Soul of Cinder

Soul of Cinder
hp souls Location
Phase 1 6557
Phase 2 4209
100,000 Kiln of the First Flame
Drops Soul of the Lords
Weak Resistant Immune
icon lightningbonusLightning,
icon darkbonusDark
Vow of Silence (1st phase, sorcerer set)
icon firebonusFire
icon bleedresBleed

Soul of Cinder is a Boss and is the Final Boss of Dark Souls 3. This Dark Souls 3 Soul of Cinder Guide features locations, strategies and videos on how to defeat the Soul of Cinder easily, as well as tips, weaknesses, trivia and lore notes for the Soul of Cinder boss.

The Soul of Cinder is seen as the amalgamation of all the Lords of Cinder, with a variety of Dark Dialectics spells and movesets used during its first phase and the use of Gwyn's moveset for the second phase. It appears to the player as a heavily armored knight and wields the Firelink Greatsword in battle, a greatsword that can change into one of three other forms during the first phase of the fight. After depleting it's health once, the second phase starts, where the boss regains all his health and sticks to one moveset.

This boss fight can be difficult due to the unpredictability of its moves in the first phase. This guide aims to not only inform players of its moveset in all weapon forms, but also how to best deal with them. Two NPCs can be summoned to aid you in the fight against the Soul of Cinder:

  • Yuria of Londor - Must have done Anri's event in Darkmoon tomb and Yuria must not be hostile. Summon sign can be found just before the boss fog.
  • Londor Pale Shade - Summon can be found at mid way up the long winding stairs to the boss arena, turn to your right look for the white sign. Only available if allied with Yuria.

This boss is not optional and is required to finish the game. For endings after defeating it, see the Game Progress Route and/or Kiln of the First Flame.

Bosses are unique and challenging Enemies that drop Boss Souls capable of being transformed into powerful Weapons, Spells, and Items for the player.


Dark Souls 3 Soul of Cinder Location

Where to find the Soul of Cinder in Dark Souls 3?


Soul of Cinder Drops

What do you get from defeating the Soul of Cinder in Dark Souls 3?

  • Souls: NG (100,000) | NG+ (150,000) | NG++ (220,000) | NG+3 (225,000) | NG+4 (240,000) | NG+6 (250,000) | NG+7 (255,000)
  • Souls: NG (75,000 with 1 phantom)
  • Souls: NG (25,000 with 2 phantoms)
  • Soul of the Lords


Soul of Cinder Tips

What should you know about fighting the Soul of Cinder in Dark Souls 3?

  • Cannot be parried. Can be poise-broken but with no opening for a critical attack.
  • Cannot be spell parried.
  • Weak to Lightning Damage and Dark Damage.
  • While using Sorcery set during phase one, he is extremely vulnerable to Vow of Silence
  • Resistant to Fire Damage.
  • Resistant to Frost but can be Frostbitten after a series of hits, which slows him slightly.
  • Highly resistant to Bleed, but not immune.
  • Immune to Poison/Toxic.
  • During Phase 1, Soul of Cinder will alternate through 4 various movesets during the fight. Its first moveset consists of standard melee sword swings and thrusts, its second involves the use of soul sorceries such as Crystal Soul Mass and Crystal Soul Spear, its third moveset involves the use of Pyromancy such as Power Within and Great Fireball in addition to the use of a curved sword style (capable of parrying the player) and acrobatic dodges. Its fourth moveset involves a Spear weapon and using Miracles such as Wrath of the Gods and Heal. Defeating the Soul of Cinder will cause it to regenerate all of its HP with an AoE attack followed by an aerial slash, moving on to phase 2.
  • During 1st phase, while using sword set, deals Fire Damage, Thrust Damage and Standard Damage.
  • During 1st phase, while using sorcery set, deals Magic Damage, Fire Damage and Strike Damage.
  • During 1st phase, while using pike, deals Thrust Damage, Standard Damage and Fire Damage.
  • During 1st phase, while using curved sword, deals Fire Damage and Slash Damage. May also Poison.
  • For Phase 2, Soul of Cinder switches to Greatsword and becomes far more aggresive. In addition, he adopts few Gwyn's moves and use miracles dealing lightning damage.
  • During 2nd phase, deals Fire Damage, Lightning Damage, Standard Damage and Thrust Damage.
  • The NPC summons cannot take the Soul of Cinder to Phase 2; a player - either the host or summoned players - must deal damage to the boss in order for the phase to change. Armor of Thorns can cause this change to occur.


