Thief is a starting Class in Dark Souls 3.

A common thief and pitiful deserter. Wields a dagger intended for backstabs alongside a military-issue bow.



Thief Starting Equipment



Notes About This Class

  • Highest luck, meaning the most item discovery for a starting class.
  • The only class that starts with a bow.



Builds That Use This Class

    • Anonymous

      06 Dec 2018 01:13  

      Starts with the best Parry Shield in the game and Bandit's knife which can spam attacks so fast you'll bleed out most enemies

      • Anonymous

        Starting Equipment24 May 2016 12:00  

        What gauntlets does the thief start off with or does it even have them right off the bat?

        • Anonymous

          I wanted to make a luck build character and then...16 May 2016 21:09  

          Thought the thief class would be perfect and then I see 11 attunement.... Why?

          • Anonymous

            Potential Thief Builds22 Apr 2016 00:42  

            If anyone has any potential Thief Builds such as early stat allocation let me know. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

            • Anonymous

              About enemy attention17 Apr 2016 13:18  

              I've knotice at times you can easily circle enemies without casing them to attack you directly. Not sure if that's specific

              • Anonymous

                Luck isn't only for item drop15 Apr 2016 19:24  

                Luck increases bleed and poison rate as well. So as thieves we can capitalize on this and bleed our enemies dry. Grab that katana early, and slice your way to victory!

                • Anonymous

                  How to use the thief10 Apr 2016 23:34  

                  I would like to try out the thief for dark souls 3 but only played dark souls 1 and never managed to get pass the bull so ds3 might be easier because it's similar to blood born so can someone tell me how to work with the thief like what stats to do for him and what kind of equipment to look for please because he seems like my sort of chracter because I prefer speed over raw power but still manège to deal a decent amount of punishment

                  • Anonymous

                    Thief or knight part 209 Apr 2016 16:32  

                    Thanks 4 that guy who replied anyway I played dark souls 1 today because I wanted a feel for the game I tried both classes and I didn't know how dexterity works in ds1 so I got confused y with the knight I rolled slow was able to do well so I may vhoose the knight but can u tell what stats I shold focus on thief and what gear I should look for with the thief just in case I change my mind

                    • Anonymous

                      Knight or thief08 Apr 2016 22:45  

                      I want to start with a knight as its the most balance as I have never played dark souls but the thief looks so cool with the cloak dagger and bow so can someone tell me how to use for a thief because I will not know where 2 start or tell me the comparison between a knight and a thief so I can choose which 1 to play as

                      • No starting gauntlets either03 Apr 2016 11:16  

                        Nothing on the hands. Of course, the thief will look much better with some dark gauntlets and better boots instead of tatty shoes.Glad there is no hand slot armour though, I think I would just take it off for lower weight.

                        • Anonymous

                          Character design23 Mar 2016 03:38  

                          The armor of this thief remind me of Ishidori( not sure how you spell it but the little kid that aspires to be guts )day from berserk, esspecially the trousers

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