Silvercat Ring

Silver ring depicting a leaping feline.
Prevents damage from falling.

In the Age of Gods, or possibily following it, an old cat was said to speak a human tongue, with the voice of an old woman, and the form of a fanciful immortal.

 Silvercat Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Silvercat Ring Effect

  • While the player can still die from sufficient heights, they will otherwise take no fall damage.
  • Weight: 0.6





  • Does not save you from instant death falls that would otherwise kill you. This does include cliffs, but it also includes any long fall. Use with caution. You can check if a fall can kill you with Prism Stones.
  • Warning! If you offer a Pale Tongue to Rosaria, before finishing the Sirris line; It will void it, resulting in missing out on several items including Silvercat Ring (You may re-spec or alter appearance as long as you do not offer Pale Tongue).
  • Shrine Handmaid will buy it for only 50 souls, which is the worst price possible among all rings.



  • The Silvercat Ring was also in Dark Souls 2, but only reduced falling damage.
  • The cat creature referred to in the description is likely Sweet Shalquoir from Dark Souls 2. or, perhaps,  from Dark Souls I, or it could be suggesting those two are actually one and the same.


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    • Anonymous

      21 Jul 2021 12:49  

      So the ring kills you if you fall a lethal distance, but what distances are considered lethal changes depending on your Dex, Vitality, and if you're embered. It seems to me like this ring assumes max of both stats and an ember to determine max falls, so this ring very technically can allow you to survive an otherwise lethal fall, I believe. But I'm not sure.

      • Anonymous

        13 Jun 2021 16:54  

        I am an idiot who failed thrice Sirris questline. Can someone give me this ring, I am ready to pay witj tons of souls or other unique stuff, I have most of the game's things. I am RabidRabbit on Steam, thx

        • 05 Jan 2021 17:11  

          Not really a ring I wear all the time but one I swap to when I drop a distance and then requip my original ring. Saves time so you don't have to go down ladders (irythill dungeon comes to mind) or the various drops in the Grand Archives, Shouldering Lake, the works. Also saves you from taking damage if you try to get to Rosaria from the top beams. So in short it is a ring that one puts on for a few seconds and then takes off again.

          • Anonymous

            30 Aug 2020 20:29  

            So, i saw some streamers with like 5 or 6 of this in their inventories, silly question but they really go to ng+7 just for pvp purposes? Or is there like a tool to get all items for pvp?

            • Anonymous

              12 Aug 2020 18:36  

              the silvercat ring can be obtained even if you offer a pale tounge to roasaria by requesting absolution in the undead settlement.

              • Anonymous

                30 Jul 2020 21:53  

                A.k.a., the "****ring". If it allowed one to drop / fall to any area in the game that was normally accessible [from another path], it would have a novelty purpose (as a shortcut tool, for example). However, given how restrictive the game in map traverse, this ring is arguably the most useless in the game.

                • Anonymous

                  28 Jul 2020 03:44  

                  Most useless ring in the game. The map design is far too restrictive to make this ring useful -- as a shortcut tool, for example. The best thing that this ring does, is expose how poorly some of the levels are designed [compared to DS1].

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Jul 2020 23:33  

                    What’s with the second trivia bullet? “Perhaps, from Dark Souls I.” I’m guessing it’s supposed to say “Alvina “.

                    • Anonymous

                      05 May 2020 11:03  

                      I'm reasonably sure that the ring's description is referring to Alvina, the covenant cat from dark souls 1, given the part about the "voice of an old woman," which fits Alvina far more than Shalquoir, and the "form of a fanciful immortal," which doesn't describe a normal cat, but could reasonably describe a giant teleporting cat with a monster mouth. Alvina also knows the truth about the legend of Artorias, a tale which originates from the Age of Gods, suggesting that she was around during that time period or shortly following it.

                      • Anonymous

                        30 Jan 2020 12:28  

                        The trivia should mention that the ring has blue eyes, like sweet shalquoir. It's and obvious reference, since that's all ds3 is, but it's worthy of note

                        • Anonymous

                          04 Dec 2019 17:01  

                          I didn't talk to sirris when I had to, I gave the ashes to the old woman and all but she's just not there anymore and her help sign either

                          • Anonymous

                            06 Jun 2019 20:54  

                            I used this to jump into the pit where the Cursed Greatwood was; didn't die even after that great height. I used this to jump into the Water Reserve in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley and I bit the dust. What gives

                            • Anonymous

                              05 Jun 2019 18:08  

                              Sirrus is the worst for completionists like me. "What's that? You gave Rosaria a pale tongue you FOUND just so you could summon Heysel and get the Proper Bow gesture? We can't be friends anymore and all of the sweet loot in my questline is locked off until NG+."

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