Slave Knight Gael

Slave Knight Gael
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???? - Cathedral of the Deep -

Slave Knight Gael is an NPC in Dark Souls 3.

Slave Knight Gael Information

  • Can't be killed permanently. Will respawn in the Cathedral, if killed. May take several reloads.
  • Can be summoned in the Painted World of Ariandel, before the Sister Friede boss fight, in the corner just to the left of the sliding altar. When summoned he will appear for Phase 2 of the boss fight. Can be summoned even if not embered. Note: Summon is blocked, when player defeats Demon Prince in The Ringed City DLC.
  • Can be summoned in The Dreg Heap before the Demon in Pain & Demon from Below/Demon Prince boss fight. Summon sign can be found near Eathern Peak bonfire and dark circle. This time can't be summoned if not embered, but beating Sister Friede first does not block this summon.
  • He wears the Slave Set and wields Executioner's Greatsword.
  • See also: Slave Knight Gael (Boss)



  • You can find Slave Knight at Cathedral of the Deep, Cleansing Bonfire if you have the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. He will be laying prostrate to the right of the bonfire and will give you passage to the Painted World of Ariandel.
  • If you enter the Ringed City  before meeting him at the Cleansing Chapel, an alternate cutscene will play wherein the painting is resting on the altar.
  • His projection can be found near few messages at The Dreg Heap.



  • No items.


Combat Information



First encounter dialogue:


Ahh, merciful goddess, mother of the Forlorn, who have no place to call their own...
Please, bear witness to our resolve...
Fire for Ariandel... Fire for Ariandel...
And the ash to kindle flame...
Wait, you've...
You've the same scent as that woman...
Then you must be an Ashen One. You must be!
You don't know how long I've searched!
Ohh, ohh...don't mind me, didn't mean to fall apart.
Now, Ashen One, I have a kindness to ask of you.
My lady lives in the cold land of Ariandel.
I need you to show her flame.
A proper flame, that will burn the rot away.
If you truly are Ash, then it must be fire that you seek?"

If you accept:


Ahh, thank you. They of Ash never fail.
...Just a moment, then...
The painting of Ariandel. Well, rotted scrap of it, that is.
Go on, take it, touch it...

After you are transported:


And then, the Ashes were two.






  • When Gael is summoned for the fight against Sister Friede, his name and health bar will not be present. This is odd because every other NPC has their name and health bar and Gael does have them when he is summoned for the Demon in Pain & Demon from Below/Demon Prince fight.
  • Painting Women calls him an "uncle". However, the Japanese text version clarifies that she treats him like a "mentor" rather than uncle in a biological way.
  • Seeks the dark soul of man.
  • Gael's beard cannot be obtained ingame through legitimate means.



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    • Anonymous

      12 Dec 2019 13:31  

      Where was this frail, weak behaviour when you decided to eat everyone's blood and get possessed by the Dark Soul, huh Gael?

      • Anonymous

        28 Jun 2019 04:00  

        Just equip Farron Greatsword, spam 2h L1 and dodge when he does a vertical slash. Most of his moves are horizontal slashes and you’ll more often than not be sliding under them during your L1 animation.

        • Anonymous

          12 Jun 2019 00:33  

          >Gael's beard cannot be obtained ingame through legitimate means. I bet Mr. Poofers could get that old man's beard.

          • Anonymous

            07 May 2019 15:44  

            if you kill him in the cathedral, can you still fight him as a boss? or is he invincible at the cathedrale?

            • Anonymous

              02 Jan 2019 15:49  

              I've been a Dark Souls fan since Dark Souls I (didn't play Demon Soul). I've had a terrible time with a lot of bosses, (I'm looking at you Smelter Demon from DS2) a lot of places (I'm looking at you Anor Londo from DS1) and a lot of ennemies (you know I'm talking about you Hellkite Dragon). I had a terrible time going through the DLC and actually reaching this last battle. And to my own surprise, I managed to beat this guy on my very first try. And it has been the absolute best bost battle I've ever fought in a game.

              • Anonymous

                22 May 2018 10:01  

                He is by your side in one of the most epic battles in DS3, but later on in another DLC he becomes an even more epic boss battle

                • Anonymous

                  15 Apr 2018 05:36  

                  Annoying as hell in the Cleansing Chapel. Killed him multiple times simply because he will not shut the f*** up. The DLC should not be prodding you to go to it when you don't want to. Most annoying set-up ever. At least make it so I have to prompt him before he opens his annoying big mouth.

                  Can't wait to get The Ringed City DLC just so I can fight him proper, and shut that whiny mouth up for good.

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Mar 2018 23:08  

                    I don't know if people know this... but when I healed this guy during the fight with Friede, I received a titanite slab.

                    • Anonymous

                      22 Mar 2018 14:59  

                      I would say the key to fighting him would be patience. For the first phase wait for him to do the downward stab or the lunge attack and get 2 hits in here and there. If you get greedy you'll often get caught up in a swing and lose like half of your health.

                      Your shield, especially if you have a 100 physical defense is useful, but should only be used for emergencies just in case you get caught up. He usually has like 3 or 4 hit combos for the 2nd phase so just wait for him to finish! Just like any other dark souls boss, once you figure out his patterns he's really not terrible. Just don't get greedy with the amounts of hits to get in!

                      • 26 Feb 2018 21:11  

                        StoryTeller's staff OP. Basically any toxic/poison damage against him is incredibly effective. Very recommended that you don't solo Gael and make sure to memorize those stupid daggers he throws, if you're a caster with no poise: expect to get stunlocked and die.

                        • 18 Feb 2018 23:17  

                          This is the only boss, or enemy at all imo, that buffing your weapon with poison isn't completely pointless. In a fight where your rolling and using spacing as much as you have to in the second phase, sometimes more than others cause of rng, the free tics of dmg rly adds up and can do a surprising amount of dmg against him over the course of the fight. Only reason I don't sale rotten pine resin.

                          • Anonymous

                            14 Dec 2017 08:29  

                            "gaels beard cannot be obtained ingamethrough legitimate ways" looooool wtf this is a good one, wishful thinking eh?

                            • Anonymous

                              16 Oct 2017 14:43  

                              Huh, I just realized his hood is another version of the Thrall hood: "used to cover the head of lesser folk who were set to work as slaves throughout Lothric." I guess his status as "slave knight" at least let him wear a slightly less demeaning mask, though it sort of makes him look like a gnome.

                              • Anonymous

                                27 Jul 2017 19:32  

                                The Question is, what happens if you kill Gael in front of the Cathedral bonfire before you finish ringed city? Does he still become a boss, or is that entire portion skipped and he never made it to the ringed city for the dark soul?

                                • Anonymous

                                  03 Jul 2017 18:24  

                                  Gael uses the canvas talisman and the executioners greatsword. It is stated that gaels greatsword is a broken down executioner gs so this is why he used it when he was still an npc

                                  • Anonymous

                                    31 May 2017 17:30  

                                    he's actually NOT the real uncle of the painting woman/girl. Just for clearification to keep the fanfiction in check.

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