Small Envoy Banner is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3. It was added in The Ringed City DLC.

Small Envoy Banner


The small banner used by envoys of Great Lord Gwyn in the days of yore. 

Face the ringed cliff and hold the banner high to summon facilitators of transport.

For the pygmies, who took the dark soul, the Great Lord gifted the Ringed City, an isolated place at world's end, and his beloved youngest daughter, promising her that he would come for her when the day came.


Small Envoy Banner Usage



Small Envoy Banner Locations




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    • Anonymous

      Stupidest item in the entire game.
      It's entire purpose is to make you ask why are they giving me this item literally right before the only time I will ever use it.
      At least with Emmas Small Lothric Banner I had to go and get it, even if it was just on the other end of the same road.
      This one is just sitting right there on the only path between the bonfire and the dead end cliff you use it on.

      Isn't ranting about something supposed to make you less stressed/annoyed about the subject? Because I think this made me feel worse.

      • Anonymous

        My problem is there isn't even a banner there for me after I kill the boss. Reloaded the area multiple times and the game as well. Still nothing. I see the corpse but no loot to gather. Did I miss something?

        • Anonymous

          Hi, I have a problem, when i get to the point where it says display small envoy banner I press x and then black screen for ever, anyone got a way to fix this ? I am on ps4

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