Soul of Cinder Stats

Playthrough NG NG + NG ++ NG +3 NG +4 NG +5 NG +6 NG +7
Phase 1 Health 6,557 6,655 7,321 7,653 7,986 8,652 8,985 9,317
Phase 2 Health 4,209 4,272 4,700 4,913 5,127 5,554 5,768 5,982
Damage Type Standard Strike Slash Thrust Magic Fire Lightning Dark
Absorptions 15% 12% 17% 17% 19% 35% 5% 15%


Dark Souls 3 Soul of Cinder Boss Guide & Strategies

DS3 Soul of Cinder Video Strategies


Below are video strategies from our Youtube Partners:

Dark Souls 3 Soul of Cinder Attacks

First Phase (4 Stage Moveset)
Attack Name Attack Description
Strength Moveset

Wields a straight sword and attacks with sweeping/slashing/thrusting moves.

Dexterity Moveset

Wields a curved sword and casts pyromancies:

  • Fire Orb
  • Poison Mist
  • Power Within
  • Combustion

It is able to parry you in this phase

Intelligence Moveset

Wields a catalyst and casts various types of spells:

  • Farron Hail
  • Homing Crystal Soulmass
  • Crystal Soul Spear
  • Soul Stream
  • Soul Greatsword 
Faith Moveset

Wields a Greatlance and casts miracles:

  • Med Heal
  • Wrath of the Gods
Second Phase (Great Lord Moveset)
Attack Name Attack Description
5-Hit Combo

Launches the player into the air and hits them 4 times, then strikes the sword into the ground for an AOE damage.

Command Grab

Grabs the player, lifts them into the air and creates an explosion. Inflicts heavy damage.

Leaping Slash

Jump towards the player and perform an attack, inflicts heavy damage.


Performs a front stomp kick, attempt to break the player's guard.

Sunlight Spear

Throws a Sunlight Spear towards the player.

Splintering Lightning Spear

Throws a Lightning Spear upwards, which splits into a large amount of spears that rain downwards.

Sunlight Stake

Throws a Sunlight Spear directly downward.

How to fight and beat Soul of Cinder 

Strategy 1 (Melee)

NORMAL MELEE MOVESET. Hardest one to get used to but gives many good openings. Stay near or in medium distance from it and circle to right. The key is to memorize the slow charged attacks so that you don't roll too soon. If you get hit and need to heal, roll away from it and make some distance. This moveset makes the Soul of Cinder highly aggressive, it will attempt to rush you down as soon as you try to gain some distance so hit-and-away strategies are not as effective here as they are with other bosses. It pays off to be aggressive in kind as the more damage you do to it in a short space of time, the closer it gets to being stunned and changing movesets.

MAGE MOVESET.  Keeping close is the way to beat this moveset, as most of its sorceries are activated upon reaching a certain distance from it. Homing Soulmass won't fire behind it and even if it does, simply by walking right you dodge it. It never dodges anything and casts slowly so you have great openings to do serious damage. Pontiff's Right Eye ring helps here (consecutive attacks gives dmg boost). The best opening is the Soul Stream (large beam attack): get behind it while it is casting and you are 100% safe! Remember to keep close, as it will try and leap across the room to get the distance it needs to cast its more damaging sorceries.

LANCE+FAITH MOVESET. Pretty simple to deal with. Get really close to it and circle to the right. Dodge everything (except Wrath of Gods) little right and towards it. Never attack after fast poke, only attack after its heavy attacks and charges.

