The Ringed City Spells are covered on this page. This page includes the 6 spells that are part of the The Ringed City DLC.


The Ringed City Spells



Spell Type Description FP Cost Slots Used Requirement Acquired From
Great Soul Dregs Sorcery Fires a blast of soul dregs at a target. 30 1 40 Intelligence Behind an illusory wall in The Dreg Heap

Old Moonlight Sorcery Conceive old moonlight sword and attack 23   1

25 Intelligence

Transposed with Soul of Darkeater Midir
Flame Fan Pyromancy Unleash a fan of flames ahead of you. 9 1 15 INT / 15 Faith Dropped by Desert Pyromancer Zoey
Seething Chaos Pyromancy Hurl chaos clump that seethes and explodes 28 1 18 INT / 18 Faith Transposed with Soul of the Demon Prince
Lightning Arrow Miracle Fires a lightning arrow. 19 1 35 Faith After the Shared Grave bonfire beyond the dragon's second encounter, it can be found just inside the building behind 3 illusory walls.
Projected Heal Miracle Toss a light that heals those nearby impact point. 55 1 28 Faith

After encountering Lapp for the first time in The Dreg Heap, drop down on the right side of the walkway, and you will land safely in a pile of ash. The miracle can be found in the same area as the numerous Murkmen.




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    • lets test these spells. great soul dregs missile is too slow, but deals good damage and has good aoe. old moonlight takes long time to charge and aoe is small, damage is low, the problem is : u must kill hardest boss in game to get this spell ! ( try frayed blade) flame fan is fast and deals good dmg. seething chaos takes long time to explode, so its almost useless for pvp ( but works good in dragon ruins area) lightning arrow is best spell in the dlc. it can kill enemy invader with 3 shots. its fast and deals good damage. projected heal is not tested yet. ( sorry for bad English )

      • Anonymous

        Great soul dregs costs 30 for to cast takes 1 attunement slot, and needs 40 intelligence and 0 faith to cast

        • Anonymous

          I cant believe they didnt give us any of the light spells that lothric or the angels or several other people have. I want my light sorcery, damnit!

          • Anonymous

            Great Souls Dregs: After meeting the first angel and defeating two lothric knights, go up hill, through the rooms full of these black ghosts, at the end is this spell

            Flame Fan: one gets it after the defeating the pyromancer. in the swamp with the third angel, at the end is house, you can on top of it through roots and then in the cave. There she is.

            • Anonymous

              Old Moonlight.

              25 Intelligence requirement

              23 fp to cast.

              Transposed from "souls of midir" for 15000souls.

              • Anonymous

                Old Moon Description.

                Warning spoilers

                "A memory of an old sword found deep within Midir.
                This sorcery uses souls to grant from to the thought, and attack with it.

                Attacks are coupled with lightwaves and sustaining the stance before attacking increases their speed and potency.

                This sword is named after moonlight, but it is slightly different than the one fashioned of the paledrake Seathe. Perhaps it is rooted in an older memory, from not long after the Beginning."

                No stats yet.

                • Anonymous

                  I really hope the new faith spells contribute to pure faith builds actually becoming viable. I would love to see faith caster builds more often.

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