians that you encounter at the start of the Road of Sacrifice and in Farron Keep beyond the poison swamp.
  • 1x Found in the toxic swamp of Profaned Capital, right next to the chapel entrance.




  • The previous infused gem is also lost in the process, but the titanite reinforcement level is unaltered.
  • Changing an infusion to another type does not require a Shriving Stone, it is only needed to remove an infusion.
  • Can be dropped in Picklepum the Crow's nest to receive the I'm sorry Carving item.




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    • Anonymous

      for how niche these are, there's quite a lot of them. very rarely do you need to revert something to standard infusion, unless you've reached an awkward point where your stats are high enough for a raw infusion to be outclassed by standard but have not yet found a gem for your specific build. even then, it's odd you find like 6x as many of these as any other gem

      • Anonymous

        I used one to remove a raw infusion from my weapon once it had higher damage uninfused, but didn't have a spare sharp gem yet. Other than that, I guess it's nice that they didn't require us to farm them out for every infusion swap.

        • Anonymous

          Most worthless item ever. When you are unhappy with your infusion path, just overwrite it.
          There is no way to get the upgrade gem back anyway.

          • Anonymous

            The corvians at the foot of the church in Ariandel drop these rarely and don't fight back. For anyone SL60+ it's not an unpleasant farm if you need shriving stones.

            • Anonymous

              I feel like this item needs to be reworked so that it removes infusion & reinforcement level but you get the upgrade materials back in return. The cost would be the shriving stone & the souls you spent upgrading the weapon. This way, you could use and upgrade weapons more freely. I feel like the DS games are too restrictive on the amount of upgrade materials available, limiting the amount of weapons you can use per playthrough. The sheer amount of weapons available in the game weighed up against the cost of upgrading them to usable levels translates to weapons that will never be experienced by myself through my entire time playing this game. I have so often watched the weapon moveset videos in the wiki links & examined the scaling tables just to contemplate if it would be worth doing a playthrough with a partcular weapon; I'd much rather have the freedom to experience these weapons first hand: damage, speed, move set, poise damage - there are so many things to consider & I truly wish I could experience them all without investing obscene amounts of time to do so.

              • Hi, sorry I am a newb and just wanted to ask:
                Is it possible to just upgrade an item to +8 as regular (or another infused type gem) then just use blessed gems for example to get it to +9 and it be the equivalent of a +9 blessed item?
                The reason Im asking is because I have been farming blessed gems all day and only found 2 using the max amount of item find I could muster e.g. Crystal sage rapier, mimic chest headpiece, coins and gold covetus serpent ring.
                Its seems easier to farm other types of gems so was just wondering if I could just get those then change the type of infusion but it still be the equivalent of a +9 blessed infusion then just use a slab to get it to +10.

                • Shriving Stone isn't as useless as everyone thinks it is. There are some weapons that can potentially be at their strongest when uninfused (perhaps infused unwittingly by the owner considering the oddity of a weapon becoming unobjectively worse): Onikiri & Ubadachi on quality builds, for example; well, historically this WAS the case, but I think the scaling and infusion changes of the recent update may have changed things slightly to favor scaling of infusions more... well, favorably. That being said, a patch that changes infusion/scaling could just as likely worsen an already infused weapon. Thus, the Shriving Stone does have a place outside of being used for the "I'm Sorry" carving.

                  (PS: also, maybe as a kind of OCD sort of thing, when completely rethinking which infusion to use after say completely respeccing, resetting to Normal before looking at how damage and scaling is affected would feel much better without having to readjust the changes based on the current infusion)

                  • Anonymous

                    Feels like the most useless gem in DS3. Use it to remove infusion without losing reinforcement level, but you can do that already if you have a gem to replace the current (like Fire > Chaos). Yeah, any infusion will change the stats of a weapons, thats obvious. To use these "shriving" stones feels rather pointless. Now if the stones were used to remove the infused gem without it being lost (recovered instead of lost), THEN I could see the shriving stones as useful. And yeah, people can use them to turn weapons into regular, but most weapons in DS3 can be obtained multiple times, even Uniques if going from NG+ to 1 to 2 to 3 etc.

                    • Anonymous

                      I understand what it does but I don't know how or where to use it. I have 3. I want to undo a weapon infusion but can't find out how.

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