CURVED SWORD+PYROMANCY MOVESET. This moveset appears intimidating and moves very fast, but hits far weaker than its straight sword moveset. Thankfully its attacks are normally preceded by a spinning wind-up and its attacks are telegraphed. Highly aggressive playstyles suit this moveset, and it is more of a DPS race than anything else. In this moveset it can use the Darkwood Grain Ring flip and use pyromancies such as Power Within, Great Combustion and more. Faster weapons here help but are not required, especially thrust weapons with the Leo Ring if you happen to have them. Best opening is after two heavy flaming slashes. It can do them at anytime but most often after it rolls towards the player. First horizontal slash comes out normally, the second is slightly delayed. The recovery time after the second slash is long enough to sneak in an attack and dodge away.

And finally, PHASE TWO, GREAT LORD MOVESET. Really simple to deal with. Stay away and fish for jumping attack and the running poke. Dodge the jump attack little left and towards it so that you end up behind it and it won't do a follow-up attack. Attack once and back away. Running poke is more difficult. Dodge immediately when you see the first running steps. If you identify the Sunlight Storm spell early, you can sprint towards it and attack safely few times before lighting rains down on you. In the event it casts Sunlight Storm, don't panic, but your dodge must be at the last possible second if you wish to safely avoid the attack. If you see the Soul of Cinder take a golf swing stance, roll away immediately and gain significant distance or you will be hit by its 5-hit combo. This moveset, averaged between its previous movesets, hits the hardest and the fastest. If you have beaten the final boss of Dark Souls, you will be at a great advantage.


In conjunction with everything else, below is a playbook of bits of knowledge that seperates the natural, intuitive stuff about the fight, and the complicated stuff that will get people killed. It's important to talk about this stuff, because then the fight becomes trial and error, and then the game is no longer fun and interesting, but instead it becomes a chore.

