The Witch
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This is a player-created Build for Dark souls 3.

  • Build Name: The Witch
  • Build Level: 140
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stat: INT/FTH
  • Link to Dark Souls 3 Calculator
  • Build video:


Build Equipment


Right Hand

Izalith Staff Friede's Great Scythe
izalith_staff-icon friedes_great_scythe-icon

High damaging staff for hexes.

"Dark sorceries cast with this staff will scale with both Intelligence and Faith." - fextralife

However, other staves like the Murky Longstaff also work well

This is a perfect weapon for when enemies start to get close a lot or for a finishing strike.
Has the amazing weapon art, which can be intimidating, and make you more impredictable and versatile.
Hits are supposed to add frozen build up (which works great with Snap Freeze): "This is the only Scythe that has innate Frostbite effect." - fextralife
Also, the strong attack for the weapon art has two hits, and can catch enemies by suprise - example further in the video


Left Hand:


Demon's Scar Scholar's Candlestick
demon's_scar scholars_candlestick
Works both as a Curved Sword and a Pyromancy Catalyst.
Not the best catalyst for pyromancies damage, but adds an other option for dealing with enemies at close range.

Increases the damage of sorceries by 10%.
I use it only at the beginning of the match to cast Affinity and then I don't go back to it.

Note: I did some testing and the damage of Affinity is boosted by what you have when you cast it, and it's not affected by what you have when it hits the enemy.


NOTE: I choose this equipment due to look's rather than perfomance. Ideally you would use either the Crown of Dusk or the Blindfold Mask


  • Rings:
Sage Ring +2 Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring Prisoner's Chain Witch's Ring
 sage_ring-icon  bellowing_dragoncrest_ring-icon  prisoners_chain-icon  witch_ring-icon

 Faster cast:

+40 Virtual Dexterity
10 Dexterity to reach Casting Cap

 Boosts Sorceries damage by 20%  Add +5 VGR, END and VIT

 Boosts pyromancies by 20%


Sacred Flame Affinity Floating Chaos Crystal Hail Snap Freeze Boulder Heave
sacred_flame-icon affinity-icon floating_chaos crystal_hail-icon snapfreeze boulder_heave-icon
Hard to use it due to long cast and short range, leaving you vulnerable.
But huge reward if you manage to pull it off
Your main hard hitting sorcery obviously.
It's much better then Homing Crystal Soulmass for PVP because of it's awesome tracking.

Underrated pyromancy.
It's one of my favorites pyromancies, because it's hard to dodge and allows you to be safe when casting other skills.
Downside is that the casting is pretty slow, so you need space to cast it.

One special aspect of it: it seems that if you cast it before you die and it kill the enemy after you died, you win!

Low damage, but usefull for some extra hit's and added chaos to the battlefield.
Reasonable fast cast.
Creates frostbite build up, which will take some damage to health and endurance of enemy, and increase damage received.
Also usefull to make your enemy pull back, and to hide you while you cast other spells, making you harder to predict.
Note: frostbite resets after being hit with fire - so you can build up frostbite once again straight away
Awesome hard hitting pyromancy that deals physical damage.
Direct hits knock opponents down if they are not guarding.

Build Strategy

Best way to see it, is to watch the build video:

This is a pretty hard build to master, as you have to go through 6 different attunement slots + changing weapons, however, it is pretty fun and satisfying when you do manage to pull it off.
Basically the strategy is:
0. Always start with scholar's candlestick on the left hand and the staff on the right. Use the staff with two hands to use the Weapon Art, which increases sorcery damage by 20%;
1. Cast Affinity and switch the Scholar's Candlestick on the left hand to the Demon's Scar;
2. Start casting Floating Chaos;
3. Use Crystal Hail for some extra damage;
4. ALWAYS try to keep Affinity up;
5. Use Snap Freeze to force enemies to move away and possibly build Frostbite - also hides you a bit, which is great to catch them by surprise;
6. If the enemy starts to charge on you, use Boulder Heave to knock him down;
7. If you're feeling bold, try to combo Sacred Flame after Boulder Heave for some amazing critical damage!
Again, this is all shown in the build video.

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