Soul of Rosaria is a Special Soul  in Dark Souls 3.

Soul of Rosaria

Soul of Rosaria - DKS3

The soul of Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth, stolen by Ringfinger Leonhard.

Return this to her extant corpse, and mother Rosaria will spring back to life.

As if nothing had ever happened.


Soul of Rosaria Usage



Soul of Rosaria Locations

  • Dropped by Leonhard the Ringfinger, after using Black Eye Orb in the room after Aldrich boss fight.
  • The Soul of Rosaria will not drop if Rosaria is killed by the player. She will simply appear dead until the player teleports away and back again.




  • There is no benefit to restoring Rosaria using her soul, as her being dead does not prevent you from offering pale tongues, redistributing attributes or changing appearance.




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    • Anonymous

      Time to throw crud into the void... and ruin at least one other person's idea of the canon...

      If you take transpositions to be significant in DS lore, then a lot of possibilities are opened up. This soul is at least a fraction, if not the remains of Gwynevere herself. The transposed miracle is directly involved, and the soul of Rosaria shows as three souls: a warped, brilliant red one, with two regular souls floating around it. Think a different realm than DS1, but still affected by DS1's events: Gwyndolin is killed by the chosen undead, which affects the rest, and possibility narrows. Smough (again, transposition) takes the field, recruits the Pontiff and the Deacons, and warp Gwynevere into something they can use, the usefulness of which we see ingame. The warping itself required at least one other person, probably the human part of Rosaria, which fits into the slow decay of Anor Londo.

      The number of souls may be related to an actual rosary, three cycles, which is mirrored in the soul consumables progression as they grow larger. Tangential? nahhhhh

      • Anonymous

        If you place the black eye orb into your menu hot bar before killing Leonhard the soul will be equipped in your hot bar in its place, pretty cool.

        • Gotta love the attempts to tie Rosaria, Leonhards nonsense of a Quest and Gywnevere together. I point out that both her Cov rings in DkS1 and 3 show her to be alive, raising a family and gone from this World. I could give it a pass if they didn't know her image was fake but her Ring drops after killing Leonhard in 3. Ffs!

          • Anonymous

            you'd think the godness of a soul would worth more then 5k.

            but meh, still better then when you personally kill her, which worth bout 2k

            • Anonymous

              I wish that reviving her would act as though you gave her at least one pale tongue, even though it should act as more like five. An other reward that could be given is an item that you can only get by reviving her, similar to getting an item that is only available from transposing the soul. That way the player could choose from being greedy by transposing her soul or using it to get more souls, or returning it to her, reviving her, and being rewarded. I feel like that would cause players to think about their choice, more than just saying "Welp, free souls for me."

              • Anonymous

                I feel odd about this everytime I do the quest. Usually I restore her soul, simply because I felt she did nothing wrong and didn't deserve to have anything taken from her. It never says "Rosaria asks her servants to go get her tongues" it's just that people bring them to her since she's their "Speechless Goddess". She never struck me as a malevolent entity. Even when I do Leonhards quest, I'm still MOONLIGHT 4 LIFE

                • Anonymous

                  I made him Aggro by jumping down in the firelink shrine, I landed on his head and he took 4 damage, he got instantly aggro, what the hell

                  • Anonymous

                    I already got the red eye orb and leonard does not go to rosaria, can i still do the questline or did i mess up because it is not going anywhere

                    • Anonymous

                      You can no longer interact with Rosaria if you have not given her the soul back. If you transpose her soul there is no way to interact with her anymore.

                      • Anonymous

                        im trying to collect all miracles but also want to complete the darkmoon ladies questline. Does Leonhard kill her at a set time in the story?

                        • Anonymous

                          All you gotta do to use the ***** bonfire is kill the enemy near, at least here on my game thats how it happened. Give back her soul seems utterly useless.

                          • Anonymous

                            I restored her, because i thought i needed her alive to trade in pale tongues. If I kill her now, will she still drop her Soul ?

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