  1. Soul of Cinder does not have a standard opening, but he generally opens up with a melee attack. Often, he will throw in a combo that uses delays to mess with timing, and it is better to just wait for a heavy attack, where he really throws his weight into the swing, for an opening. Try to roll in a diagonal direction, no more than just behind his left shoulder for an attack, and to avoid a counter-attack.
  2. In the first phase, the player has no choice but to hit hard, because he will heal for about one third of his total HP, and also has a passive heal that will cut down your energy, level of interest, and estus flasks which will keep you in the game.
  3. Now about point 2-How does the player do that much damage? Of course, the player will know about leveling, but I guess on leveling, I can add that Dexterity often offers more AR points than Strength per level, so the player should, provided he picked a weapon with good STR and DEX scaling (C/C or better), put his leveling points into strength, or dexterity, depending on how high his AR in the desired category is going to be. However, strategies that tell the player to use a build are not very good, because often players sell off gear, or cannot reliably farm it out. That being said, if you want to rip apart the Soul of Cinder, you have to stay in such a range that you can roll right out of his first attack in his combo, so your timing is not messed up, and when he throws a heavy attack, you have about 2 seconds to hit him.
  4. So tactically speaking, in what scenarios can the player hit Cinder? The answer to that is basically every scenario, except for the time he is casting toxic mist, using Power Within, and/or using his giant curved sword. His passive healing period is kind of iffy, but doable if those conditions are met, as well.
  5. If you miss an opening, don't get greedy. Cinder has incredible stopping power and you will lose the estus you need for those end-fight clutch moments.
  6. In the first phase, Cinder may turn his weapon into a giant curved sword. Absolutely do NOT try to engage him in this phase. It is short, his attacks are so frequent that you cannot dodge, and there is a chance he will cast the Power Within pyromancy. It is absolutely not worth it.
  7. Again, the Soul of Cinder, in many encounters, uses the Power Within pyromancy. That being said, the player may be inclined to think that is the time to fight him, because he will lose HP, but this negative effect does NOT happen, and Cinder will use this time to chase you, and throw attacks with varying delays and ranges to roll-catch you. DO NOT fight him during this phase, and just avoid him until he loses his buff.
  8. Cinder likes to heal with a miracle in his first phase. Use this time to get in enough hits to cancel out the effect, and make sure to get in hits before he tries this again, or you could end up being set back. The first phase is all about hustle because of this healing tendency, so the player should be all about getting every single opening, and absolutely wrecking the Soul of Cinder in those openings.
  9. Cinder likes to turn his weapon into a staff, and cast magic, in homage to a very cool mechanic in Bloodborne. Most of the time he will spawn homing spells that float above his head (the type of homing spell is not important, just know that they will home in on you), but for the sheer stopping power of his magic, just in case he doesn't, throw a double or triple consecutive roll, because he may cast a very big homing soul arrow that will be hard to dodge. The reason why this contributor says to throw a double-roll is because he may cast a bunch of homing spells that cannot be safely evaded with a single roll, and have quite precise homing that defeats single rolls. It may be possible to throw a triple roll, but the player may lose too much stamina. He also casts this huge persistent beam, but spamming roll through it will keep you from getting hurt, for some reason. Otherwise, it is easy to hit him uring this phase, but the player should know that he will take a single swing of a giant magic blade, roughly ten feet long, and try to swipe you in a circular motion. This is a good time to get in some hits, in consistency with part 6.
  10. If you look at Cinder, his sword is covered in flame. Don't just use this to see his attacks, because he haas specific body signalling for all of his attacks, except for when he casts all of his spells with his staff, save for his persistent beam, and one or two of his lightning bolt attacks. So of course, paying more attention is going to give better results, and that is just an absolute.
  11. If Cinder keeps killing you, one trick is to mess with different passive stacking effects, from rings, armor, and other equipment. This keeps the fight interesting. This contributor knows that armor in the game is good on fire defense, so allocating all your fire defense to your shield and armor is totally doable, because the player will only lose about 1% of HP when he takes a hit on his shield from Cinder's sword. This is a good way to buy time to do more damage without healing, which the next point covers more.
  12. Focus on the aspects that are hard to do in the fight (this also cures repeated deaths), that the player is not invincible to, and only pop one Estus at a time. (For example, personally this contributor was able to avoid his great-spear phase like a boss, but absolutely could not handle soul spears in the beginning attempts.) This drastically kills off Cinder's ability to just eat through a player's Estus, for that end-game clutch phase where the player's mind may cause him to mess up out of stress. If you have about eight flasks when he is at half health in his second phase (Gwyn phase), then at that trajectory, you will win.
  13. In his second phase, he will channel the essence of Gwyn, the first Lord of Cinder, but retain some of his own abilities. Stay at a distance of about twenty feet to bait a high-flying aerial sword attack to punish him. He doesn't heal in most encounters of this phase, so this is viable.
  14. As soon as Cinder gets into his second stage he will stab his sword into the ground and when he does run so you can avoid the explosion afterwards. Also when he does keep running he will jump and slash at you instantly doing his 5 hit combo
  15. If he happens to be healing in phase two, then his longest combo is six to eight hits. Use that as a measure of how difficult it is to avoid damage from him, and how many rolls to use in his attacks, if you have not learned his moves yet. The benefit of knowing this is that you now do not need to know everything about his moves!
  16. This is not really a fight for fat-rolling tank builds. Take off some gear if you are over 70% encumbrance!
  17. In both phases, Soul of Cinder uses variable timing to seek the player with his blade, and roll-catch, as well. Keep an eye on both his blade and body (consistent with a pevious tip) to counteract this. This will save you from all of his melee attacks!


Strategy 2 (Magic)

Phase I 

The Soul of Cinder is resistant to fire, so opt to use dark spells if you work with pyromancy (most preferably Black Fire Orb). Always keep your distance from the Soul of Cinder. The first phase will be the most difficult, especially in its first swordphase. Choose your time to cast carefully, try always to use your spell after it has attacked. Still, your first priority is keeping your distance. Doing so will allow you to attack it while it is missing its attacks at you. During its scimitar/pyromancy phase, you will have ample opportunities to cast spells while it is casting its own pyromancies. Just beware of being hit by its own fireball. Its spear/miracle phase is arguably the easiest. Just beware of its spear charge and continue keeping your distance, and its spinning attack will miss you completely, giving you the chance to lob some spells at it. During its sorcery phase, beware of casting at the same time as it, unless it is using spells that are slower than yours and leave you the chance to dodge. Soul Stream is a good time to deal damage. 

