Sword of Avowal is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Sword of Avowal

Ceremonial sword of Londor. Cannot be equipped as a weapon.

It is said that a rite of wedlock will presage a true Hollow lord.

Your spouse's name is Anri, who patiently awaits a rightful lord, deep within the mausoleum.


Sword of Avowal Usage



Sword of Avowal Locations




  • As it states, it cannot be used as a weapon, being listed as a key item.
  • Permanently ending your ability to complete the Lord of Hollows Questline AFTER Anri is ready to be married by using the Fire Keeper Soul to totally reverse hollowing or by killing Yuria of Londor, if done without taking the Sword of Avowal, will cause the Sword to appear on Anri when you next arrive at the mausoleum, implying someone else married them in your place.
  • This will not occur if you take the sword of Avowal from the Pilgrim, but then do not progress with the marriage, even if you do either of the above.  However, the Lord of Hollows Ending cannot be done if the marriage does not take place, nor if either of the above are done.




  • The Sword of Avowal, both in symbol form and in direct example is found on many walls and atop cathedral buildings inside of The Ringed City, implying that it is Londor.
  • The sword looks like and is used similarly to the Key To The Embedded in Dark Souls II, used to free one of the Milfanito by plunging it into the face of The Embedded, a living being, once a man, that serves as a lock to her cage.  Doing so causes the Milfanito at The Shrine of Amana to give you the Ring of The Dead, an item that behaves identically to the Untrue Dark Ring sold to you by Yuria of Londor.



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    • Anonymous

      At the end of the cutscene of the "Lord of Hollows" ending, you see Anri among the crowd. I thought stabbing her through the head was meant to kill her, being the only way to "truy kill a Hollow"? How is she alive then ... was the "sword through the head" ceremony really a ceremony and not just murder after all?

      • The way this works if you followed the Yuria of Londor NPC Quest Line is that you are given the Sword of Avowal as a key item, then you walk up to Arni resting or dead idk, and a cut scene proceeds with your character impaling it into his or her face, then gaining 3 more dark marks.

        • Anonymous

          Just wondering that, since the sword is a very common symbol in the Ringed City, Londor is a sort of satelite city based on the culture and people from there.

          • Anonymous

            I would of preferred the more traditional and SANE type of marriage involving a ring and a church filled with everyone me and her knew, but unfortunately even an up and coming lord of hollows cannot have everything... go figure.

            • Anonymous

              So i stole this from the pilgrim and brought it too the ringed city in hopes of finding a secret. the description says Anri will wait patiently in a slumber for a rightful lord. Tbh I'm hoping to either stab Filianore as she too is patiently awaiting her lord Gwyn and since I'm a lord of hollows, it might suffice. probably not though so either her or Shira is the closest idea of a secret but I'm just gonna run around the DLC till i find nothing or something. Comment if you tried this or better yet if you found something :)

              • Anonymous

                I strongly belive that the Ringed City is Londor. Isn't that strange that every single cities across the Dark Souls's univers has a name except the Ringed City ? This sword is my only evidence but I like the idea.

                • Anonymous

                  Will this drop if I kill the pilgrim when I'm supposed to marry Anri. I'm just curious. I'm also too lazy to playthough with a new character / go to next ng to find out but I don't want to risk usurpation ending either. If someone knows or is willing to find out, please do tell.

                  • Anonymous

                    Another meaning of "marriage" is having sex. Thats why maybe "stabbing" is involved in this to become the Dark Lord. That there is a ring worked in your "sword" is no coincedent too I think. It's the wedding ring. Another interesting thing is that Anri can be seen in the Dark Lord ending so she/he isn't dead. I think in a very twisting Dark Souls-ish way this is indeed as close as it's gets of what a marriage will look like in this universe.

                    • Anonymous

                      While it does resemble an archstone sword, i also see a slight similarity between this sword and the Key to the Seal in New Londo. Which makes sense, if Londor is the area we think it is.

                      • Anonymous

                        Follow the side quest of anri and yuria of londer will say your spouse awaits you in the hidden dark moon chamber of anor londo there a pilgrim gives the item sword of avowal then progress in the room to find anri lying down aproch her and there u have it the ending to b a Lord of cinder

                        • Anonymous

                          So to marry, you have to shove a sword up her face? Makes sense. Because every secret, almost every creature and let's not forget the engines way of handling physics makes no sense, so if marriage is shoving a sword up your bride's face it would definitely make sense in a nonsensical kind of way. By the way, the Crystal Sage boss somewhere in the ruins of a decrepit forest holds a 'small doll' which is the key to the city which you'll find later in the game you can't proceed without it. Why does this boss hold a small doll? Why is there a barrier blocking my way to the city? Why the hell does this doll allow me passage? Why are important bosses, items and areas hidden away behind walls that are nearly imperceivable? Why are barred doors locked with a bar from the inside? Why does missing a potential NPC that could become a vendor for you mean you won't be able to get that NPC after a certain point in the game? Why do some NPCs know which way you dodge so they hit you anyway even if you dodge? Why are most NPCs ridiculously large and blocking your camera view from all angles while you audibly get rekt and there's nothing you can do about it? Why do some choices affect you in a bad way while you couldn't have known beforehand? No hints, so it's not a puzzle to solve; It's a guessing game which means no intelligence required.Dark Souls team certainly don't lack for programming skills, neither do they lack in world/item designing skills in general, but when it comes to creativity in bending logic with fantasy they fail at making a great game.

                          • Anonymous

                            Kind of strange for romance to be involved with a souls game to this degree, especially for the darkest ending lorewise to require it to happen.

                            • Anonymous

                              This is used to get the usurpation ending, you get through progressing yuria and anri's questline and is given in the darkmoon tomb area in anor londo

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