Siegward of Catarina

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???? 1000 Undead Settlement Catarina Set

Siegward of Catarina is a NPC in Dark Souls 3. He wears the Catarina Set and wields a Zweihander, along with the Pierce Shield.


Siegward of Catarina Information

  • This NPC can be killed.
  • Assists in the boss fight with Yhorm the Giant.
  • Gives "Toast" gesture.
  • Gives "Sleep" gesture.
  • Gives "Rejoice" gesture.
  • Rewards you with Titanite slab if you free him in the irithyll dungeons.
  • Gives "Siegbrau", German for "Victorybrew".


Siegward's Questline

Please note there are bugs in this questline addressed with patch 1.05


Step 1: You can first find Siegward of Catarina at Undead Settlement (see page for map). He will be located just past Eygon of Carim, and he will be coming up the lift. After speaking with him and exhausting his dialogue, he will move to a ledge nearly at the top of the lift. You can roll off if timed right and speak with him again. Help him fight the Fire Demon here to get some gestures and a Siegbrau.

  • NOTE: If you didn't talk to him when you first saw him on the elevator, he will despawn. However, if you go to the Fire Demon, his dialogue will appear, and he will join you to fight the demon. If you die during the fight he will spawn again. If he dies during the fight, he will not respawn

Step 2: Next, he will be found in a well outside of the Cathedral of the Deep's Cleansing Chapel bonfire (see page for map). You won't be able to speak to him until you have completed these steps:

  1. You must open the big double blue doors across from Rosaria's Bedchamber Bonfire leading out to the graveyard  (these doors can be accessed by either using the golden lever in front of Rosaria's Bedchamber bonfire, or by using an elevator to the left of the boss fog gate).
  2. Reload the area, then speak with him.
  3. Obtain his armor from Unbreakable Patches Then return it to Siegward in the well. (If you have the Catarina Set from NG, you may use that instead)

Step 3: After saving him from the well, he can be found in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley (see page for map),  through a small sewer connected to the lake near the Distant Manor bonfire, resting by a fireplace. He has made some Estus Soup and toasts with the player again. You can get gestures here if you missed them in the first encounter (Toast and Sleep).

  • Note: He may not appear here if you have entered Irithyll Dungeon, instead his quest-line continues at the next location. However if you don't meet him there he doesn't join you for the Yhorm fight.
  • Note: If you did not speak with Siegward in the well outside the Cleansing Chapel you can still have this meeting with him even if you went to Irithyll Dungeon. Simply go talk to him in the well and give him his armor and immeidately after he can be found by the fireplace.


Step 4: In Irithyll Dungeon, Siegward will be locked up in a cell. You do not need to talk to him to free him, but if you wish to do so make your way to a pit full of rats and a sleeping giant standing in the pit. There is a dungeon cell window, where you can find Siegward locked up. You need to free him. Be careful of the rats while talking to him, as they respawn many times.

From here you must find a sewer area with two chests, one of them contains the Old Cell Key, which you will need for step 5. Beware of Basilisks that spawn afterwards.


Step 5: To get to Siegward's cell door, head to the Profaned Capital bonfire area. Take the ladder down and bypass some rubble, a Headless Gargoyle will show up right before a series of narrow corridors. Go through the corridors and be careful not to fall through the holes in the floor. You will emerge to find a church located in a swamp. The church is surrounded by Sewer Centipedes and the sticky water causes Toxic buildup. Take the ladder on the right of the church and make your way to the roof of the church. On top of the roof is a hostile NPC who drops Logan's Scroll. From the roof towards the stairs, there is an open window in the wall that you need to jump through. You will have to jump from the roof to enter, and it leads to the cell. Using the Old Cell Key frees him and nets you a Titanite Slab. You'll also find Covetous Gold Serpent Ring in his cell.

  • If you have already vanquished Yhorm the Giant OR if you skipped one of the encouters from his questline, and if you want to get his Armor set (non-permanent drop, gets lost upon refresh) instead of an additional/equal Storm Ruler only, then Siegward of Catarina has to die here by your hand. Be sure to get your Titanite Slab through conversation first.


