Side Quests in Dark Souls 3 are optional questlines that can be triggered by an event or NPC. This page is an overview of the quests. It will inform you about the quest giver, steps required to complete the quest, and any NPCs affected by the quest.

Side Quest Progress Guide
NPC-Specific Guide


Side Quest Game Progression Guide

This is a compilation of all side quests and what you have to do during game progresses to max them all out. This page is not yet comprehensive, please see Game Progress Route to ensure you don't miss out on anything. For full details, look above and on the NPC pages.
If you follow all the tasks listed on this page you can get all endings, including the 'Usurpation of Fire'.
Areas are ordered in our recommended order.

Area entered Task Quest
Firelink Shrine Talk to him. Hawkwood
High Wall of Lothric Free him from his cell, accept to find Loretta. Greirat of the Undead Settlement
  After you have reached the 2nd bonfire, talk to him in Firelink Shrine. He's next to the Lothric's Throne. Leonhard
Undead Settlement Obtain Loretta’s Bone, give it to Greirat in Firelink, send him scavenging. You may have to reload the area to continue his quest. After you defeat a boss, he will return to Firelink and sell new items. Greirat of the Undead Settlement
  Rescue him from his cage near the Cliff Underside bonfire. Cornyx of the Great Swamp
  Talk to him in the elevator, drop off the elevator, talk to him again. Help him defeat the demon.  Siegward of Catarina
  Find the Mortician's Ashes near the pre-Curse-Rotted Greatwood area with arrows falling, give them to the Maid in Firelink and buy the key for 1500 souls. Open the door next to the shortcut near the Cliff Underside bonfire in Undead Settlement and rescue Irina. Irina of Carim and Eygon of Carim
  Accept his offer. Go to Firelink and level up 5 times through his service. After reloading the area, Yuria of Londor will appear. Yoel of Londor
  Buy the Tome of Londor. Yuria of Londor
  After obtaining a Pale Tongue, he will give you the Lift Chamber Key to the locked door below the Tower on the Wall bonfire. Head there, unlock the door, defeat the Darkwraith there to obtain the Red Eye Orb. Speak to him againat Firelink. You may have to reload the area for the new dialogue. Leonhard
Road of Sacrifices Get the Tome of Carim in the small tomb under the bridge on the way to the 2nd bonfire. Irina of Carim and Eygon of Carim
  Exhaust their dialogue. Anri of Astora/Horace the Hushed
  Speak with her in Firelink Shrine after you spoke to Horace and Anri of Astora. Sirris of the Sunless Realms
  Talk to him again. Hawkwood
  Orbeck of Vinheim will relocate to Firelink Shrine after talking to him, but only if you have 10 Intelligence. Orbeck of Vinheim
Cathedral of the Deep Find him within the Cathedral of the Deep disguised as Siegward of Catarina. He will trick you into entering the bridge which he will then lower down to the giants. Meet him on the other side, and buy the Catarina Set. Unbreakable Patches
  Buy the Tower Key, use it, and explore the Towers, obtaining the Fire Keeper's Soul. Once you go down the lift, he'll have trapped you. Exit, and talk to him again to have him permanently available as a merchant. Unbreakable Patches
  Give her the Fire Keeper's Soul. Fire Keeper
  After opening the Cathedral main doors (shortcut near the boss gate), he will be stuck inside a well just outside the Cleansing Chapel bonfire. Talk to him and return his armor.  Siegward of Catarina
  Get the Deep Divine Braille Tome. Irina of CarimEygon of Carim and Karla
  Speak to Anri after defeating the boss. Anri of Astora
  He will appear in Rosaria's Bed Chamber once you have joined the Rosaria´s Fingers and offered at least 1 Pale Tongue. This cancels Sirris's questline. You can finish his questline after you do Sirris' questline. Leonhard
 Farron Keep Get the Dreamchaser's Ashes and give them to the Shrine Handmaid in Firelink. Reload the area and speak to Sirris. Sirris of the Sunless Realms
  Give him a Scroll before killing Abyss Watchers, otherwise he'll DISAPPEAR for the rest of the playthrough. Orbeck of Vinheim
  After the Abyss Watchers have been defeated, he will disappear, leaving his Shield with Andre.. Hawkwood
 Catacombs of Carthus

Find Anri in the Catacombs of Carthus in a hallway before the first rolling skeleton ball. Exhaust all dialogue. Choose dialogue options "no" and "do nothing." Never tell Anri of Horace's whereabouts. Speak to Anri again at the wooden bridge before the boss.

