The soul level meta is an average player level decided by the Dark souls community. If you want to co-op and/or pvp with randoms this will be very useful. If you want to play with friends you can add a password and that will make it for that a level 50 can play with a level 500, but the level 500 will be downgraded to the level 50 stats. See the PvP Builds page for discussion on the current average meta level and some hotspots for pvp. Note that any discussions regarding these levels and areas are not to be considered official Fextralife community declarations.






    • Anonymous

      13 Jun 2018 09:57  

      Hmm, does this explain why my SL 299 character rarely gets invaded (Like, only 3 or 4 times per NG), can't find any matches on Undead Matches, and can't see much of any red signs in high PVP areas? If so, then what exactly is the "Soul Level Meta"? I'm not entirely sure because people seem split between it being 100-120, 120-139, or 200-250. I need a bit of confirmation here as to what it is..

      • Anonymous

        13 Apr 2018 02:21  

        Is level 140 still meta? I was trying to get summoned but I had to wait for a very long time unlike before.

        • Anonymous

          13 Mar 2018 13:49  

          My character is lvl 123. Does this mean that I have just screwed myself and will now meet much fewer players? I have to know, cause the thought is driving me insane!

          • Anonymous

            15 Jan 2018 02:32  

            I dont get the fuzz about having to go to lvl 150 to be spellcaster, at 150 i can be dark/faith/sorcery if i want to, at 150 you can be whatever without worrying too much about stats. My lvl 120 sorcere, and my sl120 faith build works nicely in pvp, people two shot me with ugs special or 3 shot if basic attack, but i two shot them back with both sunlight spear, and lifehunt scythe, i honestly see no problem beeing a spellcaster at 120, you dont need a freaking ugs as a spellcaster, just a quick weapon if necessary.

            • Anonymous

              03 Nov 2017 16:00  

              I have a SL 20 that I've beat the game with... more for a personal challenge. It resulted in a mean 'twink' character though (as I didn't upgrade my weapon past +2). Was just wondering if there are other low level SL meta's? Some people I invade are using weapons that require more stats than 20 lvls and rings can provide... just curious... will probs keep this toon where he is but may make another for like a SL 35 thing. Cheers.

              • Anonymous

                26 Oct 2017 13:11  

                This is a wiki site for *****'s sake. Can someone please make a table or a chart that tracks/pinpoints common SL levels? I'd like to make a new character and know roughly where people are at any given level, so I'm not just making a new character blindly. I only have 3 characters at 100-150, but it's a real bummer that I can't find invasions or PVP because people have moved onto other games or stuff. Like for the past 2 months, I can count the number of invasions/coop/duels, I've had each week with both hands. Is it some regional matchmaking algorithm that keeps my online experience bare bones? IDK, but that's how it is for me for some stupid reason, and its discouraging that the community suddenly died around me.

                • Anonymous

                  29 Sep 2017 06:32  

                  I'm at SL 444 atm and i get a*****load of invasions at pontiffs area also a lot at grand archives and rigned city

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Jul 2017 14:20  

                    I was summoned instantly, invade instantly, and duel in undead match (almost instantly) and co-op with randoms. I am the level 802 with 99 in all stats. Southern United States. I am starting to wonder if there are any match making rules. If so then there are some high level characters for me to pvp and co-op with randoms. Maybe the level cap is just recommended... o.O

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Jun 2017 18:49  

                      I honestly think sl 300-350 is the best hell a creative and nowhere near limetted I don't know who tried to put sl 120-150 I personally find it boring and or just their not very good at the game and don't want to have too grind

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Jun 2017 06:35  

                        I have 6 characters ranging from SL 135 to 205, and I have to say I'm finding PVP plentiful up to my SL 185 char. I find 185-190 to be a sweet spot for creative builds. 120 I feel is too restrictive.

                        • Anonymous

                          26 May 2017 09:24  

                          What about SL44? I can barely get summoned, gets quite lonely but invading as an Aldrich isn't a problem. I'm pretty good with my stats, I even mange to defeat Sister Friede and the Gravetenders. Just sucks that there's barely any pvp and I kinda don't want to level up more lol

                          • Anonymous

                            23 May 2017 05:38  

                            I am gonna do a mainly PvE play of the game to get to all the NG+ but im just wondering if i will encounter less players when im say lvl 200 hypothetically lol Thanks

                            • Anonymous

                              20 May 2017 17:21  

                              I have 700+ hours in this game. Every time I hit SL 100+, it gets very lonely. I'm in North America. When I ember up, I expect to see signs and get invaded within 5-10 minutes. This does not happen for me at all at higher levels.

