Soul Spear is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Sorcery you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.

Soul Spear

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 32
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 32 Intelligence
Type Ranged Attack



Sorcery developed by Big Hat Logan, the great sorcerer who left the Dragon School in an age long past.

Fires a soul spear.

The spear boasts superior penetrating power, and is testament to Logan's strength in battle.


Acquired From




  • Soul Spear inflicts (Spell Buff x 2.5) magic damage before resistances.
  • Use only recommended against groups of enemies. For single-target purposes, Great Heavy Soul Arrow is superior.
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    • Anonymous

      30 Nov 2017 01:54  

      Tried this spell in the Dungeons where the horde of HP-stealing Jailers lie in wait. I took down 5 of them with a single spear. This spell is criminally underrated against groups.

      • Anonymous

        20 Apr 2017 23:17  

        My stats are as follows: vgr:25, atn:30, end:14, vit:15, str:14, dex:30, int:50, fth:9 and luck:7. At these stats i'm able to equip the dusk crown ring, have 1046 hp while embered and am able to use soul spear 9 times. It takes about as much fp to cast as great heavy soul arrow does without the dusk crown ring, casts a little bit faster and looks great (i was getting tired of shooting my*****ty looking little arrows) so i literally go around using it like it's my go to spell. I allotted my estus to 8:4 so i have 21 uses of this spell (without using the ashen estus ring for higher ashen estus refill) if i want to use all three bars of fp. Fashion souls is classy AF, now i need to look into soul stream.

        • 20 Apr 2017 16:32  

          At the very least the windup is faster than GHSP, but I can't justify that cost. If it was, like... 20-25, maybe, but even at 32 this thing is too draining to use for PvE. Maybe in PvP?

          • Anonymous

            Guess it's OK for Bosses?21 Sep 2016 19:51  

            I've ended up using this on some bosses... Since it does do more damage than GHSA, it does let me kill a boss faster, and the fight is typically over before I've exhausted my ashen estus supply. In this situation, GHSA is only really better if it's going to be a drawn out fight for some reason, or you want to conserve your focus for other spells as well.I've also used it in PvE where I know I won't run out of focus before the next bonfire and I just want to have higher damage output against mobs... the spear also does travel faster, so it's a little easier to apply long ranged pressure with. I found that white dragon breath actually does more damage at less focus cost, although that thing can be a bit tricky to hit with.In any case, I haven't acquired CSS on my sorcerer yet, although I imagine I will be permanently retiring this spell once I have.

            • Anonymous

              Very Underwhelming15 Apr 2016 17:28  

              Dmg output compared to Great Heavy Soul Arrow isn't much different when you consider the FP cost too. Long story short; I dealt 618 with GHSA and 643 on the same enemy when the FP cost of them are 14 and 40 respectively

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