Do the Anri's questline step in Smouldering Lake BEFORE killing High Lord Wolnir, otherwise you won't be able to continue Anri's questline.

Anri of Astora
Smouldering Lake Kill Horace, don't tell Anri you killed him. Anri of Astora
  Summon Phantom Great Swamp Cuculus for the Old Demon King fight. Cuculus must be alive when you slay the boss. Re-visit Cornyx's cage at the Undead Settlement to receive his armor set and Spotted Whip.  
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Cross the bridge to Boreal Valley, meet Greirat at Firelink and send him to scavenge again.
IMPORTANT: Don't explore Irithyll Dungeons or the Profaned Capital before killing one boss. This will cause Greirat to die. Check Greirat of the Undead Settlement for detailed information about his side quest.
Greirat of the Undead Settlement
  Sit at the first bonfire after the bridge, then go back to the bridge and get summoned by her using her summon sign. Kill Creighton the Wanderer and speak to her at Firelink. Sirris of the Sunless Realms
  Talk to Anri in Church of Yorshka and don't kill the pilgrim. Kill the boss, talk to Yuria. Anri of Astora
  Talk to him in a kitchen near a lake-like area and share an Estus Soup with him. Siegward of Catarina
Irithyll Dungeon You can talk to him in a cell. Siegward of Catarina
  Get Dragon Torso Stone. Hawkwood
Profaned Capital Free him with the key found. Siegward of Catarina
Anor Londo Perform the "wedding" ceremony. Talk to Yuria. Causes 'Usurpation of Fire' Ending. Anri of Astora
  After Aldrich is slain, go back to the Undead Settlement near the Pit of Hollows (don't teleport directly into boss area, boss needs to be dead and you need to have the Transposing Kiln). Get summoned by Sirris in the small room before the boss area. Hodrick is a tough fight, and it's entirely possible he will kill Sirris, so approach this fight carefully. After that speak with her at Firelink. Sirris of the Sunless Realms
  Return to Rosaria's Chamber after you reach Anor Londo bonfire and pick up the Orb in front of her. You can use the Black Eye Orb to invade him in the room above Aldrich's bonfire and kill him. Leonhard
Lothric Castle

You can send Greirat to scavenge for the third time to Lothric Castle. He will die if he goes; there is no way to save him. Doing so will allow you to find  Greirat's Ashes which will allow the Shrine Handmaid to sell Exploding and Splintering Bolts, along with every other item Greirat used to sell.

Greirat of the Undead Settlement
  Get the Divine Braille Tome of Lothric. Give tomes to Irina in Firelink, buy holy or dark miracles, depending on if you want good or bad ending. Irina of Carim and Eygon of Carim
  Her grave can be found after Twin Princes boss fight. Sirris of the Sunless Realms
Untended Graves Get the Eyes of the Firekeeper and give it to the Firekeeper. Firekeeper
Archdragon Peak Get the Dragon Head Stone and Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone. Defeat him at the Abyss Watcher boss room Hawkwood
Kiln of the First Flame Summon the Firekeeper via summoning sign, if you have given her eyes. Causes 'The End of Fire' ending. Firekeeper

Side Quests

This is a list of side quest sorted by the NPC that gives you or interacts with the quest.

Quest Giver  Steps to Complete  NPCs Affected By Quest
Fire Keeper
  • Purchase the Tower Key (20,000 souls) from Shrine Handmaiden in Firelink Shrine.
  • Obtain Fire Keeper Soul at the top of the tower by Firelink Shrine.
  • Give Fire Keeper Soul to the Fire Keeper.
    • The Fire Keeper will now be able to heal Dark Sigils. (Cost of healing 1 sigil = cost of levelling once)
    • Note that healing Dark Sigils at any point locks you out of Yoel of Londor/Yuria of Londor's questline. This also effectively locks you out a certain path of Anri of Astora's questline.

