The Forsaken Knights

(Player Made Covenant)

"Knights sworn to the service of the forsaken and the forgotten. These knights regardless of their deity seek retribution for the and behalf of their deity."




(Dark Set, Dragon Slayer Set, Fallen Knight Set, Ringed Knight Set, Thorn Set)


(Fume Ultra Greatsword, Frayed Blade, Onyx Blade, Scythes)


(Dark, Deep)


(Dark Miracles, Dark Pyromancies, Dark Sorceries)


(Moundmakers, Spears of the Church)



Knights of Pirscilla- Knights sworn to Crossbreed Pirscilla. These knights fight to protect both the kin and legacy of their deity. Members of this branch of the order prefer to use psycthes and dark robes to emulate their deity. As well they tend to favor pyromancy over other forms of magic as well tends to use frost damage as well as weapons infused with dark. Knightsa


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