Small Doll is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Small Doll


Small silverwork doll depicting a young squire.

In the legendary old city of Irithyll situated in the Boreal Valley, the Pontiff Sulyvahn gave this doll to valued subjects, so that they might use it to cross the barrier when they return home.

Listen carefully, and you can hear it say, "Wherever you go, the moon still sets in Irithyll. Wherever you may be, Irithyll is your home."


Small Doll Usage

Small Doll Locations


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    • Anonymous

      First playthrough I made it all the way to Ithiryll without finding the path to the Cathedral ... fun times

      • Anonymous

        There is an uncommon glitch where the doll doesn't appear as a drop or in your inventory. If this happens, don't panic! Just reload the area and one of two things will happen. Either it will magically enter your inventory, or the loot drop will appear (I think at the base of the altar).

        • Anonymous

          There is no cutscene of using the small doll to break a seal in my playthrough. So if the small doll is needed to get to the Valley, then Cathedral of the Deep is not an optional location nor is the boss of that area, because if you didn't go there n defeat the boss to get the doll, how you get to the Valley???

          • Anonymous

            The moon sets in Irithyll.. Gwyndolin harnesses the power of the Moon. So as the Blades of Darkmoon thats in Anor Londo Gwyndolin gets eaten as soon as Aldritch arrives at Irithyll. Coincidence? I think not

            • Anonymous

              Why are people running to the comments to ask where it is when you can easily read the wiki. Like ***** sakes people

              • Anonymous

                There is a similarity to this mechanic in Dark Souls 1 and 3.
                In DS1, you needed the 'peculiar doll' to come inside the Painted World of Ariamis. The recent DLC has revealed that Pontiff Sulyvahn was born and raised inside the Painted World of Ariandel. Possibly he took the inspiration from his old home before setting out for Irithyll- that you need a doll to come inside Irithyll.

                • Anonymous

                  It should be noted that upon closer inspection, the doll looks like the starting appearance of the Knight in Demon's Souls, plus one of the Nexus gates

                  • Anonymous

                    After I defeated the boss I didn't get the small dollSo now I'm stuck, and not able to go through the sealWhat now?

                    • Anonymous

                      I have the small doll... but I don't know exactly where to use it. I know somewhere in Farron keep but please provide exact details. Thank you.

                      • Hi guysI added some info regarding the small doll but I think the main problem people have is finding the cathedral of the deep. :)The way I found it was by going to Farrons keep in the Road of Sacrifices. From there I went back upp the ladders and into the svamp(So its not that dreadful poison svamp). If you keep to your right as you walk along the svamp edge you will find the ruins which leads to the Cathedral of the Deep.

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