Throwing Knife is a Projectile in Dark Souls 3.

Throwing Knife


Small throwing knife.
Throw at enemies to inflict damage.

Most items choose their wielder, and only experience can improve their effectiveness.
True strength can be gained in no other way.


Throwing Knife Usage

  • Throw at enemies to inflict damage.



Throwing Knife Locations

  • Sold by Greirat for 20 souls. (After saving him from his cell in the High Wall of Lothric)
  • 14x at High Wall of Lothric:
    • 8x On a corpse at the bottom floor of the room directly below the "Tower on the Wallbonfire. ()
    • 6x On a corpse just to the right of the elevator when you go up. From the area with a lot of Red Eyed Knight bodies, where you fight the Winged Knight, head right and then right again, up the stairs and continue straight ahead till you reach the elevator. ()




  • Can be deflected by the Splitleaf Greatsword weapon art.
  • Has 55 base AR and scales with both strength and dexterity.
  • Deals thrust damage.




  • Trivia goes here


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    • Anonymous

      So after you finish Greirats entire questline and he dies and Shrinemaiden starts to sell his gear, why cant i find throwing knives in her inventory?
      so now i cant get more of these to bait enemies out?

      • Anonymous

        I found this is better than shiv:

        1. Shiv has glowing purple effect which is very obvious thus your opponent can see it coming and easily dodge it, while throwing knife doesn't, just make sure you're standing in straight line to where your opponent rolled

        2. High base damage, most tryhard will switch their gear for regeneration when their tear pop, when 3 regene item stack together, the shiv is too low damage to finish them, while throwing knife could out damage the regeneration.

        3. Longer range damage + high attack rate + low stamina consumption, even when your opponent have 200-300hp left and they start to back pedal for estus, 2 or 3 hit of this will clear their health instead of wasting your stamina for running R1 chasedown

        Just my personal opinion, feel free to comment this, thank you

        Just my personal opi

        • Anonymous

          when I use a throwing knife and it kill them I always wonder if they think it's cheap or respect my tactics

          • Anonymous

            Great for ladders during invasions. Someone running away up a ladder? Pelt them with knives and they will fall off.
            Double points if the fall kills them.

            • Anonymous

              They can chip health really well. 40 x 20 is 800, that's pretty good, considering that they are cheap and are hard to punish

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