Yuria of Londor

Yoel of Londor

Anri of Astora

Fire Keeper
  • Obtain Eyes of a Fire Keeper in Untended Graves and give it to the Fire Keeper.
  • There will be a summon sign after you defeat Soul of Cinder which summons the Fire Keeper for the End of Fire ending.
Greirat of the Undead Settlement
  • Free him from his cell in High Wall of Lothric.
    • Requires Cell Key found a bit later in the area.
    • He's found below the Tower on the Wall bonfire.
  • Talk to him and agree to look for Loretta and he'll give you a Blue Tearstone Ring and move to Firelink Shrine.
  • Obtain Loretta’s Bone in Undead Settlement.
    • From the Undead Settlement bonfire, continue into the first house. Walk out onto the balcony and you’ll see a hanging body you can cut down, which contains Loretta’s Bone.
  • Talk to him at Firelink Shrine and he'll let you keep the ring.
  • The next time you talk to him after reloading the area (quit or teleport to another location), he will give you the Curl Up gesture.
  • After defeating a boss, you can return and Greirat will ask if you’d like him to scavenge for items. Send him out and he’ll return after you defeat any boss with new inventory items for sale.
  • After you gain access to Irithyll of Boreal Valley, Greirat will once again offer to go out and scavenge. More specifically, this can be done after crossing the bridge to the Boreal Valley.
    • He will die if you're not following Siegward of Catarina's questline. His corpse can be found backwards from the Distant Manor bonfire in the sewers, surrounded by spider-like monsters.
    • To save Greirat, you have to progress Siegward's questline so that he can be found in the kitchen area near the Distant Manor bonfire. (If you proceed to the Irithyll Dungeon before talking to Siegward in the kitchen, Siegward's quest will go forward, locking him in his cell e preventing him to save Greirat).
  • Unbreakable Patches will ask you about Greirat's location if you talk to him.
    • If you tell him, then Greirat will die unless you haven't bought the Catarina set, in which case Patches will save him.
  • Once you reach Lothric Castle, Greirat will ask for a third time the permission to scavenge
    • He will die if you choose to send him to scavenge for the third time. His corpse can be found on a roof in the archives.
    • Finding his ashes which will allow the Shrine Handmaid to sell Exploding and Splintering Bolts, along with every other item Greirat used to sell.
Siegward of Catarina
  • Talk to him for the first time in Undead Settlement, he is riding an elevator within the tower with the giant shooting arrows.
  • Talk to him a second time outside the same tower, he will be sitting on a ledge overlooking an area with a fire demon. You can access the ledge by dropping off the elevator at the right moment. Help him defeat the demon.
  • After opening the Cathedral main doors (shortcut near the boss gate), he will be stuck inside a well just outside the cleansing chapel bonfire. Talk to him to learn that he is missing his armor. You can buy his armor from Unbreakable Patches. Return it to him.
  • You will now find him in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley in a kitchen near a lake-like area. Talk to him and share an estus soup with him.
  • Now he will be locked up in a cell in Irithyll Duengeon. You can find the key for his cell in the same level in a chest. His cell can then be accessed via the Profane Capital.
  • Freeing him will end his questline and Siegward will assist you in the boss fight against Yhorm.
  • After assistance with Yhorm, speak to him until he decides to sleep. Upon reloading the area and returning to the throne room all of his equipment can be found on the ground.


