Simple Gem is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Simple Gem

A gem of infused titanite, said to be an object of infatuation for victims of stunted development.

Used in infusion to create simple weapons.

Simple weapons inflict magic damage and restore FP very gradually, to help even a simpleton muster some mettle.


Simple Gem Usage

  • Infuse into a weapon to make it Simple.
  • Simple weapons deal magic damage which scales with Intelligence.
  • Simple weapons also restore FP while the weapon/shield is visible.



Simple Gem Locations

  • Irithyll Dungeon on a corpse across the bridge, immediately on the left when going down the stairs, next to 3 jailers and some cage spiders.
  • One dropped by crystal lizard above Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire (which is found by taking the one pathway leading opposite to an elevator shortcut before Anor Londo). It's where the fire-casting undead are at.
  • One in the Painted World of Ariandel, Corvian Settlement. From the Corvian Settlement bonfire, go across the bridge and drop down behind the gated area to the left containing a lever, a Sewer Centipede, and a Simple Gem.
  • Simple Gems can be farmed from the Jailers in Irithyll Dungeon.




  • Requires the Giant's Coal in order to start infusing weapons.
  • FP restoration is only affected by the weapon's upgrade.
    • The FP base regeneration rate for is 1 FP every 5 seconds. (0.2 FP/sec)
    • It decreases by 0.217 seconds per upgrade level. (or increases by 0.15 FP/sec)
    • At +10 it replenishes 1 FP every 2.85 seconds. (0.35 FP/sec)
    • If two Simple weapons +10 are equipped, regeneration rate is a total of 0.7 FP/sec.
  • All weapons and shields have the same FP regeneration rate.
  • It may be a good idea to infuse a parrying item (such as the Buckler, Parrying Dagger, or Caestus in the offhand) with the Simple gem, as you are unlikely to use these items to block actual attacks in a PvP scenario. Therefore, you sacrifice a very small amount of damage absorption in exchange for a small FP regen buff. 




  • ???

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    • Anonymous

      10 Feb 2020 01:47  

      You know? [0.7/second] is the same energy regen rate on Energy Siphon in Warframe. It’s kinda balanced.

      • Anonymous

        17 Sep 2019 13:07  

        Carthus flame arc costs 30fp and lasts 90 secs. +10 simple infused caestus restores 30fp every 90 secs. Your welcome

        • 11 Sep 2019 16:24  

          For anyone who still thinks there is no point in reinforcing blessed and simple weapons, for every level, it will restore more per second. For example, an un-reinforced simple caestus would regen 1 Fp every 2.5 seconds. Whereas, a +10 simple Caestus would regen ~5 Fp every 2.5 seconds

          • Anonymous

            17 Jun 2019 05:27  

            You should not use this to attack as a mage, you should instead either use crystal infusion or crystal magic weapon, however this is incredibly useful on an offhand parry tool or buff tool, the 1 fp every three seconds may not seem like much but in an invasion it can be incredibly useful, ironically mainly for people with low attunement, there will be times in an invasion where the host or his phantoms hold a strong point an refuse to move forward, this lets you replenish yourself in that time, and over the course or the invasion it will add up, it will let you cast force another time, or tears of denial one more time, or a shield breaker WA one more time, especially if you don’t want to waste your estus supply on ashen estus, you no longer just blow it all in one or a few WA’s

            • Anonymous

              01 Jun 2019 21:08  

              You probably came here looking for the FP regen stuff, but even with two maxed out Simple infused things the regen won't be so great that you'll be able to rely on it to replenish your FP for whatever use you want to give it when compared to an Ashen Estus charge, unless you don't have a very high FP pool to begin with. There's two ways to actually replenish your FP without relying on either the flasks or the infusions, but since the Aldrich Sapphire doesn't do it reliably enough without outright killing your opponent, the Simple infused Lothric War Banner and Handmaid's Dagger combo is what you're looking for: using the Lothric War Banner's WA, then attacking with the Handmaid's Dagger on your offhand replenishes FP at the fastest rate possible. The usage of this in actual gameplay would be best suited for long invasions or a backup in case your Ashen Flasks have run out during PvE. Thoughts?

