Splintering Bolt is an Ammunition in Dark Souls 3.

Splintering Bolt

Splintering Bolt.PNG

Bolts that explode immediately after being shot.  

Makes unusual shots possible, and releases splinters that cause immense bleeding.  

These are, after all, prototypes created by the weapon craftsman Edmond. You get what you pay for. 


Splintering Bolt Usage

  • Ammo for Crossbows.
  • Bolts that explode immediately after being shot, causing Bleeding.
  • Deal 20 Physical, and 3 bleed damage.



Splintering Bolt Locations



  • Each bolt costs 280 Souls.
  • You can only carry 60 in your inventory at any one time, as well as 600 in stash.
  • Bolt will split into shards after traveling roughly a metre after being fired.
  • Useful in PvP to help build the opponent's bleed meter, making it easier to proc bleed with weapons, especially when combined with Carthus Rouge or a Bleed Infusion.
  • Luck does not affect the amount of Bleed inflicted.
  • Cannot headshot after bursting.



  • Quite similar to the Blunderbluss class of guns in FromSoftware's previous title Bloodborne.


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    • Anonymous

      11 Mar 2021 19:47  

      I'd say the number of shards these bolts splits into is determined by the crossbow's damage per-shot. With repeating crossbow's wa, each shot splits into 4 or 5 shards (40-50 proyectiles in total, but most of them will miss the target due to the horrendous aim from that weapon art). Using the avelyn though, the bolts splits into 8 shards most of the time (24 proyectiles per burst, way better aim so probably you'll hit with most of them.). Needs confirmation.

      • Anonymous

        20 Feb 2021 12:12  

        For me it seems to be disgustingly over powered with true combo high proc bleed weapons. Only 2 weapons work well with this in all honesty making it extremely niche.These being spiked mace and carthus curved greatsword. You must pair an off hand avelyn which I almost always have in my non magic builds.the spiked mace for me typically does 200 bleed and the damage come out to be in the 1000s with the combo.Then shooting of the avelyn its basically death because you only need 1 to hit and since its burst out in all directions up close its procs and they die. I Realized how absurd this really is just recently,I mean u never see this used and most people never see the avelyn so with they get hit with a burst and bleed they don't know what to do.

        • Anonymous

          18 Feb 2021 21:32  

          fun fact: 99% of players dont know these exist because nobody gives a **** about greirats questline once he lets you buy PKCS

          • Anonymous

            23 Nov 2020 11:25  

            Bloodborne came out after Dark Souls 3. You would think a wiki about the game would know when it released

            • Anonymous

              30 Jun 2020 12:04  

              One might think that it would ve great with repeating crossbow, but the tests had awful results. The avelyn does the job better, and i'd say the bolts splits into more shards when shot from the avelyn.

              • Anonymous

                15 Jun 2020 18:58  

                After using this bolts in multiple PVP instances I can safely say that this bolts has it's niche and it does it well. The bolt's costly, but worth every penny if you struggle with ToD users and people running away at low hp. This bolt will more than likely hit multiple times and has a wide AoE that even attempting to roll from is risky at best and impossible at worst (for the target). The bolt doesn't stagger enemies on hit, is completely blocked by a shield and the bleed buildup is unnoticeable when invading unless you already got a fair amount of bleed proc on the enemy. In general this bolt shouldn't be your go-to in many cases and should be used as a secondary bolt just in case alongside the exploding bolt which compliments this bolt's wide and weak damage with it's precise and heavy damage.

                • Anonymous

                  14 Mar 2020 03:38  

                  Also useful in PVP if your opponent is almost dead but has tears of denial. Indeed, he will probably receive more than 1 shard, making tears of denial useless. Super efficient in PVE to bleed to death the sin monstruosities in the profaned capital.

                  • 09 May 2019 08:44  

                    Better stock up on these and Explosive Bolts if you're planning on going into NG+, 'cause it's saving Greirat and having him die at Lothric Castle all over again.

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Feb 2019 13:37  

                      Remember when the triple shot uzi was amazing with this? Yeah then From released a crossbow that did more damage per bolt and fired more projectiles as well so screw balance I guess

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Jan 2019 09:53  

                        Wait one second. Repeating crossbow weapon art fires ten bolts at a time, splinter bolts split into around ten shards, that's one hundred projectiles per shot, 3 bleed per shard means the possibility of 2-3 bleed procs per shot.... who thought this was ok to have in the game!!

                        • Anonymous

                          29 Oct 2018 06:58  

                          OFCOURSE *****ING GREIRAT -.- Always awesome to send him to irithyll and patches just doesnt give a ***** instead of saving him -.-

                          • Anonymous

                            25 Apr 2017 14:58  

                            This bolt is kinda meh if you want to apply bleed in pvp. From what I tested the 3 bleed is per shrapnel, which is hard to hit in pvp since character models are small than pve mobs and most of the time players are in your face, before the shots "explode" and do it's full potential.

                            • Anonymous

                              20 Mar 2017 16:54  

                              luck does not appear to affect bleed on these bolts. the other weapons with inherent bleed show theyre bleed damage. so I would imagine the 3 bleed damage would increase with higher luck. however, there is no difference between 10 luck and 70 luck, its still just 3. and after testing between having 10 luck vs. having 70 luck on sister freide, there doesn't seem to be any difference at all.

                              bottom line: luck does not affect these bolts. awesome spread and stagger though.

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