Step 6: After saving him from his cell, upon entering the fog wall that leads to Yhorm the Giant, a cutscene will trigger with Siegward walking along side the player into the boss arena. He will not join you in the fight with Yhorm if you skipped an encounter with Siegward, but you can still get the Titanite Slab at the end: the only requirement is that you save him from the well.

  • If Yhorm is killed, before freeing Siegward from his cell, returning to the Yhorm boss arena will have another Storm Ruler on the floor, the armor set is lost in this case.


Step 7: (If this is your third Lord of Cinder, do this step as soon as you can move) Talk to Siegward one final time after Yhorm is slain, the conversation after Yhorm leads to him making a toast and then taking a nap. If you proceed to walk towards the bonfire without resting at it, and continue onwards towards the throne, he will collapse behind you dying, and leave his gear behind for you to pick up. (If he does not collapse after walking to the throne, walking towards the door should yield the same results).



If Yhorm is defeated while Siegward is still trapped in the well in Cathedral of the Deep, freeing him will still trigger his appearance at all the subsequent locations. When you meet him in the kitchen at Irithyll of the Boreal Valley he will thank you for completing his task (killing Yhorm) in his absence and gift you with Emit Force and a Siegbrau. You can then find him in his cell in Irithyll Dungeon, even if you had already unlocked it, and he will give you the Titanite Slab. Finally, you'll find him in the boss room of the vanquished Yhorm the Giant, where he will toast you again (gifting you another Siegbrau) before having a nap. If you return after picking up the Storm Ruler next to the bonfire he'll be gone, leaving behind his Storm Ruler and a Pierce Shield for you. If you reload the area, there will be the Catarina Set on the ground to be picked up.





First encounter


Hmm... Mmm...
Pardon me, I was absorbed in thought.
I am Siegward of Catarina.
To be honest, I'm in a bit of a pickle.
Have you ever walked near a white birch, only to be struck by a great arrow?
Well, if I'm not mistaken, they come from this tower.
Whoever it is, I'm sure I can talk some sense into them.
But I have to find a way up, and that's just the trouble.
This lift only goes down, you see, and...
Well, that doesn't get me anywhere...
Hmm... Mmm..."

"This lift only goes down, but you know...
With a little warming up, eventually... No, no...
I've got to use my head. And think.
Hmm... Mmm..."

Second encounter


Hmm... Mmm...
Ah, oh!
Don't disappear like that. You had me downright worried.
But thanks to you, an epiphany has struck me sqaure in the head.
I've unravelled the riddle of this inscrutable lift!" (laughs)

"On some days, I begin to doubt myself.
I went up the tower, so I thought, then somehow ended up here.
I'm not exactly sure what happened.
Anyhow, do you see that? That humungous beast.
I'm no coward, and I've a steady hand, but that thing makes my skin crawl.
Now, now, think twice before you go down that road."

"I could try talking some sense into him...
No, I think not. He's far too over-heated.
I've got to use my head. And think.
Hmm... Mmm..."

Attacking the Beast


No! You should have waited!
Well, it's too late now.
I, Siegward of the Knights of Catarina, fight by your side!" (aaarh!)

Defeating the Beast


That was quite the performance.
But you musn't get in over your head.
We Unkindled must put our duties first.
But for the moment, we've a toast to make.
To your valour, my sword, and our victory together.
Long may the Sun shine!" (laughs) (Toast gesture)

"Well, I'm going to have myself a little nap.
The only thing to do, really, after a nice toast." (laughs)

(snores) (Sleep gesture)

Cathedral of the Deep Well


Hello! Hello!
Anyone there? Anyone at all?"

I know that voice. Just how long has it been?
It's me, Siegward of Catarina.
I'm loathe to admit it, but I've been had.
Somone's swiped my armour.
Did you happen to see it anywhere?"

(Haven't seen it) "Oh, yes, I see...
Not to worry. Great planning begets great fortune.
An old tenet of the Knights of Catarina.
And I am a master planner, I do say!" (laughs)

"I'm in quite a pickle indeed.
Maybe I can fashion a replacement...from the...hmm
I've got to use my head. And think.
Hmm... Mmm..."

