Sunlight Medal is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3.

Sunlight Medal

A medal received by members of the Warrior of Sunlight covenant for victory over the final foe when summoned. The summoner also gains the same medal.

The medal, engraved with the holy symbol of the sun, is slightly warm and reminds one of the great honor of a shared victory.


Sunlight Medal Usage



Ranks and Rewards

  1. 10 Sunlight Medals - Sacred Oath
  2. 30 Sunlight Medals - Great Lightning Spear



Sunlight Medal Locations

  • Obtained by successfully assisting someone as a gold phantom or by receiving help by a gold phantom.
  • Can be gained by killing a host as a red phantom while having the Warrior of Sunlight pledge equipped. 
  • Will be granted if you invade as any Covenant and another red phantom is present with Warrior of Sunlight pledge equipped and the host is defeated.
  • Will not be awarded for killing a red phantom invader.
  • Drop from Lothric Knight in Lothric Castle (2%)
  • One medal can be looted from a corpse near sunlight altar (once per playthrough). From the corpse you can see the boss fog from Dragonslayer Armour.



  • Offline/PvE farming as a sorcerer: One of the fastest methods to farm the Sunlight Medal is at the Lothric Castle bonfire. You need 60 INT, +9 Court Sorcerer's Staff, Magic clutch ring, Young Dragon Ring, Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, and Soul Stream spell. Note that the staff does not need to be fully upgraded so that, if you decide to re-spec, you do not need to waste a Titanite Slab. To boost item discovery, you can equip Symbol of Avarice (mimic's head), Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, Crystal Sage's Rapier, and Rusted Gold/Rusted Coin. The key is to one-hit two Lothric Knights near the bonfire with Soul Stream. Here are the steps:
    • Start at the FAR END of the bonfire, this prevents the knight near you to walk away as soon you get up from the bonfire.
    • Then, cast Steady Chant and then use Rusted coin before moving away from the bonfire (so that the knight does not start to walk away).
    • Approach the knight and cast Soul Stream. Make sure you align your spell so that it fully hits both knights. This can be done by standing on the steps, and a bit to its right side (when facing the knight) so that you are almost at the edge of the carpet.
    • You can repeat these steps one other time before the effect of Rusted Coin runs out. Meaning this method gets you approximately 4 kills/minute.




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    • Anonymous

      28 Mar 2021 14:18  

      Sunlight Medals and Proofs of a concord kept really shouldnt be farmed, unless you'd want to spend around 4 hours for 30 of each (had 515 Item Discovery)

      • Anonymous

        01 Mar 2021 23:19  

        people are willing to engage in cooperation of farming, but not jolly cooperation of boss fighting. disappointing.

        • Anonymous

          26 Feb 2021 01:48  

          I'm only at 12 so far after maybe 1.5 hours, but my tip for offline farming is make sure your item discovery is maxed out. Just respec at Rosaria and make a luck build with 99 luck, then put the remaining points into the minimum stats for whatever weapon/spell you want to use, and make sure you have the gold serpent +3, symbol of avarice and sage's rapier. You're playing a numbers game so the only two variables that matter are item discovery and how fast you can kill the lothric knights.

          • Anonymous

            09 Feb 2021 08:58  

            How can I obtain this Online? I didn´t understand well, I would be glad if someone could help me.
            My PSN: Tcho_14

            • Anonymous

              02 Jan 2021 05:49  

              Would love a video on that sorcery farming method, I'm at SL 202 +10 weapon NG++, and so the usual farming methods are not available to me due to me being in the deadland zone where there are very few people playing near me. I can't seem to get the angle right and am at my wits end here. Would love any advice.

              • Anonymous

                02 Nov 2020 10:36  

                Theoretically, could i farm these by beating Halflight along with a sunbro then reviving him and doing it again?

                • Anonymous

                  30 Sep 2020 17:40  

                  Can anyone help me farm convenant items? xbox - vMoshy ... i can help anyone farm items on any of the souls games, and i 100% dsr

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