Phase II

During Phase II the boss will have considerably less health, making this portion quicker. An attack you need to be careful of is its jumping slash. This is very fast and will close the distance to you almost instantly. Whenever it wants to do the five-hit-combo, it will raise up its greatsword and charge up the flame for a brief second, which allows you to evade. If you manage to evade being hit during its five-hit combo, it will simply continue doing the combo at nothing. This is a great chance to deal damage, but be careful not to get hit, since any hit during the combo will combo you.


Strategy 3 Rakuyo's Melee Tips


Stab attack (Attack, this is a great opening)
Fast swings (tricky, this can be part of a 3 hit combo, it's safest to attack after the combo ends)
Fiery strong attack (this can go 3 ways)

  1. It slashes upwards once. This move resembles the Dark Sword strong attack and has great tracking and range (Block)
  2. 3 slashes upwards  (Roll & Counter)
  3. It holds its sword and turns around for a large swing (Roll & Counter)



(Roll & Counter)
This is a great time to deal some damage with your melee character.
It can use Farron Hail, Soul Spear, Soul Greatsword or Soul Stream but all these attacks are easy to roll under and counter.
Without its blue aura, Soul of Cinder can't summon Crystal Homing Soulmasses and it's very vulnerable as it has no fast attacks.
Crystal Homing Soulmasses have some AI, they are reluctant to attack when your shield is up. They get much more active when you lower your guard.
Its blue aura can last beyond this phase, but if you stagger it, the aura will disappear.



Fast stabs (Block/Roll) These come in too fast to get a hit in with most weapons. The combo can last for 3 stabs.
Strong attack (Circle/Roll & Counter, this is a great opportunity to attack)
Charge (Get behind it, Circle/Roll --> Attack)
Halberd Spin (Roll towards its back --> Attack)
Wrath of the God (Perfect Roll --> ranged attack or heal)


Curved Sword

(Ranged attacks and blocking)
In this mode it is most vulnerable to ranged attacks, like spells or Kukris.
Good openings are when it's casting Fireball, Poison Cloud, Power Within or Combustion
You can also hit it when it's coming at you but it may roll.
The best way to deal with its melee attacks is to block and step backwards.
Sneak in a hit after its combos end.
Power Within may last beyond this phase but the spell will fade if you stagger it.
It is most likely to parry the player while recovering from being staggered in this phase. It is advisable to avoid melee attacks as it stands up.


Lord of Cinder

This is phase 2 and it'll have less health than in phase 1.
Its best attack is a large combo followed by an explosion.
You must never block this attack as it's a real guard breaker.
It's clearly signaled by it holding its sword straight up.
If you see it, try and get away from it. If you break away you can sneak in some Kukris while it's doing the combo.
It can't keep doing that move but its other moves are still good guardbreakers.
The best strategy is to Roll & Counter as much as possible and keep away from its signature attack.
Its kicks, grabs, and smashes are particularly easy to roll under and get in a hit.


Simple Cheese Tactic for Phase 2

After you successfully get past Phase 1, Phase 2 can be cheesed.

Pretty much every single one of the Soul of Cinder's attacks can be avoided by holding up your shield and simply backpeddling towards to the right, while occasionally sprinting or rolling whenever he fires lightning at you.

To beat him easily, stay at a medium-far distance from him, and patiently wait for him to eventually perform his massive slash combo. The instant he finishes it, sprint towards him, get a few hits in, and run back out.

Rinse and repeat until he's dead. It's as easy as that.


Soul of Cinder Lore Theories

  • The Soul of Cinder is the deific manifestation of every person that linked the fire, which is why it uses player movesets in the first phase to emulate every player that chose the Link the Fire ending in Dark Souls. In phase 2, it uses Gwyn's moveset out of desperation at having been bested in all of its previous fighting styles.
  • "Since Lord Gwyn, the first Lord of Cinder, many exalted lords have linked the First Flame, and it is their very souls that have manifested themselves as defender of the flame." - Soul of the Lords.