(Throw armor) "Ah, oh! My armour!
My deepest gratitude! I, Siegward of Catarina, salute you.
With my trusty suit of armour, I'll be out of here in a jiffy.
Until we meet again, comrade!" (laughs) (Rejoice gesture)

"No need to worry about me.
With my trusty suit of armour, I'll be out of here in a jiffy.
Until we meet again, my good friend!" (laughs)


Irithyll Kitchen


(snores) Ah, ohh!
Excuse me. I must have dozed off.
It's rather warm in here.
Well, well, hasn't it been all too long! It's good to see you.
Oh, I seemed to have missed my chance, so...
I, Siegward of Catarina, offer my deepest gratitude.
And a little surprise to go with it. It's all yours." (Emit Force)

"I know. Won't you join me for dinner?
I make a fine estus soup. I've got some stewing right now.
Even we Undead deserve a little normalcy, from time to time.
And finally, upon this rendezvous, let us make a toast. (Siegbrau)
To your valour, my sword, and our sworn duties! Long may the sun shine!" (laughs)

"Have you heard?
Somewhere, hidden right here in Irithyll, is a deep dungeon.
And even below that, the Profaned Capital.
Home of Yhorm, the reclusive giant lord.
That remonds me, I've a grave promise to keep..."

"Oh, sorry, I'm afraid I've cast a cloud over things.
Well, I'm going to have myself a little nap.
The only thing to do, really, after a nice toast." (laughs)


Irithyll Dungeon Cell


Hmm... Hmm...
Ah, oh!
Pardon me. I was absorbed in thought.
Look at me, trapped like a rat.
But you needn't worry.
I've just been sitting here, weighing my options.
The moment has almost come.
...I just need a bit more time."

"My liberation requires a key.
But the key is outside...
Hmm... A riddle for the ages..."

Rescuing From Irithyll Dungeon Cell


Ah! You are a saint!
Once again, you are my valiant saviour.
I, Siegward of Catarina, express my deepest gratitude.
Take this, a token of my thanks. Go on, it's all yours." (Titanite Slab)

"Ah, no, please, go on ahead.
I´ve my own road to take.
And a duty to fulfil, very soon..."

Irithyll Dungeon Cell (without talking to Siegward in the kitchen)


Ah, no, please, go on ahead.
I´ve my own road to take.
And a duty to fulfil, very soon..."

When joining the Yhorm Fight


Yhorm, old friend.
I, Siegward of the Knights of Catarina, have come to uphold my promise!
Let the sun shine upon this Lord of Cinder."

If Yhorm kills him


Forgive me, old friend...
I've failed, in everything..."

After Yhorm is Defeated


It seems I'm in your debt once again.
My thanks, I could not have kept my promise without you.
Now, for a final toast. (Siegbrau)
To your valour, and my old friend Yhorm.
Long may the sun shine!" (laughs)

"Well, I'm going to have myself a little nap.
The only thing to do, really, after a nice toast.
You are a true friend. Best of luck with your duty."



  • It's very likely that he was a past friend of Yhorm, due to the description of the Storm Ruler (which he has) claiming to have been given to humans and an old friend, and he refers to Yhorm affectionately. And the other copy can be found at the foot of the throne of Yhorm in the boss room.
  • Many players seem to be in disagreement of the ultimate fate of Siegward.  Although it is confirmed if you kill Yohrm before Aldritch, Siegward fullfils his "duty" killing himself after the boss fight, perhaps his duty was only to free his old friend. If  you kill Aldritch before Yohrm, you do not see his death, nor a corpse where his armor should be. So hypothetically, he can be inferred to survive.
  • When you talk to him in Irithyll kitchen and join him for a toast, it will actually heal some of your HP as well.
  • His name is derived from the Germanic elements, sieg/sigr/sige - "victory" and ward/weard/varðr - "guardian".
    • His name is possibly modeled after the character, Siegfried, a legendary dragon-slaying hero from the old Germanic and Norse mythologies.
  • Voiced by Miles Richardson, who also voiced Siegmeyer of Catarina in Dark Souls I. When you meet them they both say "So, here I sit, quite in a pickle." It can be argued that Siegward is a descendant/reincarnation of Siegmeyer.


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    • Anonymous

      04 Mar 2019 02:20  

      Step 3 in quest "Note: He may not appear here if you have entered Irithyll Dungeon" Ummm... I went to Irithyll Dungeon where he gets locked in the cell but he wasn't there. However, he still appeared in the kitchen with the soup, so wiki is wrong.

