The Goblin
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This is a player-created Build for Dark souls 3.

  • Build Name: The Goblin
  • Build Level: 140
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stat: STR/VIT
  • Link to Dark Souls 3 Calculator
  • Build video:


Build Equipment


Right Hand

Ledo's Great Hammer Cleric's Sacred Chime
ledo's_great_hammer clerics_sacred_chime-icon


Great Hammers!

I love'em.

They look awesome. My first choice was actually Smough's Great Hammer - the true great hammer of DS - but Ledo's has the insane weapon art.

The problem with great hammers is that they are slow, easy to dodge and you get vulnerable to back stabs.

My solution to overcome this was to use a greatsword on the left hand, as shown bellow.


Just for casting Tear's of denial.

Any miracle catalyst works.


Left Hand:


Gael's Greatsword

Yes. Not only are you carrying the heaviest weapon in the game on the right hand, as a back up, you're using a greatsword.

As mentioned above, great hammers are very slow and easily dodged, so I needed another weapon to help out. The reason why I decided to use greatswords on the left hand, it's because the light attack it's an horizontal slash, which depending on the greatsword you're using, has a decent range and it hit's pretty well on rolling enemies.

I use it a lot to bait enemies into a combo with the great hammer like this:

light attack GS -> light attack GH -> jumping heavy attack GH

If you manage to pull this off, it takes a lot of damage.

Also, greatswords two hand running light attack is great for finishing off enemies.


I went with the following equipment because not only it has great defense but also because of it kinda looks like a goblin to me.

The Gauntlets of Thorns it's for roll kill enemies with tears of denial.


  • Rings:
Havel's Ring +3 Ring of Favor +3 Prisoner's Chain Chloranthy Ring +3
 havels_ring-icon  ring_of_favor-icon  prisoners_chain-icon  chloranty_ring-icon
Increases equipment load


Increases max HP by 6%, max Stamina by 11.5% and Equip Load by 8%  Add +5 VGR, END and VIT

Improves stamina recovery (which you use a lot since you're using two heavy weapons)


Tears of Denial

It will help you get that last hit more safely.

Build Strategy

Best way to see it, it's to watch the build video: 

I think it's pretty straight forward, but the trick here is to know when to use the greatsword and when to focus on the hammer.
The greatsword is especially useful to get some hits on rolling animation to stop the enemy from dodging and then follow with a great hammer light attack -> jump heavy attack.
It's also great against Quickstep weapon art from weapons such as daggers, and the two handed running attack is the best way to finish an enemy.
The Ledo's great hammer has the amazing weapon art, which does high damage within a small AOE and has high poise, making it hard for enemies to stop it.
It can be followed with a heavy attack for the last hit, which will destroy the enemy, but it's a bit slow. I normally use the heavy attack when I start the weapon art after the enemy has done some attacks so I know he will be out of stamina to roll away.
Again, best way to learn is to see the build working, so check out the video :)

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