Transposing Kiln is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Transposing Kiln

An old transposing kiln from Courland, crafted with stitched crystal lizard hide

Give to Ludleth, Lord of Cinder to conduct soul transposition. This kiln can transpose twisted souls to craft special items with their concentrated essence.

Deemed forbidden by those unable to make proper use of it.


Transposing Kiln Usage



Transposing Kiln Location




  • Remember to give the Transposing Kiln to Ludleth before the last boss (do not kneel). Not doing so will mean you cannot Transpose any Souls until the next Playthrough.



Upgrade Materials
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    • Anonymous

      06 May 2021 09:42  

      Sooooo I got the mound makers covenant pre-greatwood cuz I wanted to try something new, that means no kiln doesn't it?

      • Anonymous

        29 Mar 2021 13:56  

        So regarding the whole theory that Filianore's embraced shell is a transposing kiln of sorts, despite not being made of crystal lizards but an actual egg of sorts... It got me wondering if maybe crystal lizards are actually shards of the Archdragon's eggs? Which would make the transposing kiln a sort of rebuilt Archdragon's egg, and considering Archdragons existed since before time, their eggs would practically be windows into creation.

        • Anonymous

          31 Dec 2020 05:59  

          you should really should defeat this boss its easy 2 or 3 levels
          i managed to do it on my first try and theres a bonfire near it

          • Anonymous

            08 Jun 2020 07:15  

            So I can buy everything he has to offer as long as I have enough souls, right? It is not like I can buy only 1 item with 1 boss soul? I read something like that somewhere. Got me confused.

            • Anonymous

              05 Nov 2017 00:54  

              If you look reeeeeeeeaaaally close, it looks like the kiln is formed by a circle of multiple crystal lizard remains sewn end-to-end, with their limbs reaching inward toward a mass of deep space (though maybe the deep space is just there to represent the time-bending nature of the kiln). The lizards are noticeably without their crystal armor, but you can still make out the structure of their faces.

              Kind of reminds me of the Ouroboros, which sorta makes sense considering its function.

              • Anonymous

                27 Apr 2017 20:38  

                "Deemed forbidden to use by those unable to make proper use of it." Sounds like some peeps in Courland are salty.

                • Anonymous

                  31 Mar 2017 17:11  

                  I for got to give him kiln before lighting all of 5 cinder and now Ludleth is dead. Any way around, or just start new game?

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Feb 2017 11:54  

                    Can transposing of a weapon/ring/spell be reversed if you make the wrong selection during transposition?

                    • Anonymous

                      12 Apr 2016 22:15  

                      Ludleth is in the throne room on of the thones in the starting area. He looks a little hidden but he's in plain site.

                      • Anonymous

                        10 Apr 2016 02:26  

                        Its a key item so you should be able to use it several times. Or its like upgradeing your smith and traders. Just didn't find Ludleth yet :/

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