Tower Key is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Tower Key

Tower Key

Key to the decrepit tower behind Firelink Shrine which leads to the Bell Tower.

The Bell Tower is the grave of Fire Keepers past. When a Fire Keeper has served her purpose, she is led to true darkness, where she enjoys a long-deserved sleep.


Tower Key Usage


Tower Key Locations




  • Inside Firelink Shrine, look towards the doorway leaving the area back to the tutorial area. If you face towards the tutorial area, there is a staircase on your left. Go up it. There will be an open area leading outside. The tower is just up a short staircase outside.
  • Right as you get to the top of the tower from the spiral staircase, exit through the opening and traverse halfway across the bridge to where you'll find a crumbled section to your left.  From that crumbled section, drop down onto a roof.  At the very end of the roof is a dodecagonal section where you'll spot a nest containing Picklepum the Crow
  • On the section of the roof with Picklepum the Crow, from the edge, drop down to the lower sectioned ring.  As you walk this section, you should find an inlet with some stairs leading back inside the shine area.  Near the center of the criss-crossed buttresses, you'll find an Estus Shard.  An illusory wall sits at the end of one of the buttresses, above the position of Lothric's Throne (directly down below); a chest with the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring will be waiting past the illusory wall.
  • To get the Estus Ring and the Fire Keeper Set, you need to make careful jumps onto specific coffins on either side of the bridge just before the elevator to the top of the bell tower. The Estus Ring is on the right and is fairly easy, but the Fire Keeper Set on the left is more difficult. To get it, line yourself up with the first full line of tiles of the bridge and run straight down that line of tiles, jumping at the end. Be careful when leaving this room, as the Sword Master is waiting outside (if you haven't killed him already).




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    • 31 Dec 2019 10:07  

      If you can manage to grind your way up to 20k souls early game, you can get your hands on some pretty awesome items, especially the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring.

      • Anonymous

        24 Apr 2019 21:19  

        I'd love to know what's the deal with all of those corpses in the tower, and speciffically why there's a firelink maiden under the bell, so well put. Makes me suspect our handmaiden is an impostor who killed her and hid her on the top of the tower. Otherwise, why would the tower be so decidedly shut and the key so hard to get?

        • Anonymous

          24 Apr 2019 21:15  

          The "Kitten" refers to that one spell that lets you fall from high without injuring yourself. So it's better not to go into the tower without the spell (requires 15 intelligence and a staff). It's not a big deal tho, just kill yourself the first time and gather your souls when you respawn. The door will be open.

          • Anonymous

            17 Feb 2019 00:17  

            Be wary of that tower with the dead fire keeper. Jumped down to the next ledge below, the camera got screwed up, fell off, and died. Souls appeared on the ledge and when I tried getting back on it, my character nicked the ledge and died, losing 16k souls.

            • Anonymous

              Seems to increase in price if you kill handmaid.22 Jul 2016 06:07  

              Iv'e killed her like 15 times and went to buy the key for the crows but to my surprise it is now 100k. That must be what she's referring to when you talk to her after you killed her. What a nasty trick.

              • Anonymous

                an unknown guy22 Jun 2016 02:40  

                theres is a guy who closed the tower door , i felt down and died and went back but he is no longer there , who the hell is that guy? .. i want to kill him so badly

                • Anonymous

                  The Silvercat Ring19 May 2016 15:43  

                  I had the Silvercat Ring equiped and i took the elevater up when i came down again with the Soul there was a guy who closed the door to the brige and had a nice little dialog where he said something with "kitten" in it can someone tell me more of that guy ? (sry for bad englisch)

                  • Anonymous

                    Sir Chonko28 Apr 2016 00:24  

                    There's an Estus ring u0 here too. Jump down the top walkway onot stones , also some fire keeper clothes

                    • Tower location15 Apr 2016 05:47  

                      RIGHT when you enter the shrine from the main entrance there are two staircases going up to a third story in the building. If you're entering shrine from outside its the right staircase. If you're leaving the shrine is the left staircase.

                      • Anonymous

                        Unreachable item15 Apr 2016 03:03  

                        Inside the tower, just before the lift, if you look over the edges you can see items on both sides...The one item on the right (when facing the lift) is IMPOSSIBLE to get... at least for me. I've successfully landed on the coffin, only to slowly slide backward and fall off it...

                        • What's in the tower?14 Apr 2016 04:21  

                          Could anyone write in a list of what's in there, please? It'd be pretty useful to know for people (myself included) before they buy it.

                          • Anonymous

                            So Worth It!!12 Apr 2016 09:56  

                            Totally worth 20,000 souls. Smooth and silky memories from DSII, hidden paths, treasure both easy and difficult to acquire, a spectacular view, and Fire Keeper lore. Epic on all counts!

                            • Anonymous

                              Tower Entrance26 Mar 2016 02:14  

                              The entrance is actually accessed from inside Firelink Shrine. Go up the stairs and you will see a way outside. Note that if you warp to Firelink bonfire, the exit back outside may be fogged up. You'll need to enter through the boss bonfire.

                              • Anonymous

                                Tower25 Mar 2016 18:03  

                                I also can not find the tower.. it's not where you think it is which is after you kill master Uchigatana ..

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