Build Information                                                    

  • Build Name: Insidious Knight
  • Build Level: 130
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stat: Str/Dex
  • Link to the Build Calculator


    Insidious Knight    
Level icon-vigor_22 icon-attunement_22 icon-endurance_22 icon-vitality_22
130 40 (35) 10 35 (33) 35 (33)
icon-strength_22 icon-dexterity_22 icon-intelligence_22 icon-faith_22 icon-luck_22
40 40 8 9 11


Build Equipment

zweihander rotten_ghru_dagger    
Refined Zweihander +10 Poison Rotten Ghru Dagger +10    
fallen_knight_helm dragonscale_armor smough's_gauntlets executioner_leggings
Fallen Knight Helm Dragonscale Armor Smough's Gauntlets Executioner Leggings
pontiffs_right_eye ring_of_favor prisoners_chain slumbering_dragoncrest_ring
Pontiff's Right Eye Ring of Favor +2 Prisoner's Chain Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring


Just a simple quality build with the poison benefits. Preferible for 1v1, but can also work 1vmore if skilled.
This build was made to invade, sneakily approach your victim, prepare ambush and assault him when he is busy against his enemies.


PvP Tactics

Start a fight with the poisoned Ghru dagger, use the quicksteps to evade enemy's attacks and spam 2/3 hits until he is poisoned. After that, switch weapon and give him no break.



Keep at least two (during invade is one) blue estus (13/2) to continue to spam the quicksteps.
Use the Duel Charm, or Undead Hunter Charm if you prefer, to annoy him.


Good Hunting!


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