The Winter Champion
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This is a player-created Build for Dark souls 3.

  • Build Name: The Winter Champion
  • Build Level: 120
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stat: STR/DEX
  • Link to Dark Souls 3 Calculator
  • Build video:


Build Equipment


Right Hand

Irithyll Straight Sword Irithyll Rapier
irithyll_straight_sword-icon irithyll_rapier-icon

One of the your weapon choices.

Adds 55 Frostbit build up.

I usually go for this one, and I only change to the Rapier when I see that the enemy is looking for a parry.

Avoid smashing R1 if the enemy has a parry weapon.

Your second choice weapon.

Also has 55 frostbit build up.

I mainly use it when I see that the opponent is ready to parry the straight sword,

because straight swords are the most predictable and easy to parry weapons.


Left Hand:


Demon's Scar Crystal Chime
demon's_scar crystal_chime-icon

Works both as a Curved Sword and a Pyromancy Catalyst.
Not the best catalyst for pyromancies damage, but adds an other option for dealing with enemies at close range.

Your goal of using Fire damage is to reset Frostbit build up only. You're not interested in how much damage it will cause.

Works both as a Miracle and Sorcery Catalyst.


The reason I chose the Gundyr's set, it's because it has awesome damage absorption, I can manage to keep it under 70% weight, and because I like how it looks.


  • Rings:
Sage Ring +2 Ring of Favor +3 Prisoner's Chain Darkmoon Ring
 sage_ring-icon  ring_of_favor-icon  prisoners_chain-icon  Darkmoon_Ring

 Faster cast:

+40 Virtual Dexterity
10 Dexterity to reach Casting Cap

(You can actually use any Sage Ring, doesn't need to be +2)

Increases max HP by 6%, max Stamina by 11.5% and Equip Load by 8%  Add +5 VGR, END and VIT

Adds two attunement slots, which I use for Tear's of Denial


Snap Freeze Fire Surge Med Heal Tears of Denial
snapfreeze fire_surge-icon med_heal-icon tears_of_denial-icon

Creates frostbite build up, which will take some damage to health and endurance of enemy, and increase damage received.
Your signature move.

You will be constantly using this skill, as your main goal is to add frostbite build up.

As soon as the enemy has been affected by frostbite, you're main goal is to hit him with one hit of fire damage.

This pyromancy works perfectly for that.

You'll find that a lot of your enemies will simply run away from you.

That is why I carry a healing spell, so I can punish them for running away by healing myself.

Med Heal is not great, but it's the best for the Fatih we have.

It will help you get that last hit more safely.

Build Strategy

Best way to see it, is to watch the build video:

The strategy for this build is simple:
Frostbite -> Fire damage -> Frostbite -> Fire damage -> ...
Frostbite , when successfully built up on a enemy, will cause health and stamina damage.
"Deals 11% of a player's max HP plus an additional 85 flat damage."
From what I saw in PVP, it takes around 175~290 of damage.
Of course, being that it's a percentage, the more hp an enemy has the more damage he will get.
Frostbite build up is reset, or reduced, when hit with fire damage.
This means that, by hitting the opponent with fire, you can cause Frostbite as many times as you can.
Again, this is all shown in the build video.

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