Soul of Cinder Notes

  • Soul of Cinder attacks are connected with 7 types of damages, what makes creating a proper build difficult.  
  • One of few bosses in series that is capable of parrying and riposting player. 
  • The first time you fight Soul of Cinder, it will do a specific pattern to show you all 4 movesets, but not in one specific order. During 2nd, 3rd, etc. attempt he may not use some fighting patterns.
  • During second phase, flame explosion is capable of deflecting spells like Great Soul Dregs. Strangely, it will not deflect throwable items like Kukri.

Soul of Cinder Trivia

  • While the second phase is on, a rebooted version of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder's bossfight soundtrack from Dark Souls can be heard.
  • In the first phase, its weapon switchings are similiar to weapon transformations in Bloodborne.
  • The flowers surrounding the First Flame are very similar to the flowers found in the Hunter's Dream (Bloodborne) and in The Ringed City.
  • The Soul of Cinder is available as figure for Funko Pop line and Dark Souls 3 Collector's Edition - in order to avoid spoilers - under the name of "Red Knight".
  • Few of Soul of Cinder abilities mirror Nameless King (Dark Souls III), Gwyn (Dark Souls I), and Manus (Dark Souls I: Artorias of the Abyss).
  • Appears at the very end of the intro cutscene dragging a corpse, the player assumes the same position it does when receiving the flames from the firekeeper after placing all cinders of the lords in their thrones.


Soul of Cinder Gallery

soulofcinder1 tc soulofcinder2 tc soulofcinder3 tc

soulofcinder4 tc



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    • Anonymous

      I used the Havel shield for a few attempts. it keeps you alive longer so you can learn his moveset. Then took him on with no shield and the Fume, it seemed to do the trick.

      • Anonymous

        sick lore, dope theme, easily the most challenging boss in DS3 besides gael (idk why people say nameless king is harder.) and the fight with gywn we had to wait nearly a decade for to end it off.

        I gotta say if this is how dark souls ends, god damn did it end on a high note.

        • Anonymous

          Did you know? This boss's theme is a reference to King Vengarl from Dark Souls. It was shamelessly recycled from that game because Miyazaki didn't really want to make Dark Souls 3!

          • Anonymous

            If you're struggling with this guy, don't feel discouraged by all the comments about how easy he is. The difficulty of this fight depends 'heavily' on your weapon type ;)

            • Anonymous

              Playing dlc first made this fight sort of a letdown since I beat him my 2nd time however, the subtle plin plin plon as he goes into second phase and the complexity of his moveset made it an amazing fight visually

              • Anonymous

                I'm confused why he's weak to Lightning of all things. I mean, isn't he related to Gwyn? It's soul is literally transposable to Sunlight Spear.

                • Anonymous

                  i beat him SL1 in ng +7 and this is by far the more complex boss of the serie (i didn't did ds3 boss dlc) but he was way harder than nameless king

                  • Anonymous

                    Summoned a kind stranger as I was having trouble, made it a bit anticlimactic and straightforward. That said, thanks fat suit and fisticuffs summon!

                    • Anonymous

                      No idea how people found this guy is easy, found him much harder than the majority of the bosses in Elden Ring.

                      • Anonymous

                        Painfully easy on a normal run. Absolute bullshit rng on SL1. That lance in phase 1 and his running thrust in phase 2 are the bane of my existence rn

                        • Anonymous

                          Spent 3-4 hours fighting Nameless King because I wanted to kill all bosses before the final boss. Ended up killing Soul of Cinder first try lol... disappointing fight but the boss was still pretty cool

                          • Anonymous

                            solo melee. took me fewer tries than nameless king but was still a challenge, particularly the grabs in phase 2

                            • Anonymous

                              Every non-DLC final boss of the soul series (Gwyn, Aldia and Soul of Cinder): Boring, easy
                              Every DLC finall boss of the soul series (Manus, Ivory King and Gael): Awesome, challenging

                              • Anonymous

                                Virgin Soul of Cinder: Uses busted magic whenever he is in slight trouble, patterns don't make sense, mid lore

