Speckled Stoneplate Ring

Stoneplates are symbols of true knights, and speckled stoneplates are granted to those who face an endless journey.

Slightly increases magic, lightning, fire and dark damage absorption.

Speckled Stoneplate Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Speckled Stoneplate Ring Effect

Increases magic, fire, lightning and dark Absorption  as a function of current absorptions.

  • PVE: damage from non-player sources

    • +0 = 5%
    • +1 = 7%
  • PVP: Damage from other players
    • +0 = 2%
    • +1 = 3%
  • Weight: 0.9 


Where to Find Speckled Stoneplate Ring

  • Found on a corpse in Smouldering Lake behind a smallish, man-made brick wall jutting out from a large rock formation. From the Demon Ruins bonfire, backtrack out to the lake. Hug the left wall of the lake until you find the brick wall set into the cliff., then stand still so the ballista can fire a spear to destroy the wall, revealing the corpse. (Location Video \ Image)
    • Alternatively, from the Abandoned Tomb bonfire, head straight across the lake. You can see the brick wall set into the cliff almost immediately; it is to the left of the first tree in the lake.
    • If you disabled the ballista, it can be reactivated by pulling the lever underneath it again.
  • (NG+) +1 Version: In the arena where you find the first Big Crystal Lizard, in the Cemetery of Ash () (video location)




  • If you have already deactivated the ballista, you can reactivate it by using the same lever you used to deactivate it at the bottom of the device.




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