      • Anonymous

        03 Feb 2019 19:06  

        I aggroed him in the undead settle ment, and died to him, will he be there when i go back, or will he have moved on

        • Anonymous

          23 Jan 2019 02:57  

          I talked to him in the well but I didn't have his armor. I went to the Fire Keeper tower and got the armor from Patches and went back. I had already progressed to the Irithyll Dungeon bonfire but it says that shouldn't affect it?

          • Anonymous

            18 Jan 2019 03:11  

            I just the Yhorm fight with Siegward and Siegward died right as I killed yhorm... I'm actually about to cry :(

            • Anonymous

              14 Jan 2019 21:12  

              I did everything and the little***** didn’t help me with Yhorm. I’ll be killing in every subsequent playthrough from now on

              • Anonymous

                12 Jan 2019 06:26  

                if he's still alive from 1, how old is he? supposing that the difference between ds 1,2 and 3 is hundreds, thousands or millions of years, because the flame would not go out from day to night

                • Anonymous

                  09 Jan 2019 23:00  

                  After him dying every playtrough on Yhorm fight, I tried not rushing for the Storm Ruler, but tanking the boss while Sieg does the damage and he actually survived for the first time

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Jan 2019 21:44  

                    It was sad to see him getting one shoted in the Yhorm fight. I saw the fight in videos and it seemed he could actually take a lot of damage before dying but the Siegward in my first run died instantly in one shot and now the fight scaled up in difficulty a lot considering that now I have the full focus on Yhorm on me which makes almost impossible to fully charge Storm Ruler (yes, if Siegward dies during the fight, you get all his loot, and then he does not appear again in subsequent fights with Yhorm, so you better kill Yhorm in your first attemp, considering that Siegward draws agro from Yhorm which makes charging and hitting him with the Storm Ruler's WA pretty easy).

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Nov 2018 14:40  

                      If you do the dancer and clear out lothric beyond it, even if you don't do dragon armor boss, it breaks his quest. patches won't appear in the cathedral after you open the double doors, even if you re-load the game.

                      • Anonymous

                        18 Nov 2018 05:01  

                        Can anyone help in the Irithyll Dungeon bit? I am taking the route the wiki says, but it only leads to a window of Siegbro's cell. TL;DR Am I dumb?

                        • Anonymous

                          02 Nov 2018 03:44  

                          After the Yhorm fight, Seigbro gives you the final Seigbrau and makes his toast, then says he's going to take a nap, same as all the other times. Unlike the other times, he doesnt go to sleep when you talk to him again. He waits until you are out of sight, and then you receive souls. He definitely takes his own life or dies from emptiness at fulfilling his final duty. Onionbro is a bro to the close. Rest easy, you eye-watering badass. (Its the onions l swear.)

                          • Anonymous

                            28 Oct 2018 09:42  

                            Siegward, slaughtered a massive fiery demon, survived being trapped in the worst circumstances, and defeated Yhorm the giant lord. Death by heart attack. I guess that's better than going hollow.

                            • Anonymous

                              22 Sep 2018 02:21  

                              When fighting Yhorm I took ZERO damage. Siegward is OP as *****, kept knocking the giant down with his storm thingy.

                              • Anonymous

                                18 Sep 2018 03:03  

                                How badly will it effect my game if I accidentally went into the lift the first time you see him with out talking to him? In my defense, I was being chased by a manservant.

                                • Anonymous

                                  02 Sep 2018 15:18  

                                  You can avoid the whole patches trap altogether for this quest line, when at cathedral of the deep, head straight for Rosarian, go back too firelink, buy tower key, escape patches trap, kill patches without talking to him, you get the ring, Siegward will be at step 3 without the whole well shenanigans.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    29 Aug 2018 01:08  


                                    • Anonymous

                                      17 Aug 2018 06:51  

                                      There is one part that I’ve seen where when you’re in the Cathedral of the Deep. If you go up the elevator near the Deacons and then go up and open the door (without talking to him in the well) something happens and when you attempt to walk over the path he will lower it and attempt to kill you by lowering you to the giants.

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