                                Chad Gwyn: Melee only attacks, Does the same four moves, amazing lore (Has a thick beard)

                                • Anonymous

                                  This fight if you don't have all the movesets in mind just need some patient, in the 1st fase stay close when he bring the spear and sidestep to the right, you have a lot of good opportunities to hit (curiously the lance was when I struggled the most on 1st try because I keep try to distance myself and he always catch me), in the 2nd fase you need to be aware of the grab and the 5 hit combo, the rule is clear he use it in the initial moment of the 2nd fase, just put some distance after the first gap close, and after that if he a big time without use it wait for the combo so you can safely close distance after, don't be greedy and it become a easy fight.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    One of my favorite moments in this game was having an intense duel with him then all of a sudden hearing that “plin plin plon” during phase 2.

                                    For me he was of similar difficulty to Gael maybe harder. Gael took 3 maybe 4 tries and soul of cinder took 4 tries I think.

                                    Now that I’ve beat the game I’d say the hardest bosses were

                                    1. Pontiff sulyvahn (I can’t parry to save my life and he easily took 12+ tries and is the only souls boss I’ve grinded for so far and was comparable to ludwig and orphan in difficulty.)

                                    2. Sister Friede ( the invisibility in phase 1 had me confused for forever and was the first souls boss I summoned for, except for ng+ ludwig)

                                    3. Midir ( took around 8 tries)

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Do you ever fail a bunch of times, get no further/better, quit the game, and think "sh!t, I can't even do something productive in my silly little fantasy game world"

                                      • Anonymous

                                        You guys hating on this boss bc it was too ez for you guys to be considered as the final boss, but here i just wanna say not every bosses are great because of their difficulty. I mean take an example of Soul of Cinder, his lore, his theme music, and then that moment when you first approach, he just sitting there beside the bonfire, not a word, and he see you, stand up, take out the sword and rush toward you. I dont have any word left to describe how beautiful that scene was.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Finished my SL1 run with no weapon upgrades a few days ago. This dude, being fairly easy (with easy meaning it wasn't much of a challenge) in my previous runs, was, by far, the hardest boss, DLCs included. You don't notice on a normal run because he doesn't have much hp, and if you manage to dodge some of his hardest combos you'll end up defeating him eventually by healing and such, but in a run like this? He has so many different follow-ups for the same moves it's crazy, with totally opposite timings, meaning that if you expect one precise follow-up to punish after and dodgning or moving accordingly and he does a different one, you will be the one who gets punished, and hardly, cause i died in 2 or 3 hits, all of them being super fast too. Almost all other bosses can be defeated consistently just by being patience and memorizing, but this dude asks way too much of your reflexes. Like with the small sweep in his spear phase, you have almost no time to dodge and it's so easy to mistake the beginning of that move with the fire stab one, and again, totally different timings, not to mention he can heal almost half the health you took sweating hard for 5 minutes, which doesn't sound like much time but it is. Spent a whole week with this chad and i didn't feel rewarded unlike other bosses i mastered, just that i got lucky one time. Dude is cool, tho, best concept of a final boss possible for the game.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Beat Nameless King solo pretty easily. I'm struggling with SoC with both NPCs. I always heard NK was the harder boss

                                            • Anonymous

                                              "Really simple to deal with."

                                              Dont say **** like this in guides. Even if it is easy. It's pointless and demeaning to someone who maybe struggling. Fwiw that doesn't mean me before someone says git gud.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I did this after all the dlc bosses and won on my first try. The gravetender/wolf, Friede, Gael, and Midir were such a struggle that I was surprised by how quickly this was over. Though I guess the dlcs were specifically made to be a challenge after the base game so it shouldn't be as surprising as it felt.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Nvm my previous comment about Yuria dying.
                                                  All I had to do was stop summoning the Londor Pale Shade.
                                                  But from what I read, Skull Ring or Moaning Shield would have also worked.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    I’m on NG++, and I’m trying to get Yuria’s Darkdrift katana, but she keeps dying in the 2nd phase.
                                                    I’m having no problem getting him down to like 15% health, but she always dies do one of the insane combos right at the end, and then I have to homeward bone (coiled sword frag) out and start over.
                                                    Is there any reliable way to have SoC keep aggro off the NPCs and back on me? Would the Skull ring do anything?

