Slumbering Draconcrest Ring


Slumbering Draconcrest Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Slumbering Draconcrest Ring Effect

  • Movement and rolling make no sound, enemies won't react to your movement sounds
  • Also hides the visual effects of certain spells and buffs, such as Tears of Denial or Green Blossoms
  • Weight:  0.7



Where to Find Slumbering Draconcrest Ring




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    • Anonymous

      As a mage I wear this ring throughout most of this adventure. Great for backstabs and avoiding hordes of undead.

      • A powerful ring and a good choice for almost any build due to its advantageous stealth properties. Enemies wont react if you sprint up to them from behind, making for easy backstabs. Pair with Aldrich's Sapphire and hidden body to become nearly untraceable by enemies (if you attack them they will flail about to try and find you but will fail and thus allow you to hit them again) while also giving you respectable fp regeneration. It is pretty easy to miss however and can only be obtained by following obeck's slightly demanding questline. Many players skip this ring because of its spell counterpart Spook, which mutes and negates fall damage. So you can either use a spell slot to give you the effect temporarily, or use a ring slot to silence you permanently.

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