                              • Anonymous

                                17 Apr 2017 22:54  

                                I disagree SL 120 is too low, Sorcerer, Pyro and Faith builds are not Viable on that SL. 150-200 SL is perfect, you can trade each other without getting oneshooted, you see alot more builds and variations. And simply makes more fun. Im Invading Constantly, lol i got DMB FINALLY xD, on SL 120 i never get summoned same for Spear of Church and Aldrich. I can Guarantee the SL meta will rise up to 160 maybe 200. Just try out for yourselfs, you will see much more fun :). Have a nice day

                                • Anonymous

                                  08 Apr 2017 20:44  

                                  There is a strawpoll vote regarding the pvp meta:

                                  I personally have a 150 quality build (profaned greatsword) with a bit of pyromancy (just the profaned flame spell) and a 120 int build (immolation tinder). What can I say, I have a thing for the Profaned Flame...
                                  Both builds are very successful and have plenty of action.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    06 Apr 2017 05:15  

                                    I've been thinking for a long time if I want to go to SL120 or beyond, and after doing as much planning as I can to try and make 120 work with a Strength/Pyro, I've finally come to the conclusion that it won't be effective. I can either only wear light armor, only have a limited number of spell uses, to the point where I get maybe five out before I need to Ashen Estus, or I can have enough health to maybe survive a couple of hits. And I refuse to do another melee based quality build because it's just so unbelievably boring. 120 may work for people who only want to use melee and resins, but for spellcasters, this limit seriously hampers the effectiveness. Spellcaster builds require more stat allocation in order to be effective.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      05 Apr 2017 17:00  

                                      I dont like the meta. Im Sl 300 still get action
                                      When i was 240 i had comparable pvp as someone at sl 140. Past 300 is when i think you need to chill.

                                      • 01 Apr 2017 13:47  

                                        To all the people who thinks 150sl is just a overkill let me tell you a story:
                                        I played this game a lot following the meta rules. Sl 120, 125 if you wanted to invade 140s and so.
                                        Played a 120sl quality, strength/pyro, dex/int, pure strength builds and all got goods results like 99 tongues and 60 sun medals etc. Not because everything is viable, because the players skill matters in this game. My quality builds domained when my pyros and strength builds lacked force to compete. I saw this example in Bloodborne, where people discussed meta sl from 100 to 120. Then everyone jumped to 150 because health diminish when invading/dueling make duels a oneshot competition. This is happening with DKS3. The arenas not embered, invasions not embered vs a gank fest. Having high sweetspots for int and faith like 60-50 and 30/30 for pyro. Poise being obligatory for everyone that wants to win a trade with a ugs, needs at least 20 poise to not stagger a katana or straightsword, not further more like a greathammer even a greatsword. I had a strength pyro 120 build with 27 health 18 att 20 end 20 vit 50 strength 18 dex (for speed casting, THANKS FROM) 20/20 int and faith with pyromancer start. The build was underpowered, i couldnt trade with a FUGS because lack of poise, had little pyros to use with low damage, and not enough health to versus a quality one.
                                        Then i moved to 150sl:
                                        Got 30/30 faith int to power up pyros and got decent damage. Got 35 health to have 1330 with FAPS and Lifering+3 and easily trade off with ultraweapons. 25 end to have 3 fugs swings and a roll (basic strategy to bait an attack and win the trade). 26 vit to have enough armour to 20.8 poise and tank with my hyperarmour.
                                        I was happy, i had a lot of invasions and didnt feel underpowered. I dueled a lot vs pyros, sorcerers and more variety.
                                        This happens because SL120 punishes builds that needs to invert more than 5 stats with such high soft caps.
                                        An example: a 120sl quality build knigth based have 40/27/27/40/40 in vig/end/vit/strength/dex. A perfect build, flexible and with enough survivality. To have a strength/faith one you need 35-40 health for trades, 18 att for 3 *****ing spells of 1 cost,27 at least to use your strength weapon efficiently, 27 vit for armour protections and poise, 40-50 strength for decent damage, 16 dex if you plan to use something like Lothric Ultragreatsword, and 30 faith not for damage, only to use spells. Thats a total of sl135 only to buff your Lothric greatsword. See the problem? No variety.
                                        Try 140-150sl meta. You will have variety and fun.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          31 Mar 2017 20:12  

                                          To all who use SL125: The meta is SL120, if you go beyond because you think you "need it" because you're a hybrid caster (which you don't) you have to stop at SL123, the PVP system only works to it's maximum at +/-3 levels, if you do SL125, you won't be able to invade SL120's. This has been tested to a great extent. The same goes for SL30 Twinks, if you wan't to invade SL30 Twinks, you can have max SL33.

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