Speckled Stoneplate Ring

Stoneplates are symbols of true knights, and speckled stoneplates are granted to those who face an endless journey.

Slightly increases magic, lightning, fire and dark damage absorption.

Speckled Stoneplate Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Speckled Stoneplate Ring Effect

Increases magic, fire, lightning and dark Absorption  as a function of current absorptions.

  • PVE: damage from non-player sources

    • +0 = 5%
    • +1 = 7%
  • PVP: Damage from other players
    • +0 = 2%
    • +1 = 3%
  • Weight: 0.9 


Where to Find Speckled Stoneplate Ring

  • Found on a corpse in Smouldering Lake behind a smallish, man-made brick wall jutting out from a large rock formation. From the Demon Ruins bonfire, backtrack out to the lake. Hug the left wall of the lake until you find the brick wall set into the cliff., then stand still so the ballista can fire a spear to destroy the wall, revealing the corpse. (Location Video \ Image)
    • Alternatively, from the Abandoned Tomb bonfire, head straight across the lake. You can see the brick wall set into the cliff almost immediately; it is to the left of the first tree in the lake.
    • If you disabled the ballista, it can be reactivated by pulling the lever underneath it again.
  • (NG+) +1 Version: In the arena where you find the first Big Crystal Lizard, in the Cemetery of Ash () (video location)




  • If you have already deactivated the ballista, you can reactivate it by using the same lever you used to deactivate it at the bottom of the device.




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    • Anonymous

      Man, this ring is...not good for how annoying it can be to get. 5/7% extra resistances just isn't much. Its only saving grace is that it's available before the bolt/dark/magic rings. And I guess you can squeeze a little extra fire resistance out of your build for the lava pits.

      Maybe if more enemies mixed elemental types it'd be good, but as it is you can basically just expect one element for an entire area. Hell, I think the only boss that uses multiple elements enough to matter is Friede, but you'd get far more use out of FaP, magicplate, chillbite, or steel protection against her.

      You do see more mixed elements in PVP, since I assume most players carry around multiple infused weapons, resins, or different damage types of spells...except this is even more useless than the single-type plates. 2-3% less damage from elemental attacks is so tiny it's completely useless. You would have to be hit by 10 pure-elemental attacks to beat Lloyd's shield. Even the calamity ring would be more useful, since it'd at least deal EMOTIONAL damage.

      • Anonymous

        Finding the existance of this ring after deactivating the ballista is the biggest blue balls moment I've ever gotten.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah cool looking ring and ****, decent effects I guess, not worth getting when the plus 1 version is easy enough to get.

          • Anonymous

            "Increases absorption as a function of current absorptions"
            OK so what function is it? Does it work the better the bigger current absorptions are, or is it the other way around?

            • Anonymous

              The Speckled Stoneplate Ring+1 location is here!

              • Anonymous

                seriously? i have to go through all the trouble i did to DEACTIVATE the mega avelin to REACTIVATE it? wth?

                well, that's stupid.

                • Anonymous

                  I can't seem to find the " L E V E L " I used to deactivate the Ballista, I used a lever to do it... Help? (LOL Look at me I'm a grammar Nazi, Aren't I helpful? I'm so Helpful. Did you guys see how helpful I was?)

                  • Anonymous

                    You need to have all rings in your inventory to get the achievement, to answer that guys question from 2 months ago.

                    • Anonymous

                      For some reason, the ring isn't there in cemetary of ash. Anyone else experiencing the same problem (I'm in NG+, not NG++)

                      • Anonymous

                        What if I stopped the ballista and hadn't broke the wall yet? Is there any other way to get the ring? Will the base version still be available on NG+?

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