Unknown Boss 1

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HP: xxxx (Standard Game)
Souls Awarded: xxxx (Standard Game) xxxx (NG+
Drops** XXXX Soul

Shown first in the most recent gameplay trailer, this boss is a hunched over, humanoid knight in silver armor. His lower body armor resembles that of Smough in Dark souls 1, but his upper body has no relation. His eyes are icy blue and he wields a great mace that he can swing with ease. He walks around on all fours when he is attacking, and initializes the fight by dropping from above into an area that the player must walk into. Whenever he swings his body appears to emit a mist. The area that you fight him in appears cold, and matches the general atmosphere this boss brings.


Attack Name
Attack Description
The boss leaps forward at the player
and slams his mace into the ground, then jumps to the left. The player appeared to get caught between
it's body, which knocked him over. Potentially rolling to the left or right will prevent you from being hit by his body
and mace.
2x Swing
The boss swings his mace to the left, then the right. Dodging back and out of reach will prevent you from being hit if you thought about it. Occurred almost directly after the Leap attack.
Grounded Swing
The Boss swings his mace while it is connected to the floor, creating sparks. Rolling back/left may prevent you from being hit.

Attack Name:


Attack Name:

Attack description


Fight Strategy Here

Video Strategy:

Hints/Smooth and Shiny things

  • His lower body armor looks similar to that of Smough, with pauldron like objects and a wide, sumo like stance.
  • His attacks can come in quick succession, distance is probably the best idea for a strategy until an opening pops up.

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