The soul level meta is an average player level decided by the Dark souls community. If you want to co-op and/or pvp with randoms this will be very useful. If you want to play with friends you can add a password and that will make it for that a level 50 can play with a level 500, but the level 500 will be downgraded to the level 50 stats. See the PvP Builds page for discussion on the current average meta level and some hotspots for pvp. Note that any discussions regarding these levels and areas are not to be considered official Fextralife community declarations.






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    • Anonymous

      14 Jun 2021 12:52  

      The soul level in 2021 is actually 155 sadly. So many people switched to 135 or 140 after struggling to compete with 120s. You can check people's character level in achievements.

      • Anonymous

        27 Jan 2021 22:48  

        What is the meta now in 2021? Are folks still stopping at SL120, or has everyone moved on to SL150-200 now?

        • Anonymous

          29 Dec 2020 00:21  

          Fromsoft should really just group everyone together who has already achieved the soft cap of every stat. At that point even a level 700 would not have that many more stats than a level 160-200 who has already got to 40-50 on everything.
          PvP is a lot more fun for me if I'm somehow getting something from it, so getting to a soul level and having to purposely stop leveling up is not as fun.

          • Anonymous

            17 Dec 2020 01:31  

            How active is the SL 160 meta?

            I just finished my Quality Pyro build I made, as well as Ng+3 so I figured that this is my opportunity to get into some pvp action.

            • Anonymous

              08 Aug 2020 15:08  

              SL 140 best meta. Can actually make a variety of builds without being op or squishy. And min/max shines best but jack of trades becomes viable. Highly recommended

              • Anonymous

                22 Feb 2020 05:56  

                The highest level you can go while still having great summons/invasion time is 144. At level 144 you can still invade people who are levels 120-166. Here is the summon/invasion range calculator.

                • Anonymous

                  24 Mar 2019 15:24  

                  Having some experience, feels like the game is more alive on SL 80 +7 where you can Invade grand archives, Lothric castle, garden, dragon perks, and SL 50-60 +6 where u can Invade smothering lake, carthus, anor, irythil, dungeon, and sometimes Farrons areas its also a good cap for builds and very balanced where is not everybody that can 3 shot you with a greatsword

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Dec 2018 01:47  

                    My advice is to never go higher than 120 for PVP and to go as low as you can whilst making your build work

                    • Anonymous

                      18 Oct 2018 15:40  

                      It all depends. I'm not going to stop at 125 on the dot because I didn't choose an optimal class for my build at character select. I inted to make up for the wasted stat points. Honestly, I'll just stop where I want my character. Metashmeta, I'll stop around 156 'cause that's where I want my character.

                      • Anonymous

                        13 Jun 2018 09:57  

                        Hmm, does this explain why my SL 299 character rarely gets invaded (Like, only 3 or 4 times per NG), can't find any matches on Undead Matches, and can't see much of any red signs in high PVP areas? If so, then what exactly is the "Soul Level Meta"? I'm not entirely sure because people seem split between it being 100-120, 120-139, or 200-250. I need a bit of confirmation here as to what it is..

                        • Anonymous

                          13 Apr 2018 02:21  

                          Is level 140 still meta? I was trying to get summoned but I had to wait for a very long time unlike before.

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