              • Anonymous

                28 Nov 2018 10:15  

                Atleast with Blessed you can put it on weapons like the Drakeblood, Dragonslayer Axe and Lothric GS. I don't even think there are any Simple equivalents to that, maybe the Drakeblood...? Ill just stick with Moonlight GS

                • Anonymous

                  08 Nov 2018 00:37  

                  I’ve noticed that in most weapons the INT scaling is higher for simple than crystal. Does this infusion do more damage than crystal on a pure INT build?

                  • Anonymous

                    27 Oct 2018 08:04  

                    I find the design decisions with this gem pretty funny. Through most of the game you accumulate estus shards so that you can replenish FP...and then almost at the end when you can finally infuse this with its paltry regen rate you're already nearly at maximum estus and not likely to run out of fuel outside of invasions anyway.

                    • Anonymous

                      15 Oct 2018 20:17  

                      Another easy simple gem location is by the Corvian Settlement bonfire. If you go outside from the building, make a left and drop down at the next bridge on the right side. There will be a simple gem there but theres also a spittle witch monster so be careful.

                      • Anonymous

                        29 Sep 2018 16:22  

                        Works well with a non-magic build on an offhand parry tool, since most WAs dont require more than one fp to work. This is quite valuable since you dont need an ashen estus.

                        • Anonymous

                          09 Sep 2018 02:48  

                          The FP regen is very slow compare to the HP regen, Bless regen 2 HP/sec, Simple 1HP/2,85 can this fair??? Magic Class rely on FP to attack and the FP won't regen itself, while every melee class only need their stamina to keep fighting and even perform weapon art with little FP left..

                          • Anonymous

                            02 Aug 2018 21:12  

                            I used 2 +10 simple infuse parry daggers on my mage when I don't feel like wasting estus. Really helpful when your helping in other worlds.

                            • Anonymous

                              06 Jun 2018 02:02  

                              So if I smiple infuse Duel wielded weapons does that count as 2 simple weapons?? Meaning .7 FP Regen...Or no

                              • Anonymous

                                15 Mar 2018 05:00  

                                For reference, one +10 Simple weapon would take 8.55 seconds to restore enough (3) FP to cast a single Farron Dart. It would take slightly more than two minutes for a Crystal Soul Spear.

                                • Anonymous

                                  10 Jan 2018 18:43  

                                  So, I was being invaded at Pontiff, and while I waited for him to come to me (he never did even though I waited in at the arena, I guess he couldn’t see me?) I started using a bunch of random gestures, and when I left the gesture menu, I suddenly had a simple gem. I have no idea why

                                  • Anonymous

                                    21 Dec 2017 23:45  

                                    A blessed infusion heals 2hp/sec.
                                    However, if you'd use simple infusion and use all FP for healing, the minimum you'd get would be 4hp/s - and that's, for example, from Sacred Chime of Fillianoire weapon art at half the FP required.
                                    If used for Warmth spell or high faith Great Heal (for former one could even put on the dusk crown ring for the initial second) the healing output can be - again, averaging several minutes of use - about 11hp/second.

                                    In other words buffing Simple infusion and FP regen of it would make Estus obsolete. We'd be back to Dark Souls 1 with 20 estus and 1-10x3 Great Heals healing twice the amount of an Estus Flask.
                                    Right now you 'can' make it semi-obsolete, what by dual wielding + OldWolfCurvedSword/Pontiff's Left Eye, 6hp/s from 2xBlessed infusion+Sun Princess Ring, or using 1-2xSimple infusion+optinally dusk crown ring for a Warmth or, with high faith, a good heal. The drawback is that it's slow.
                                    Higher FP regen would annihilate that 'slow' and Estus would be used only in an emergency, not as a limited resource you need to manage.
                                    My thought is you can thank the healing spells/skills for the necessarily slow FP regen.

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