Soul Greatsword is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. To cast a sorcery, you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.

Soul Greatsword

Spell Type


 Focus Cost 23
Slots Used Slots Used 1
Requirements 22 Intelligence



Sorcery developed primarily for sorcerer-swordsmen.
Attacks with a greatsword formed from souls. 

The ephemeral blade only exists as an extension of the caster, but its power is said to rival that of physical greatswords. Even the most obstinate magic purists may resort to this spell in times of crisis.


Acquired From



  • Soul Greatsword inflicts (Spell Buff x 2) magic damage before resistances.
  • Cast speed details unknown.
  • Has wide horizontal range, making it good for crowd control.
  • Fairly easy to dodge if the opponent sees the attack coming.




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    • Anonymous

      22 Jul 2019 09:46  

      You know what’s fun? The deacons versus a single sorcerer with this spell. It’s not the most effective at accomplishing the objectives, but it’s really fun to just mow down the deacons.

      • Anonymous

        29 Apr 2018 10:47  

        It's a neat reference to a previous game. But did you take a look at the game? 60% of the content is a reference to another game. This is copypasta: the AAA game. It's ridiculous and I don't know if the graphics can really hide how absurd it is.

        • Anonymous

          23 Apr 2017 04:29  

          From the looks of it, it seems this model is based off the King's Field Moonlight Sword. Even the description seems to point towards this.

          • Anonymous

            05 Mar 2017 18:32  

            Cast this after farron flash sword and it changes its appearance and uses a special stance for the casting animation. And it appears to gain some length I have no idea how to test it.

            • Anonymous

              OK with Cleric's Candlestick21 Sep 2016 20:01  

              While the Cleric's Candlestick is a piece of crap, you can perform a decent mix up in conjunction with this spell. If you land your two hit light attack combo with the sword, some people will habitually roll. So if you do R1, R1, and then cast this spell, it's possible to hit them at the end of their roll. I think they can just double dodge to avoid it, but it's good for punishing people who want to roll away and then start attacking again.Then you can mix it up by not casting the spell and simply going for more light attacks, punishing them if they expect you to cast the spell and try to interrupt you.If that sword wasn't crap, this could actually be a somewhat potent technique.

              • Anonymous

                yes...11 Jun 2016 03:01  

                I shall use this sorcery to myself a Sorcerer Paladin! By the light of a million souls, come together to form.... THE SOUL GREATSWORD!

                • Anonymous

                  Pretty useful in...25 Apr 2016 08:34  

                  ... the Deacons of the Deep boss fight, when dealing with hoards of enemies, Nevertheless I think the FP consumption should be reduced on mages overall to make them a little more viable. Right now the choiceof Ashen Estus over (healing) Estus is not complementing magic-play even in PvE. For instance, I feel the Uchigatana or any melee weapon has more viability in most situations - atleast early game - than seeing an FP bar going down so fast inexchange of such less damage.Magic is a luxury right now not bread-n-butter for mages.

                  • Anonymous

                    Good night sweet prince....23 Apr 2016 13:37  

                    We knew you well... Your AoE and PVP viability days are over.May your children shine, may your find peace in the waking world.And may from stop nerfing random ***** and ask for community input.

                    • Anonymous

                      Patch 1.0418 Apr 2016 21:02  

                      Well, how badly did they nerf it? Im sure it got a nerf if the already underpowered Farron Flashsword got one as well.Heaven forbid I play anything but a standard sword and shield knight.

                      • who likes the soul greatsword new look?27 Mar 2016 18:51  

                        i know many -people say they like it but i disliked it i liked it better when it was just a energy beamthere is also a new spell dark edge which is a curved great sword and i hate the look of itthe dark version of soul great-sword was my favorite also by the fact it released beams now it looks lame as hellit wouldn't look so bad if it wasn't a curved sword but still why couldn't they keep the beams and the energy looking sword?

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