Undead Hunter Charm is a Projectile in Dark Souls 3.

Undead Hunter Charm

Tool used to hunt down the Undead. Block Estus recovery within a limited area.

Used long ago by Lloyd's cleric knights on their Undead hunts. Although Allfather Lloyd is long forgotten by the Way of White, his hunts have lived on, and this charm allows one to challenge Undead without fear of tenacious healing.


Undead Hunter Charm Usage

  • The charm is a thrown projectile that creates a small cloud on impact.
  • Any undead or enemy player that passes through the cloud will be unable to use their Estus for 25 seconds.
  • Can also put mimics (Avaricious Beings) to sleep.



Undead Hunter Charm Locations



  • Effect Duration: 25 seconds




  • Just like they did in previous installments, throwing one on a Mimic will put it to sleep and cause it to give up its loot.


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    • Anonymous

      17 Jun 2020 23:50  

      If you can get the timing down, I recommend item swapping these with Throwing Knives. The lobbed throw animation is tremendously unreliable and clunky, and most players are just gonna dodge until you run out.

      • Anonymous

        30 Oct 2019 01:23  

        Despicable sunnyD chuggers, we bowed and everything and you still heal mid fight? Cloud bomb for you, ass boy

        • Anonymous

          03 Oct 2019 15:45  

          Lol, i remember seeing an argument on here that these are useless and now everyone uses them. They've always been a must have :^D

          • 23 Apr 2019 06:03  

            Really underused item. Good against npc invaders as well as other players. After a successful backstab, throw this down to immediately negate healing. In my experience it's best to manually aim instead of locking on to make use of its AOE. It can be a gamechanger if your invading or even helping as a blue phantom. The quantity held hurts its spamibility, but its probably for the best.

            • Anonymous

              09 Jan 2019 16:24  

              If using a straight sword, use rotten pine resin. Procc the poison on her and she will use all of her estus flasks. Then slice away. Made it a really easy fight.

              • Anonymous

                21 Oct 2018 02:56  

                I had no idea these could be used on mimics. I just got into DS 3 a couple weeks ago and I’ve found that using poison mist (or toxic) works like a charm (no pun intended). Pairing that with my simple parry dagger and it’s like the mimic killed itself for me. Plus I have the added bonus of not having to spend souls to buy more charms

                • Anonymous

                  12 Jul 2018 08:59  

                  Met an invader on high wall lothric today. And undead charm didn't work on him for sure. He healed himself 4 times full hp (he had 1000+ hp) through the charm so it wasn't divine blessing (can carry only 1 of them) and wasn't siegbrau (heals only 20%+100 and easy to notice frost resist buff after it). So I guess sometimes people just glitching through it or hacking. (I hit him with charm 3 times and charm visal effect was on him)

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Dec 2017 13:42  

                    i hate that you can only carry 5 at a time. its annoying to run to the last bonfire everytime when you try to farm symbole of avarice

                    • Anonymous

                      12 Oct 2017 06:20  

                      Can you use these on hosts when you are a phantom? I always screw with hosts when they summon me for Vordt when my sign is at the Dancer, and I just got the idea of using this on the host and watching them panic roll for 25 seconds :D I tried it but I couldn't get it on him, so idk if it's just that my aim wasn't good enough or if you can't hit your own host :/

                      • Anonymous

                        01 May 2017 02:23  

                        thrown at an enemy multiple times and hit him but he was still able to use estus while the debuff was clearly on him. bug?

                        • Anonymous

                          21 Mar 2017 12:11  

                          I always called it "Mimic Nip" for it makes them go back to sleep or open up without danger of being munched. All I ever really used it for to be honest.

                          • Anonymous

                            Keeps skeletons from reanimating09 Oct 2016 05:55  

                            It isn't listed, but throwing this at a skeleton that reanimates, and killing the skeleton when it still has the effect on it makes it so they don't come back to life

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