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      One of the easiest boss fight in the entire game for me. I struggled infinitely more with the nameless king

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Beat the first phase after dying gazillion times because I insist on not using estus... then the 2nd phase just died first try.

                                                        who knew.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Died gazillion times to the 1st phase because my ego won't let me use estus for 1st phase bosses... then 2nd phase comes and dude can't even kill me once.

                                                          who knew.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            PLIN PLIN PLON
                                                            Also I killed him fairly easily with Ringed Knights Paired Greatswords the dual light attack combo did half of his 2nd phase health and staggered really easily

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Looking back at this guy after beating Radagon and Elden Beast, and it's like night and day how much better this boss is.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                when Gwyn take over the soul its oddly fitting and sad because if your going to put out the fire its Gwyn's last effort to keep the one think he has left going

                                                                the age of fire

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Completely trivial as a 60 int sorcerer. Land 5 crystal soul spears for his first phase and 3 for the second phase.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    I love how fitting it is that both the first boss of the game and the final boss have a direct connection to the coiled sword. (Gundyr drops the coiled sword and SoC wields it)

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      The dragonslayer greataxe can deal some insane amounts of damage to him, and it staggers him pretty easy for you to use the weapon art

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        Why does souls of cinder really exist? :^
                                                                        'coz u know ...
                                                                        They're many flowers in his space and idk why does thoes flowers are for? :^
                                                                        Can anyone tell me :^???

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          I find soul of cinder to be the hardest dark souls boss. He took me over 90 trys while every other boss in the trilogy (including dlc) was 20 or less.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            This guy for some reason is harder when you play as a pyromancer. It took me only 2 tries with the Twinblade but I still haven't beaten him with pyromancy.

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Just in case nobody noticed, the first few seconds of the first phase theme appears to be a sped-up version of the DS1 Firelink theme. Play it at 2.0x speed in youtube and it seems pretty much the same as SoC's theme in terms of progresion.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                Soul of cinder is better in every way compared to gwyn and gael. If you disagree with my factual statement your nitpicking and biased i win bye bye

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  I killed this dude with fatrolls and havel's shield. I just activated stoneflesh and spammed the ability on dragonslayer greataxe and down he went.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    I love how skill works in this game

                                                                                    On your first character he whoops your ass for hours like it’s nothing

                                                                                    But on character 2 you kick his easily first try no hit blindfolded motion controls level 1 in blighttown like it’s nothing.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      I cant believe I got smashed by vordt so hard I quit the game for two years but when I get to this guy I kill him the third try

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        Did this 4 times already, this time on ng+3, i dont think its an exaggeration to say this is the worst final boss in the history of all souls games and a strong contender for one of the worst fights, period. And this is coming from someone that has 600 hours on DS2.

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          My favorite boss in the intire dark souls 3 you know why? He's so badass and can change his weapon to other weapons

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            As a dark souls player who started from remastered to SotFS, then to ds3 and fighting soul of cinder and hearing the 2nd phase music, i almost bawled my eyes out i never got that many goosebumps, greatest final boss of all time to me

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              I think this is the easiest way to kill him: Phase 1 Lothric greatsword + 10
                                                                                              Phase 2 Dorhys' Gnawing or black fire orb

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                the soul of the soul of cinder is the best looking soul in the entire soul series not only dark souls 3, but dark souls 1 and dark souls 2, probably the best in the soulsborne world, what an excellent soul

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  he switches to mage right after first combo, activates hcsm, and switches to curved sword. 20 tries, and he does it every time. literally unbeatable, and def wasn’t this way before dlc. Curved greatsword with infinite hcsm, wtf is this bs. what happened to sword and spear? and isn’t he only supposed to use magic in mage set?

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    Just killed him for the frst time. Used black iron armor set (fire resistant) and drakeblood greatsword (lighting damage plus staggerd him a lot). Great fight.

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