Unbreakable Patches
Unbreakable Patches


  • You can find Unbreakable Patches within the Cathedral of the Deep disguised as Siegward of Catarina. He will trick you into entering the bridge which he will then lower down to the giants. If you meet him again on the other side of that bridge (accessible via the same route that leads you to Rosaria) he will apologize for tricking you
  • Then, you will meet him at the gate that leads out of the tower with the Fire Keeper Soul behind Firelink Shrine. He will have locked the door. Upon returning to Firelink (homeward bone), he will apologize again and act as a merchant located on the upper right part of firelink.
  • If you miss him in Cathedral of the Deep, he will try to trap you in the tower above Firelink Shrine anyway after you have defeated the Abyss Watchers. Don't forgive him, for a Rusted Gold Coin. Learn Gesture, Prostration.
    If he's nowhere to be seen in the previous 2 locations (Tower or Cathedral of the Deep) you can find him in Firelink Shrine after you defeat the Abyss Watchers.
  • Patches will save Greirat after a certain point in the story. When Greirat leaves on his second scavenger mission, Patches will refuse to sell you any items until you tell him where Greirat has gone. He wants to repay his depth back to Greirat. Needs confirmation. After killing Pontiff Sulyvahn, Patches ceases to pester you for Greirat's location, implying he found him. He will live however, if you saved Siegward of Catarina in Cathedral of the Deep or if you haven't bought any of the Siegward's armor back from Patches..

Siegward of Catarina

Greirat of the Undead Settlement

  • Speak to Hawkwood at the firelink shrine
  • Continue to speak to him throughout the game
  • Once you kill High Lord Wolnir he will disappear and you need to collect the first 3 Dragon Stones.
  • After you collect 3 dragon stones, talk to Andre at Firelink Shrine and he will mention Hawkwood and give you an item.
  • Meet and fight Hawkwood at the Abyss Watchers bonfire, losing to Hawkwood will cause you to lose your dragon stones. Make sure to have some Homeward Bones or an extra save so you wont lose them. (If you die to Hawkwood your Dragon Stones are NOT lost permanently. Once you kill him they are returned to you)
  • Sometime after defeating him (shield should be available right after he leaves or after you reach Central Irithyll bonfire), his shield can be located outside Firelink Shrine to the left (right if facing Firelink,) guarded by an undead dog.

The locations for the Dragon Stones are:

  1. Dragon Torso Stone - At the shortcut lift in Irithyll Dungeon on a Dragon Statue
  2. Dragon Head Stone - Beat the Ancient Wyvern boss in Archdragon Peak (To access Archdragon Peak use the meditation gesture next to where you found the Dragon Torso Stone)
  3. Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone - Use the same meditation gesture at the altar outside the 3rd Archdragon Peak bonfire (Great Belfry)
  4. Twinkling Dragon Head Stone - Defeat Hawkwood at the Abyss Watchers bonfire
Andre of Astora
Irina of Carim and Eygon of Carim
  • Find the ashes near the spear area in Undead Settlement
  • Give them to the Maiden in firelink shrine and buy the key for 1500 souls
  • Open the door next to the shortcut near the Cliff Underside bonfire in Undead Settlement and rescue Irina
  • Find the 4 braille tomes:
    1. Holy tome of Carim - Below the bridge after the Road of Sacrifices bonfire
    2. Holy tome tome of Lothric - Turn around from the Dragonslayer Armour bonfire and drop down
    3. Dark tome of Londor - Can be bought for 50 souls from Yuria of Londor in firelink shrine
    4. Dark tome of the Deep - Kill the mimic in the Undead Church
  • You can now choose which quest ending you want. If you give her the holy tomes she will become a firekeeper at the end of the game. If you give her the dark tomes she will be absorbed by the darkness and Eygon will try to resue her, resulting in you fighting him.
  • If you want the good ending you only need to give her the holy tomes. After the eclipse she will be in the firekeeper tower that you can access with the firelink shrine key from the maiden. You can buy Eygon's armor from the maiden and his weapons can be found in Irina's cell from the beginning of the quest.
  • If you want the bad ending you have to give her the dark tomes. She will disappear and you can find her outside of the Iudex Gundyr bonfire(Proped up behind door leading to Firelink Shrine). You need to fight Eygon and bring her back to the firelink shrine. At this point she is completely absorbed by the darkness and when buying and equipping Eygon's gloves she will think you are Eygon and wants you to kill her.
Sirris of the Sunless Realms
  • She appears in the Firelink Shrine after you talk to Anri and Horace of Astora
  • Obtain the ash in the tower at the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire in Road of Sacrifices
  • Give the ashes to the Shrine Handmaid in the Firelink Shrine
  • Reload or leave and return to Firelink and speak with Sirris. She is now summonable for the aforementioned boss fights.
  • Summoning her for these fights is not a requirement for furthering the quest chain.
  • At the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley bonfire, be summoned by her (must have activated the Central Irithyll bonfire before she will appear), assist her and speak to her when done in Firelink.
    Assist her once more at the location of the Curse-rotted Greatwood after Aldrich is slain.
  • Speak with her for the final time at Firelink Shrine. You may now find Holy Knight Hodrick's armor in the Curse-rotted Greatwood location.
  • While speaking with her in firelink Shrine he says that she can die in peace, you can find her corpse between firelink and the turorial boss bonfire, it is in front of a grave near the cliff. The Sunless Talisman and the Sunset Shield can be found on her body.
  • After the Lothric, Younger Prince and Lorian, Elder Prince boss fight she can be found dead outside firelink shrine next to the grave of her grand dad.
  • If Sirris or her summon signs do not appear be sure to reload the area or progress in the story. Both her summon signs will be 100% available after the Dragonslayer Armor boss fight.
  • Joining Rosaria's Fingers will end her quest line and make her an enemy
  • May leave sometimes the Shrine (does someone know more?)
  • Meet him at the top of firelink shrine, after you have reached the 2nd Bonfire in Highwall, he will give you some cracked red eye orbs
  • Find 1 Pale Tongue in the area where you have helped Siegward with the fire demon
  • Meet him again and he will give you a key for the entrance below the 2nd bonfire at the High Wall of Lothric
  • Go there, defeat the darkwraith and you will get an red eye
  • After talking to him again, join the Rosaria's covenant located in the undead church and offer her a Pale Tongue or use Respec/Change appearance. This step is necessary but can be delayed till late game as it will break Sirris questline before it is done. You get to Rosaria by going through the 2nd shortcut, on the left side of the bonfire and taking up the elevator. You will be outside the church and need to find the ladder which will give lead you to the top of inside church. You are able to drop down, giving you a level shortcut and access to Rosaria.
  • Proceed in the game and talk to him again, he will be at the firelink shrine or in Rosaria's room
  • Coming back to Rosaria later in the game and you will find her dead and a black eye orb
  • Go up the elevator behind the aldrich boss fight into Gywnevere's room and activate the black eye orb
  • Defeat Leonhard and obtain Rosaria's soul
  • You can give Rosaria back her soul, which will give you nothing, or trade it for a magic spell
  • The firelink maiden will sell Leonhard's set after you killed him.





Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth





Anri of Astora

For this ending you need to find and talk to Anri of Astora several times during the game. But first you need to max out Yoel questline and level up 5 times with him to get ample strength.

  • Talk to her/him at the forest Bonfire
  • After defeating the Deacons of the Deep talk again in the main hub bonfire
  • Talk to her in the catacombs
  • Kill Horace at the bottom of the catacombs
  • Talk to Anri and tell her/him where Horace it, before killing Wolnir
  • Talk to her/him at the Church of Yorshka bonfire
  • If done right, Yuria of Londor, located in the main bonfire next to Yoel's body will tell you your spouse is ready
  • Go to the Darkmoon chamber and finish the ritual

For the alternate questline you have to kill the pilgrim next to the Church of Yorshka bonfire and you will be able to help her defeat Aldrich.

  • Talk to her/him at the forest Bonfire
  • After defeating the Deacons of the Deep talk again in the main hub bonfire.
  • Talk to her in the catacombs
  • Kill Horace at the bottom of the catacombs
  • Talk to Anri and tell her/him where Horace it, before killing Wolnir
  • Talk to her/him at the Church of Yorshka bonfire
  • Kill the pilgrim next to the Church of Yorshka bonfire
  • Get summoned and help her defeat Aldrich
  • Visit the catacombs and the place you killed horace

Horace the Hushed

Yoel of Londor

Yuria of Londor

Orbeck of Vinheim  


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                      Orbeck quest:
                      If you give all 4 tomes and finish the game, he will leaves firelink.

                      Yuria&Orbeck quest:
                      At some point at the game, Yuria will tell you to kill Orbeck(provided he is at firelink not crucifixtion, killing him outside firelink will not work), give the ash to Yuria and receive the Morion Blade

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