The Ringed City DLC Armor in Dark Souls 3 is listed in this page. These sets and pieces require the purchase of the DLC "The Ringed City" and can be traded.


The Ringed City DLC Armor





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    • Anonymous

      28 Mar 2021 22:49  

      Its honestly a shame that sets like the harald and the ruin made it into the dlc, but not ledo's set. That set looked so cool.

      • 15 Sep 2019 07:31  

        Oh desert pyromancer is hot! (got it haha huhu Pyro = hot haha huhu xD) So now to you little hottie: Hey ;) I'm Demonix. A pyromancer from the great swamp girl ;) you know what they say about us. and hey, it's all true! we have the biggest flame out there! ;) I was down there when the chaos was going on in the 70s, it was crazy hot stuff going on there. We put our flames in where we want! We had a lot of fun ;) So let's go out and burn down some monsters together?? Oh what? You were there too? What do you mean? I don't remember you? No you never told me your password. I never said I will put a sign down next day. (Throws chaos orb at me.)Hey hey stop that ! It wasn't me. It was ornyx! She: You ashhole! (Killed me with chaos bed vestiges) But the gentleman I am, I invaded her. and apologized. She know it was a crazy time. Now we go out every day and wanna make a marriage. I will stab her face like no one ever died before xD That's the love story of me and desert. Now, after a year, she's with ornyx this bastard. But she said he doesn't stab like I've done. But I always wanna kill monsters and go out for some pvp. She wanna sit in firelink and chill.. She's getting old I guess xD I go to kill the both now for their Armour and weapons. Ha.. Don't fudge with me! No happy ends here xD

        • Anonymous

          02 Nov 2017 07:28  

          The only "slutty" outfit in the entire game is desert pyromancer, and honestly it just looks bad. The antiquated plain set is worn by a male character (flavor text) and coincidentally can also be worn by female characters in which case it doesn't even really look that appealing tbh. It's not even that real. Get over yourselves.
          They should have brought back Ciaran's armor from DS1. Biggest disappointment. Why the hell do we get Smough's fat ass but not my homie Lord's Blade?

          • Anonymous

            27 Aug 2017 21:10  

            I would love it if a dlc was released but had no story or boss fights but just awesome new armor sets and throwbacks to previous souls games. It would be like Black Ops 3 camos and Black ops 2 guns.

            • Anonymous

              05 Jul 2017 10:30  

              Out of 9 armor sets, there are only 2 that can be classified as even remotely "slutty." And yet, everywhere I look online, all I see are people saying "OMG! All the dlc armor is slutty girl clothes. Stupid fantasy fapping material. Such disappoint." :p

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