Standard Bolt is an Ammunition in Dark Souls 3.

Standard Bolt

Standard bolts used with crossbows.

Simultaneously equip up to two types of bolts, and switch between them as needed.


Standard Bolt Usage

  • Ammo for Crossbows.
  • Inflicts 48 Physical damage.



Standard Bolt Locations




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    • Anonymous

      HELP30 Sep 2016 02:20  

      no one will see this but i got to the boreal valley and rescued greirat after making it there i hired him and he talked about the boreal valley and how i discovered it i went killing came back to the shrine and he asked to go pillage. I sent the fool on his way i killed sullyvin and aldrich came back he still hasnt returned i killed dragon armour came back hes still gone

      • Anonymous

        Buying Standard Crossbow Bolts01 May 2016 20:21  

        Greirat sells tham as soon as you rescue him. I dont rmember the Price ill check once he gets back.

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