This build is going to have you hitting like an absolute truck. Your damage is going to be stupidly high in any situation. The build is as follows:

PvE Based

Level: 162

Vigor - 40

Attunement - 23

Endurance - 40

Vitality - 21

Strength - 60

Dexterity - 20

Intelligence - 10

Faith - 30

Luck - 7

Rings to use - Hornet Ring, Deep Ring, Havel Ring+1, Lingering Dragoncrest Ring+1 (Feel free to use +2 if you can aquire it)

Spells to use - Sacred Oath, Lightning Blade, Power Within

Gear - Great Club+10, Sunlight Talisman+10, Pyromancy Flame+10

Armor - Thrall Hood, Exile Armor, Drang Gauntlets, Exile Leggings

SIDE NOTES - I usually alot my estus 14/1 with this build as you have enough FP to use all the buffs without chugging estus (In your own game, if you play in someone else's game, I have noticed coming in with slightly less FP, meaning you can only use 2 buffs, I reccomend using sacred oath and lightning blade in that case), so you have enough to go to your full damage output twice. Remember to 2 hand the great club. Also, without any buffs, your damage output will be 575, with all 3 buffs on, it will be 924. You have enough stamina to swing the weapon 4 times in total, however I reccomend only doing 2-3 swings to save stamina incase you need to roll, backstep, etc.

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