Small Lothric Banner is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Small Lothric Banner

small banner

Small banner held by Lothric messengers. Hold up outside the main castle gate to be greeted by an escort.

When the High Wall appeared, the path to the Undead Settlement was blocked, and messengers came bearing this banner. They were sent out with a duty, but had no way of returning.


Small Lothric Banner Usage

Small Lothric Banner Locations


  • The Small Lothric Banner is part of a long tradition of using caduceus patterns in Souls games.


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      Hey look it`s the same sign that shown in dark souls 1 but there gargoyels bring you straight to anor londo haha.But this assholes carry you only to ground little below. HOW THE HELL THEY STILL ALIVE AND WHY THE HELL THIS IDIOTIC DEMONS BRING YOU THERE WHY ARENT THEY BRING YOU TO ANOR LONDO THEN. >:C srsly what the hell

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