Silvercat Ring

Silver ring depicting a leaping feline.
Prevents damage from falling.

In the Age of Gods, or possibily following it, an old cat was said to speak a human tongue, with the voice of an old woman, and the form of a fanciful immortal.

 Silvercat Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Silvercat Ring Effect

  • While the player can still die from sufficient heights, they will otherwise take no fall damage.
  • Weight: 0.6





  • Does not save you from instant death falls that would otherwise kill you. This does include cliffs, but it also includes any long fall. Use with caution. You can check if a fall can kill you with Prism Stones.
  • Warning! If you offer a Pale Tongue to Rosaria, before finishing the Sirris line; It will void it, resulting in missing out on several items including Silvercat Ring.
  • Shrine Handmaid will buy it for only 50 souls, which is the worst price possible among all rings.



  • The Silvercat Ring was also in Dark Souls 2, but only reduced falling damage.
  • The cat creature referred to in the description is likely Sweet Shalquoir from Dark Souls 2. or, perhaps,  from Dark Souls I, or it could be suggesting those two are actually one and the same.


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    • Anonymous

      04 Dec 2019 23:01  

      I didn't talk to sirris when I had to, I gave the ashes to the old woman and all but she's just not there anymore and her help sign either

      • Anonymous

        07 Jun 2019 02:54  

        I used this to jump into the pit where the Cursed Greatwood was; didn't die even after that great height. I used this to jump into the Water Reserve in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley and I bit the dust. What gives

        • Anonymous

          06 Jun 2019 00:08  

          Sirrus is the worst for completionists like me. "What's that? You gave Rosaria a pale tongue you FOUND just so you could summon Heysel and get the Proper Bow gesture? We can't be friends anymore and all of the sweet loot in my questline is locked off until NG+."

          • Anonymous

            23 Sep 2018 17:34  

            With this ring, you have the most powerful force in the entire Dark Souls franchise on your side - gravity. Perfect for PvP, as you can use an otherwise near deadly fall as a way to bait and lure r1 spammers/running attack users and gankers to their deaths. Also great for parkour when chasing down a host. Great ring.

            • Anonymous

              22 Apr 2018 20:18  

              I helped Sirris with her grandpa without helping her with Creighton. She pledged her loyalty to me and the Creighton fight is not there. Did I lock myself out of this ring?

              • Anonymous

                30 Dec 2017 19:33  

                I wish I knew that if you join the rosaria's fingers covenant she'll not like you... I want to die.
                But hey, that's dark souls right?

                • Anonymous

                  24 Dec 2017 07:07  

                  I did the site is quest but I forgot to talk to her, now she's dead and I don't have the ring, what can I do?

                  • Anonymous

                    Silvercat Ring [DKS3 Wiki]10 Oct 2017 03:18  

                    Iif that's so and it negates all non lethal damage then it's a complete was you could just use spook its litter lay the same butt it also masks sound Soo ya

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Oct 2017 22:02  

                      This ring is extremely useful for getting the three Titanite Scales on the roof of the Grand Archives (off the side of the roof just after facing the first spear gargoyle). Though I've survived the jump without it, it wouldn't be possible without full health and without needlessly wasting two Estus flasks.

                      • Anonymous

                        20 Aug 2017 17:10  

                        "In the Age of Gods, or possibily following it, an old cat was said to speak a human tongue, with the voice of an old woman, and the form of a fanciful immortal."

                        Many believe "The Cat" is most likely Sweet Shalquoir from DS2, considering that many items reveal DS2 took place way longer before DS3.

                        • Anonymous

                          22 May 2017 18:46  

                          Anyone willing to help me transfer from one account to another. I'll help you do the same with anything if you need it. Psn: modern_waffles_3

                          • Anonymous

                            11 Apr 2017 09:39  

                            At the gank city sewer ladder, this ring will protect you from death by height up to the spot where the texture changes from rough stone to concrete. Here's an image:
                            Not sure if your max health affects the maximum possible height - I did the test with 39 vigor, with various equip loads, giving the same results. As long as you only have one hand above the stone textured wall, you'll be able to take the fall.

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Nov 2016 13:17  

                              To clarify: all falls do a non-reduceable damage based on distance of the fall (though I think higher load total increases the damage). After a certain distance the game decides you are dead, period, no damage is done to be negated. Any fall that is not the latter is survivable (even if you died from full HP without the ring). For instance a fall will do 1000 damage, you have 800ish max, you die; that same fall will be survivable with the ring.

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